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Ookami to Koushinryou
Both very mellow. Both have supernatural elements. Both main male characters looks similar and act the same for the most partxD
report Recommended by Bluesnow
Both shows have a similar pace and main character. Moreover, they are episodic anime about the mysteries of nature (and incarnations of nature too !).
report Recommended by Jacut
Both anime had the same kind of atmosphere about them. They were set in olden eras and followed the same kind of easy pace, following traveling characters. Putting that aside, I even thought that Lawrence and Ginko looked vaguely similar as well.
report Recommended by Nayukuo
Both Mushishi and Spice and Wolf are very laid back series, which is nice. They also both focus on solving things; Mushishi it's things that relate to spirits, Spice and Wolf it's related to things that involve trade and commerce. Both series have very good characters and character development as well. And finally, the pair of male leads even look like each other!
report Recommended by tachiKC
Although the plots are very different, both male protagonists are similar. They are similar in the way they act, travel and see the world. Additionally, they both have deeper meanings built into them, but it is much more prevalent in Mushishi. Spice and Wolf focuses on the depth of person to person interactions while Mushishi explores the interaction between humans and the world around them.
report Recommended by nitso
Both Mushishi and Ookami to Koushinryou are styled after traditional legends and folktales, with fantasy elements delicately intertwined with reality. There is also a sort of inexpressible atmospheric similarity to the shows; one gets the sense that they don't go out of their way to impress the viewer, they simply present their own particular reality. To cite Mushishi,"everything is only as it is."
report Recommended by Tatterdemalion
Travelling protagonist visiting various locations of the land, meeting various people and engaging with them, sometimes changing their lives. Also making use of his craft to get around and as a way to sustain his livehood.
report Recommended by abystoma2
-Both have a relaxed vibe to them. -Both revolve around a traveler/travelers who face new adventures in each location -Both have good music
report Recommended by OnlyRose
This is a genre of anime that I personally am in love with. Both of these animes are about traveling. These two anime manage to blend in fantasy with reality in such a way that will not seem far-fetched at all. Mushishi is a little more calm compared to S&W. Both animes have beautiful art. What I like most about these two animes is that they are both set in a medeval time peroid, although it's harder to see what time peroid Mushishi is in, it's not as important as it is in Spice and Wholf. Watch both of these anime if you want   read more
report Recommended by FataKlut