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Both Shiki & Shinsekai yori are shows that can be described as a slow burn, never fully giving anything way and thus require a lot of patience. Your patience will in turn be rewarded, as both shows come to a thrilling conclusion. Do not watch either if you lack patience. and an open mind.
report Recommended by Master10K
Shinsekai Yori and Shiki both deal with the human psyche and its tendencies. These series show how these tendencies could be flawed which in turn may lead to irrational behavior and unfortunate circumstances. The setting is similar, remote/traditional/strict Japanese villages. Both deal with a deviation in normal human genetics. (Zombie/Vampire-like people in Shiki and Esper powers in Shinsekai Yori) Both deal with opposing factions that truly do not have a right or wrong side to them. Both shows are very thought-provoking and would recommend one if you enjoyed the other.
report Recommended by Makise
- similar atmospheres that grow darker - mystery - village-wide catastrophe - super natural - disappearances - misfortune
report Recommended by Inexpensive
Perhaps it's because they are less known, but Shiki and Shinsekai yori should be at the top of the list for each others' recommendations. While Shiki is set in the past and Shinsekai yori in the future, both feature quiet, small-town rural settings with religious influences. They darkly question the idea of survival and what it truly means to be "human." The characters of both may never be your favourites (more so in Shiki), but that's not the point - the characters are less important, helping shape the worlds of both Shiki and Shinsekai yori, these plots/settings being more heavily emphasized. Both have haunting soundtracks. Both deal with   read more
report Recommended by Bunnyflower
In both series, there is a very mysterious background with similar mood settings. Both series have similar backgrounds involving a village that deals with the world of supernatural. In fact, creatures in both series are feared and revered. Both series focuses on how humans deal with them in the world that they live in. Both series often have plot twists as well as thriller like endings involving the main characters.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both have a very dark atmosphere and lots of mystery; and give a creepy feeling as a group of people try to survive against a supernatural threat. Both great anime if you love dark mysteries.
report Recommended by Khalan
-both memorable -similar mood -horror -dark mystery -THRILLER -supernatural -satisfying ending/closure (which you don't find in most animes nowadays)
report Recommended by ishWinnie
The mystery, demon, magic, and slow progression from both anime are quite similar. Just, Shinsekai Yori has clearer ending than Shiki. But, Shiki is still 'darker'.
report Recommended by coeus
You really want another season for that right?Well sorry we dont have one but here a similar anime for you.SSK and Shiki takes in a village with supernatural elements.Both of them want you question about human nature and how it is works.Good part is at the end of both anime you can relate yourself with both enemy factions and can't say this faction is wrong.As a plus both of them have epic osts.
report Recommended by sasalx
Both anime present their themes in similar ways and start out pretty slow,building up the tension as they become more serious.
report Recommended by Himeakikoz
If you liked quiet and peaceful village setting which is going to change into horror and bloody carnage this show is for you. Series revolve around two humans races - stronger (vampires - Shiki, espers- Shinsekai yori) and weaker. Durning the shows we can meet philosophical questions about rights to kill, to live, to rule which require thinking from spectator.
report Recommended by Krunchy
Psychological thrillers that look at the idea of "good vs. evil" with neither the humans or the other creatures necessarily being the good ones. Very dramatic and both have strong endings (especially Shiki) despite somewhat slow starts. They involve villages that are far removed of other societies in remote parts of Japan (though Shinsekai Yori adds in a post-apocalyptic theme as well).
report Recommended by Asfaria
Shiki and Shinsekai Yori are alike as they both present ethical and moral problems to the viewer. Although they are, in reality, two almost completely different settings and mechanics, both have mystery elements and the supernatural and make the viewer really think to themselves as they watch. I can say for sure that anyone who enjoys one will love the other just as much (perhaps more).
report Recommended by Shadostepz
A rural town, unexplainable happenings, and a penchant for tackling the human condition. Shinsekai Yori and Shiki throw the viewer into a quaint village where civilians are content with mundane lives and daily rituals. Soon enough, however, perhaps through uncanny circumstance or through fates invoked by their ancestors, our characters' lives are inverted and thrown into chaos that turns their worlds upside down. The chaos is revealed at a snail's pace and at the same pace drags the viewer through a labyrinth of plot twists, never fully giving away the direction of the story until the very end. Disregarding that both series have a country setting, a   read more
report Recommended by Zadion
By the end of these shows you will be asking yourself who is the real bad guy here
report Recommended by Heralder
-both have dark atmosphere -both are mysterious -both begin slowly and turn in massacre -both are a fight between two espece of human -both bring us to think about which one is the good, which one is the evil and other philosophical questions
report Recommended by Blackfouine
Oh my God, after finished watching Shiki, I just realized that it actually has so much similarities to Shinsekai Yori, especially on their mysterious athmosphere between both of them. they share some other similarities too, in which consists of: -How 2 humanoid species lives together in a dystopian system, so that it's inevitable to having fights between both species, it's explained more superficially in Shinsekai Yori while in Shiki, it's told less blatantly but if you look a bit deeper it's basically pretty similar. -A lot of characters were killed in both series. -Moral dilemmas. -Slow pacing, but then turns to a heavy Thriller later on the series. -Supernatural powers. -Rural   read more
report Recommended by You
The "feel" of the show. The sincerity of the telling of the story is what's in my eyes the similar factor in between the two of these shows. It's not an "anime story", it's a story that is told realistically. Most prominently, realistically in the way of how character handling is done(but that's just most prominently). You will not think to yourself many times "Why would you have done that?". In that sense, it helps you getting fully absorbed in to the story, because in a sense, stories are told with the principle that the one experiencing the story is to consider them-self being in that story. Thus, not   read more
report Recommended by Gandeloft
Shiki and Shinsekai Yori are two Horror/Mystery anime, with a eerie and dark tone. Similar events happen in the two similarly build worlds. The story is slow moving, only until the end, in which more and more gets revealed. Psychological themes around human nature are shown in both shows.
report Recommended by AnimeXHunter