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Higashi no Eden
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Higashi no Eden
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Zankyou no Terror
Very similar concepts which use domestic terrorists to critique the Japanese government. They each have nice OSTs and cinematography but Eden accomplishes the terrorism/social-critique angle much more effectively than ZnT.
report Recommended by Danish
-Both uses numbers as code name -Both involve act of terrorism happening -Both involve a certain mystery (Memory lost for Eden, Mysterious past for Zankyou)
report Recommended by mpsslh
Zankyou no Terror talks about terrorism, but introduces us a plot about experiments and conspirancy, all this with a mysterious aura. This mysterious aura is what both animes have in common. Higashi no Eden tells us the story about a boy without memories of himself, however he is playing in a very dangerous game, with conspirancy included!
report Recommended by Nurichigo
A group of twelve numbered people are caught up in terrorist attacks while a young girl outside the loop tries to do something to help. Great sense of risk and danger in the environment, and it's great seeing the characters succeed those times that they do.
report Recommended by BoyHime732
Following a thriller-like narrative, both series conveys the story of a young girl that gets involved with a people involved with terrorism. Throughout both series, they are forced to make difficult decisions that have potential consequences. But at the same time, they begin adapting with their new living environment. There are various mind games throughout both series as well that takes the format of cat-and-mouse scenarios. Recommended for anyone interested in a thriller tale to tell.
report Recommended by Stark700
In both shows, we have the main characters acting in the role of "terrorists", to achieve some goals of their own. Mystery shrouds around the motives behind their acts of terrorism, and it takes the whole show to figure out why they do what they do.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Do you like attractive and charismatic young adults getting wrapped up in terrorist plots, then look no further than Higashi no Eden or Zankyou no Terror. Both of the main female characters inexplicably find themselves helping out terrorists, but why exactly have these young men decided to lead such a dangerous life to begin with? Only time will tell.
report Recommended by PandaBree
These two anime both literally begin with a bang, i.e. a terrorist attack in Tokyo. They are both beautifully animated and feature interesting young protagonists in the adult world.
report Recommended by TheIMF
TERRORISM: The main characters are named after numbers, Nine and Twelve (Zankyou no Terror) and No. Nine (Eden of the East) and their mysterious motives have something to do with the terrorist attacks in Japan. Also, a female characters, Saki and Lisa, are both innocent girls who ended up being a part of these events. Both beautifully animated, but Zankyou no Terror has a darker plot line as Eden of the East seems like a light and cute love story involved.
report Recommended by knightdreaming
Both involve a shy, quiet girl who accidentally gets involved with individuals tied to terrorism. Zankyo no Terror is a lot more stone faced serious however.
report Recommended by gedata
Wonderfully done shows about a boy (2 boys in ZnT) who is a terrorist and has mysterious motives (in HnE the boy doesn't know his motive though). He accidentally meets a regular girl who stays with him. Also, Akira and Twelve are a lot alike. The MCs do terrorist things, but don't seem like they want to hurt anyone. The characters have numbers for names. Other "number" character(s) come to mess up the MCs plans.
report Recommended by roselovespuppies
Both use terrorism as a main plot point. Both have young ladies tagging along with the main character(s). Both have an element of mystery involved. Both anime are 11 episodes. Higashi no Eden is much more lighthearted and silly while Zankyou no Terror is much darker and edgier. In Higashi no Eden, the mystery revolves around the main character's lost memories while in Zankyou no Terror, the mystery revolves around the main characters' mysterious pasts. Personally I prefer Zankyou no Terror though Higashi no Eden was pretty good nevertheless.
report Recommended by Raulzus
There are many similiar things that ZnT is like Eden of the east : 1. Terrorist attack 2. Mysterious motive of both main characters 3. The heroine got involved without knowing a thing 4. Rather hard to fully understand the plot 5. The are peopled who wants to catch the main character 6. Really have good art, animation, and soundtrack 7. Have complex storyline despise only 11 episodes If you are an adult viewer who want's a little chalenging short anime, you should try both.
report Recommended by HiatusXHiatus
Zankyou no Terror and Higashi no Eden both start off with the focus of a teenage girl getting involved with a terrorist or group of terrorists. HnE tends to trail off and get somewhat silly, however, while ZnT tends to stay serious and focuses on some more intellectual aspects.
report Recommended by vigorousjammer
Both shows have terrorists. Both have really interesting and mistery plot Both chartecters use number as names (in higashi they have real names too) Both have Americans and talking in Engrish XI from HnE is similiar to five from ZnT
report Recommended by Sendera
Both they have the same kind of style and great opening's. Both are terrorists anime's . Also both anime's have great main characters that keeps you entertaining.
report Recommended by Layme
People with special talents compete with one another and lead Japan into disarray in their attempt to rescue it. Both are short and set in an modern, urban area. Both have a female lead that is completely useless and doesn't have anything to do with the plot whatsoever. Eden of the East is more wacky where Terror in Tokyo takes it self very serious.
report Recommended by NikuMuchi
In both anime the main characters want to change the world and i both anime we have terrorist attacks
report Recommended by Tosze
- Terrorism as a main point - Numbers as code names - Memory loss and mysterious past
report Recommended by Synistra-
Both anime has the same feel to them, the same type of art work and also involve terrorism. Personally higashi no Eden is more interesting, but liking one of them must mean you can also like the other one.
report Recommended by namelessme
Same vibes. But still zankyou no terror is good in overall
report Recommended by Fatality13