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-Both show themes of learning about emotions, and coming to understand feelings. -Both can make you smile, both can make you cry -Both have an interesting world -Though this one applies more to Violet Evergarden in my opinion, but both have breathtaking animation -Both have great music -Both have an episodic storyline
report Recommended by Siyuan
I am not sure which show should I put as the recommended one, seeing that both shows are already popular in their respective seasons. Now then, onto the most similar part of these two shows - the process of emotion learning. Both protagonists (Elias from Mahoutsukai, and Violet Evergarden the titular character) have went through a messed up past, causing them to lose the ability to act as humans, and sense emotions. Both shows set up episodic parts and through the interaction of many other characters, our protagonists gradually learn these emotions, often in some sort of heartwarming tales. Animation wise, both are top notch, we have   read more
report Recommended by Lord_Odous
Ancient Magus Bride is similar to Violet Evergarden because both have an interesting world, themes of emotions, and episodic storyline. Violet is similar to Ancient Magus Bride’s main character, Chise, because they both have that quiet on the outside but very sweet personality. Also both Violet and Chise have a sort of love and/or admiration for their mentor figure (Elias in Ancient Magus Bride, Major Gilbert in Violet Evergarden). Violet and Chise also both learn to cope with things that happened in their past in both anime.
report Recommended by Sydnie
Both series follow characters trying to understand emotions and the struggles they face. Both series have interesting worlds with beautiful soundtracks to back them up. Both series have a range of characters introduced to help the main character come to grip with emotions and overcome past traumas. If you enjoyed one you'll definitely enjoy the other. Highly recommend them both.
report Recommended by DarknessReality
- Both start out with a heavily traumatized teen who ends up learning a new talent with a certain encounter. - Both have a medieval environment with beautiful landscapes and scenery. - Both Violet Evergarden and Chise from Mahoutsukai no Yome start gaining back their emotions. - Both do so by encountering different people with different stories, and both occasionally help out by using the new things they've learned (Chise with using her magic and Violet with ghostwriting) Only difference is that Violet Evergarden focusses more on Violet's individual development, and Mahoutsukai no Yome has more real story to get invested in, while Violet Evergarden is   read more
report Recommended by Ivarovich
-Both have gorgeous artworks -Both having a young girl as the main character -Both have beautiful soundtracks -Both have good story line The difference being, Violet Evergarden is more related to real life and shorter compared to The Ancient Magus' Bride.
report Recommended by kyoro_99
Both are episodic dramatic stories about a girl who has had traumatic experiences in the past and builds emotional connections and more confidence in herself as the show continues. A very emotional vibe to each episode, and a Slice of Life vibe. Both series are very pretty to look at but lack substance or good writing or pacing.
report Recommended by WeeboBaggins
Both lead charters had really hard past and having a hard time dealing with emotion and generally connect with people and world around them.
report Recommended by jagodawonder
Both have beautiful art Both have similar plot that dealt with being not accepted by society Both have similar episodic narrative Both deal with the lost of love one Both have main character learning new things to adapt their surroundings In short, Mahoutsukai is a narrative driven story with a beautiful plot i, Violet evergarden instead takes you to a feel trip that can make you cry.
report Recommended by KiwiFruitCup