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Witch Hunter Robin
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Ergo Proxy
Very similar art style, and dark atmosphere. Deep psychological and a tad distopic with action. Also have the same director.
report Recommended by Vesey
The general atmosphere in these animes are very similar. There are minimal cute/funny elements, the general color of the series is black. However, the complex plot with sudden twists and climax makes these series beautiful works of art.
report Recommended by raindr0ps
They are both by the same director. They have a slow pace, but everything comes together in the end. They each have some action but that's not the main focus. Character development plays a large role.
report Recommended by Danish
Both have similar dark tones in their story lines, as well as a very deep psychological aspect. As well as a similar style in art and experiences with the "supernatural". It also helps that both anime have the same director ;)
report Recommended by Akaike
Both series have the same director, simlur animation style, similar character designs, the plots are a little alike, and they are both pretty dark. They both also share the same "atmosphere" and "feeling". Also R-el reminds me of Robin (and they both even have weird hair styles that are alike), and the "vilians" in both series are very much alike, and in both series your really not sure if the bad guys are all that "bad". Also both series will have you asking "What the HELL is going on" multiple times. Oh and both series have disapointing endings."WHR" has one of the worst endings   read more
report Recommended by Prede
Incredibly similar character design (and animation, since they have the same director, Shukou Murase), slow pacing, dark atmosphere, and serious mood. Both anime are mature, supernatural, and psychological; both are dominated by black and consequently almost colorless; both have basically no comedy and light-hearted moments at all. Both also have a very disappointing ending.
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Witch Hunter Robin has the same ambience as Ergo Proxy. Very similar airs of mystery permeate both shows and both of the heroines have some mystery about themselves that they don't fully understand. Witch Hunter Robin is similar to Ergo Proxy (or vice versa) in a number of ways, not just because of the heroines similarity to each other but also because of overarching themes of distrust and ambiguity about who is the real enemy. Both shows share a sense of suspense and have several plot twists. The artwork and color palette of each show is similar and the way characters eyes are drawn is   read more
report Recommended by il_fait_pleut
Both series' plots feel very similar, in terms of both the overall tone as well as the fact that they both deal with supernatural elements. The art style and all of the main characters from both shows also seem very similar.
report Recommended by vigorousjammer
Both are neo-noir anime which revolve around the mystery regarding mysterious beings- Proxies in Ergo Proxy and Witches in Witch Hunter Robin. And as typical of film noir, almost nobody can considered truly good or evil, though such characters do exist in both shows. They also both have the same director. In many ways, Vincent and Re-L are essentially a gender-flipped Robin and Amon- Vincent and Robin are both shy, reserved yet kind-hearted people with a mysterious past and immense power that they can neither fully control nor comprehend, while Re-L and Amon are both pale-skinned, black-haired special agents who wear longcoats, can fight evenly with   read more
report Recommended by Joe_Devaney
Both are spooky themed goth stoires with a strong female lead action packed and also lots of really nice art and character designs too.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
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