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Chrno Crusade
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Somehow..they just feel similar.. xD like one major plot, revolving around a main character manipulating others.. Both have some sort of alchemy in.
report Recommended by Eternal
Both main characters hold deep pasts and they have a sililar adventure/action genre
report Recommended by chrissy12
These anime seem basically identical to me, for the following reasons: - Both focus on a tragic story between blonde brothers, in which one of them is trying to take the other back as he was before; - They share the same overused genres (action, drama, supernatural) and the same type of silly, unfunny, cliché comedy; - Both involve a military/religious organization that recruites "soldiers" to fight against the evil guys; - Both Edward and Rosette can be really polemic, combative, loud, and irritating. To sum it up, these anime have very similar characters, plot, mood, and style.
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Both animation have blood , wars , guns ,blonde charecters, good and evil or goood vs. evil. villlans , demons , a 1900 time line(or the same period of time). Both main charecters lost their parents and a brother.
report Recommended by princesspopstar
There's definitely a lot of things that made both of these anime's alike. It kind of has the same atmosphere, there's lots of comedy and at the same time things are taken seriously when they should be. They both have to do with a pair of siblings who lost their parents and one of the two happens to get injured in some type of way. As for the other sibling, he/she is trying to protect them by doing anything possible. Both of the protagonists are full of joy and always seem to be energetic and willing to learn more about the world and its secrets. At the   read more
report Recommended by LenDrizzle
Both series are quite similar in a variety ways: ~both series have similar animation, style, and setting ~both series have comedy and drama as well as action ~both series have a somewhat similar plot dealing with helping with a sibling ~both series have supernatural elements ~both series main male protagonist have similar personalities.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both main characters hold deep pasts and they have a similar adventure/action genre both series have similar animation, style, and setting both series have a somewhat similar plot dealing with helping with a sibling Both series deal with mystical powers.
report Recommended by Ennis1001
Both series revolve around a pair of main characters with dark backstories who joined a faction with the primary objective of searching for something that was taken away from them. They also have a fair share of religious themes and symbolism, although Chrno Crusade is considerably heavier in that department, and the endings to both series pass on a harsh message. Also, both adapt their manga counterparts with some liberties in the first half, then diverge into anime-only territory later.
report Recommended by Ryu1908
Some character's seem similar to the ones in Fullmetal Alchemist, there's a form of Alchemy in both animes as well.
report Recommended by RAMENN_NOODLES