3-gatsu no Lion, Fruits Basket 1st Season Recommendations

3-gatsu no Lion
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3-gatsu no Lion
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Fruits Basket 1st Season
I think that both touch your heart in way that you just want to cry all day long
report Recommended by Licorys
Heartwarming stories about characters dealing with internal problems and healing each other by sharing simple but precious moments.
report Recommended by Kenokiri
Both change from having a light tone to suddenly a dark one, as they tackle different sorts of subjects beautifully. At one scene it's the most wholesome thing you're watching and in the next one you're like, "This is some deep shit".
report Recommended by Harisrox
Although 3-gatsu is much more pensive and a tad more dark, both shows specialize on having characters deal and interact with their internal problems; making use of visual metaphors and graceful dialogue to describe exactly how the characters are feeling. Neither show drowns you in sadness or pity, however. Both makes use of more wholesome and comedic moments which feel less like just trying to make the viewer smile or laugh, but more to remind them that life—no matter how bleak, is never always a bad thing.
report Recommended by dotta
-Both are slice of life drama series -Both have a main character who's dealing with the death of their family -Both start with the main character moving due to problems with their family -Both have characters dealing with depression as an important part of the plot -Both have characters overcoming trauma -Have a similar vibe -Both get a lot darker in the second season -Both have names that don't really make sense until you watch the show
report Recommended by JakeTheFake78
- This recommendation goes both ways. - Without getting into spoiler territory, you’ll honestly be suprised by the amount of similarities prevalent.
report Recommended by Mo168
On the surface Fruits Basket and March comes in like a lion don't appear to be particularly similar. However, they do explore similar ideas. Both series explore toxic family dynamics and have characters who have mental health-related struggles. Both March comes in like a lion's Rei and the Sohmas from Fruits Basket are in a dark place. Through the help of kind individuals with some trauma of their own, they grow as people. I mainly picked the two series for their similar themes, but I'm realizing that there are similarities between some of the characters. I can see Rei and Yuki being pretty similar, and Kyoko   read more
report Recommended by CourtRoseFaerie
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