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A slow and gentle progression, showing a different world, the different people that live there and their various occupations, while the involved characters grow and learn about life.
report Recommended by ladyxzeus
Mainly, the atmosphere of both 'Haibane Renmei' and the 'Aria' series is extremely similar for their overwhelming calmness. Also, the plot of both are somewhat similar in that both characters are in a certain type of organization and are striving to become a 'useful' member of that organization. If you liked Haibane Renmei, then there is a 90% chance that you'll love the Aria series (In my case, it was so ^_^)
report Recommended by slothagor
These two slice of life animes are similar in the calm atmosphere both have The characters kindness and in some way the peaceful worlds are also something alike While Haibane is more melancholic, Aria is more effusive. However, in both series you get a warm feeling in every episode
report Recommended by Ravell
Its a very soft anime. It's about enjoying life, I think. I also recommend the manga.
report Recommended by sharosudo
Haibane Renmei and Aria are both rather slow-paced "iyashikei" (healing) slice-of-life shows with a hint of melancholy that concentrate more on relaxing the viewer instead of trying to make them laugh.
report Recommended by Fujaku
Similarities: + Calm slice of life anime about a group of six girls working, living together, and helping people + The main character is the newest to join the group Differences: - Haibane Renmei has much more drama and much eerier atmosphere - Aria is about gondoliers and Haibane Renmei are about people who are similar to angels
report Recommended by Asfaria
Slice of life with high fantasy setting. Full of adorable and lovely girls but very minimal "fanservice". The difference is Aria has soothing atmosphere while Haibane later has darker themes.
report Recommended by illivinni
While Haibane Renmei is notably more reflective, melancholic and cohesive than Aria, they still share so many characteristics that I'm actually surprised they are not on the top in their respective lists of recommendations. Both are set in an isolated alternate world which is introduced trough multiple episodes, all of their prominent characters are female, main characters can be described as curious, complying and kind, both are mentored by a more experienced and respected woman which they adore. Episodic storytelling is also a shared trait between the two series, as is the slow pacing and delusive absence of coherent progression. The most apparent similarity is the   read more
report Recommended by AllanEdgarDoge