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Tonari no Totoro
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Tonari no Totoro
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Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki
Both have families moving into an old vacant house in rural areas. They have funny and childishness moments that have supernatural aspects to it. Not to mention both are movies and have absolutely wonderful and beautiful animation.
report Recommended by OnceTwice
Fantasy feel. Parent moving out to an old home in the countryside with their two young children (very similar scenes here).
report Recommended by DraconisMarch
Both movies have a beautiful mix of slice of life and fantasy with a heavy focus on a single (or acting as a single) parent caring for two adventerous children in a rural mountain village. Ookami Kodomo can definitely be compared to Miyazaki's works and feels to me like a modern-day Totoro.
report Recommended by Amberleh
Both concern the coming of age theme in it and the characters' move to the country to live in a traditional japanese house that is hidden away from neighbors. Also Young Yuki reminded me a lot of Mei, both having very similar personalities. I got the same heart warming feeling watching both of these movies
report Recommended by gin-and-horse
Nothing is explicitly similar about these two movies, but they both have a slice-of-life type of feel and a very calming atmosphere, as the characters are isolated in the country for most of the movie. They both deal with the relationship between humans and nature, and feature two adorable children being raised by one parent. However, some (minor) differences to note are that Wolf Children revolves more around the mom, rather than the children,while Totoro focuses on the children. Wolf children is also sadder and more emotional than Totoro.
report Recommended by oh_hai_mark
The plot of both movies takes place in a rural area of Japan and both talk about childhood with fantasy elements.
report Recommended by D_A-52
Two of the greatest anime films, both brimming with magic and wonderful understated moments. They never get too dark, so both provide a healthy dose of family-friendly entertainment.
report Recommended by Ignisalge
Both of these movies have similar themes of family and growing up. Totoro is more geared towards kids while Wolf Children appeals to adults more (specifically parents). This also means that Totoro is more lighthearted and fun while Wolf Children is somewhat on the serious side, although it still has plenty of funny/cute moments. These two movies also have similar settings, featuring a parent with two kids in a house near the forest. The soundtracks are very different, but both sound great and really help boost the impact of important scenes. I would also say that these two movies are the best animated movies of   read more
report Recommended by Phenomanan
They have a similar narrative: Rural life and family with supernatural touches. Both are highly recommended.
report Recommended by Darmaiad