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Both are very relaxing and atmospheric anime with a similar style of music. If you liked one of these anime, you'll probably like the other.
report Recommended by justice0
Both of them are very relaxing shows with very joyful atmosphere, characters are lovable and the story is actually well written, with peaceful flow of the slice of life genre, not with forced ways which making both of them interesting and unique projects.
report Recommended by iShambles
Both super comfy anime. Comfy OST, comfy interactions, comfy story and comfy characters--to put it bluntly, both my favorite anime. I do recommend both.
report Recommended by chiringu
I've been to Venezia several times due to the ARIA saga and feel Yuru Camp got quite a bit of heritage. Its Nadeshiko is a girl who combines the likeness and silly nature of Mizunashi Akari with the enthusiasm of Aika S. Granzchesta and there is also a semi-autistic little girl a bit like Alice Carrol. Yuru Camp has the SoL, the CGDCT, the iyashikei, the scenery pr0n aspects, some celtic and some Choro Club like BGM (are they responsible or it just sounds similar to Aria BGM?) Generally Yuru Camp got all of that right, just like ARIA did, which is rare and already   read more
report Recommended by Tacsk0
While Aria is about tour guides and Yuru Camp is about camping, both series focus on the daily lives of their characters, which ends up in the two having a very similar, enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere. Also, it's a big coincidence that both have a wholesome pink-haired girl and a somewhat "serious" blue haired girl as protagonists.
report Recommended by Pentagonion
Calm and relaxing. Warmth. Happiness. Loveliness. High quality slice of life
report Recommended by Nemo_Niemand