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Both share the setting of an orphanage, being closed down from the outside world, having little kids as protagonist, the turn from a vibrant to a very dark setting
report Recommended by AnarUto4
Both anime feature children that have to go through some bad circumstances while they explore the world around them (In The Promised Neverland they have to, in Made in Abyss they want to).
report Recommended by MaahHeim
Both focus on young children characters but have a darker tone to the show despite the cute characters. Both have these cute children juxtaposed with a dark & unforgiving world. Both have the main characters struggle to survive in a extremely hostile environment.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both The Promised Neverland and Made in Abyss look seemingly "cute" and rather lighthearted at first glance. Yet later on in the journey, you realize it's more than that - the world in which they live in are more mysterious and there's more to this than meets the eye. I absolutely LOVE both shows because of the world building, but also because of the ride you are brought on. Each episode, the audience are learning more alongside the characters.
report Recommended by LeFlower-kun
Both have young protagonists facing against dark and dangerous situations. The odds are seemingly against them but they press on. The female main characters are also portrayed as smart, capable, and determined.
report Recommended by DrowningEel
When I watched Made In Abyss in 2017, I found that this anime had a lot of similarities to The Promised Neverland. First, the characters. Both anime focused on a group of kids who lived in an orphanage. Living in a limited area (as the adults prohibited them to go to certain places) made them wonder, how does it feel to be outside. Next, the design. Both anime have cute character designs that if you recommend it to someone who just watched anime (or someone who only watches specific genres), they would probably answer "Sorry, I'm not into childish anime". Nonetheless, both anime have astonishing art. And the   read more
report Recommended by renzospark
Both are mysteries about orphaned children who explore and discover horrible secrets about the worlds they live in. Both shows are pretty dark. In both shows, this tone is contrasted by the presence of an optimistic and driven female protagonist. They are both excellent, high-quality stories with great world-building.
report Recommended by senpaichandesu
They both have similar themes, and can turn dark really fast. Both have small twists in their stories in unexpected directions. Both have several main characters that are children and that the story revolves around. Both are high quality!
report Recommended by Lightshadow86
With Made in Abyss being one of my favourite anime's of all time, with in the first minute of watching The Promised Neverland it instantly made me think of this show and their similarities. They are both based on orphan children and the mysteries of their world, yearning to explore and learn more about what there is to the unseen eye. They both start off rather sweet and innocent and turn to a dark chilling atmosphere. You are constantly gripping on and wishing the best for these children with high hopes of getting on with their journeys. They are fragile and innocent characters who are naive   read more
report Recommended by Nami955
The adventure starts when main protagonists decide they need to see what outside (or "inside" in the case of Made in Abyss). Both have unique kid characters designs and are initially set in orphanages. Escaping turns difficult because it´s forbidden by adults. The art in the manga depict fantastic settings and atmosphere and this is properly adapted in both anime. The story will lead kids into an adventure that, unfortunatly, hold the possibility of damaging their physical integrity.
report Recommended by MichaelJackson
Both are about adorable looking orphans finding themselves in unfortunate circumstances.
report Recommended by Oranvdk
It's a story about children going through dangerous encounters. Just like in Yakusoku no Neverland, this serie is an adventure with a dark tone to it.
report Recommended by Mikaytama13
Surviving in a world full of danger and the unknown.
report Recommended by gleamblossom
Both stories are centred around kids and get better and more intense as they progress. Both have a really nice plot!
report Recommended by toothbrushsenpai
Cute children in a mysterious world that only gets darker and harder to live in. This is the thing that anime does best. A kawaii veneer over a tragic world.
report Recommended by ClaireTheBear
If you've seen Made in Abyss, you might recognize the heavy tension that perpetually hangs over the series and the degree of mystery that surrounds it. I think the same can be said for Yakusoku no Neverland, as you are never truly sure of what lies beyond the "farm" that the children live on, which is similar because in Made in Abyss it's unclear what creatures and challenges lie further in the abyss. The main characters in both series also have lost their parents and live in some sort of orphanage, although in Yakusoku no Neverland the orphanage or "farm" is the main setting for   read more
report Recommended by gyntyn78
- Seemingly cute, but turn out to be pretty dark - Cast of little kids from orphanage - Mysterious world that gets revealed piece by piece
report Recommended by Aramey
In both shows, little kids try to overcome something much much bigger than them.
report Recommended by Chunchunmaru3
-both have smart MC kids that are faced with dangerous situations -very unique stories with great world-building. -unlike the cute characters or ed, it turns out to be pretty dark
report Recommended by FuMarie
-Good Horror -Orphanage protagonists -Mystery world vibe -Temporary happiness -Thrilling experiences
report Recommended by godman32770
They want to find out things outside where they currently are from things they heard or saw. Have a purpose, becomes very dark at some bits. Fun but deep at the same time.
report Recommended by DokuseiYT
Journey along hope as characters in both titles prevail over overwhelming odds and absolute evil. Both also involve small children that have more survivability and brain cells compared to your average adult that its almost completely unbelievable!
report Recommended by McKemzie
Both deals with really young protagonists who faces really messed up scenarios
report Recommended by Charbizard
Probably the closest in the sense that the protagonists are orphans with a dark and perilous journey ahead of them. The difference there being that in Made in Abyss they are moving toward the danger whereas in Promised Neverland, they are trying to escape it. I'd recommend this show mainly because it captures that tense feeling of insurmountable odds being stacked against the main leads, a lot of the time you are wondering if giving up might be the less painful option, whereas continuing with the quest may not be for the best. The evil in either show seems to be the world itself and how   read more
report Recommended by Bootyman
They both look childish from the outside but yet the setting is very dark.
report Recommended by Hachiiru
Both are dark anime, and have children being hurt bad
report Recommended by Surpuki
Both have excellent stories; Thrilling and suspenseful plot twists; The main cast is comprised of children; The art styles are unique; animation quality is very good for both; and both provide tons of entertainment and excitement that make you want to watch more.
report Recommended by bloopeydoopey