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Both have lots of bloods and guts, as well as some excellent action. Berserk could be summed up as a Medieval Hellsing
report Recommended by IAmZim
both is very violent and has blood and gore berserk was produced in the 90s so its art work isnt that nice but the story is comparable to those shonen like naruto.hellsing is a very recent version of the original and its a lot better than original ,so all the hellsing fans should also take a look at berserk,its worth your time
report Recommended by nolifeking
Both have one of the most badass MC's in anime history, strong female lead(s), great action scenes, lots of blood and gore, rape-filled backstories, superpowered monsters, influences from Christianity, rivalry/betrayal between friends, strategic warfare, well-developed characters, great plot and last but not least: they're both amazing anime.
report Recommended by RandomPerson4
One word: BLOODY! Both Hellsing and Berserk are similar in a way. Both of the two protagonists have a similar dark past and grown to become strong as F**K. I mean Alucard is like a devil himself, and Guts was given the name "hundred man slayer." Anyway, if you love one of these series, I can guarantee you'll love the other.
report Recommended by JinxBond
Both have a seemingly unkillable main character indulging in gratuitous violence, and philosophical undertones (which I think Berserk does better).
report Recommended by Gerhakiki
Anime that indulge the viewer in extreme amounts of blood and gore with a badass MC that doesn't hold back. A must-watch series.
report Recommended by joe_g7
Both are set in dark fantasy settings with supernatural horror. Rather cynical in nature, human life is worth little, people often die and the protagonists often blur the line between a cruel anti-hero and an outright villain protagonist. Also, excluding some creatures (e.g elves in Berserk), monsters are mostly either humans or of former human origin.
report Recommended by Spyros_Kran