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Both kei and okabe have the ability to cheat the time resets/travels and remember them. There's also a time machine in both anime, microwave in SG and Haruki in Sagrada. Both shows have slow starts and get more and more complex with each episode. Both shows have plot twists. While SG has some pandering to otaku (trap, meido, tsundere), SR has none of that.
report Recommended by Shentorianus
A story were details matter and which do not forget about what happened earlier - these is the main similarity between those two. Both have time travel elements but slightly different. Steins;Gate is a more typical time travel story, with a machine that can alter the past. In Sakurada Reset the past is altered thanks to special powers some people have.
report Recommended by mozgow
Well, so far I only watched the first episode but I managed to notice a few things these two animes have in commom so far: In both animes, there's the possibity go back into the past. The special abilities of the MCs are very similar. Both MCs feel interested about helping others.
report Recommended by Zapp_Renfro
even if sakurada reset have a slow path they give the same vibe near the end of the show!
report Recommended by Mira0995
If you liked Steins;Gate you'll like Sakurada Reset they're both reboot in the time.
report Recommended by jsakun
Awesome anime.Both are kind of cool and smart. Both are Clever,has time travel and a complex plot.
report Recommended by jittin
It has time related concept. The MCs help the people who has problems in their life. The romance is also present.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both stories are focused around time travel and they both start off pretty slowly as well too but worth the wait still.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Complex story? Check Time travel related? Check Abit of romance? Check Smart MC? Check Some drama and action? Check Sci-fi? Check Is amazing? Check
report Recommended by Nazcaa
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