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Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
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Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Violet Evergarden
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Violet Evergarden
Young girl travels around the world and interracts with various people, learning their stories and maybe helping them. Both girsl also scarcely shows emotions, have military experience and can defend themselves without a problem, thought their look might suggest otherwise.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both are episodic shows with leads who don't show much emotion, the draw of both shows is the episodic person/place they go to and the story that results from that, and both are more atmospheric than story driven. Kino's Journey is just more philosophical while Violet Evergarden is more emotions based.
report Recommended by MaskOfIce
Both shows focus on the protagonist visiting various people, and learning about their customs, as well as helping them deal with problems
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Stories of two young individuals traveling vaguely historical, vaguely fantastical worlds, viewing the best and worst in people, all while showing very little emotion. Both beautiful meditations on how mankind interacts with each other, and how beautiful and terrible that can be.
report Recommended by CosmicOwlDream
While each of these two anime have a vastly different tone, they both share similar themes. Both feature stoic female main characters who, after many episodic scenarios, grow as a person and influence the people they meet.
report Recommended by Xerxes126
Kino travels the world and explores the customs of other countries, and inquire the characters of those countries. She learns about the world as she travels and those travels become a part of her. Violet Evergarden travels the world as a letter writer for those who'd like assistance in writing letters to people. She helps characters from around the world and also inquires about these characters. The main difference between these two animes is that VE has an overarching love plot that develops throughout all of the episodes. She uses the experiences she's had with the world and the characters to develop her own understanding of   read more
report Recommended by The_Zubes
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