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Both shows: - are about a man who just lost his job but are given a chance to change their lives as they get to relive a school experience. - have some social commentary on so-called "black companies" in Japan. - have nostalgic music from the 90s/00s in their soundtracks In ReLIFE, the protagonist Arata turns into a teenager and attends a highschool to put his life back on track and help himself and others in the process. In Remake Our Life, the protagonist Kyouya mentally time travels 10 years into the past and makes the decision to enroll in art school for university instead of business school. He   read more
report Recommended by Fortress_Maximus
in both anime the mc is an adult without an employment who recieved a second opportunity, he "travel" back in the years and live his young life another time trying to achieve a better future
report Recommended by Tsurao
Both shows are about a man in his mid-to-late 20s getting a second chance at life who has, up to this point, led a fairly disappointing adulthood and has failed to maintain a stable job getting a second chance at life and being able to re-experience their school life, whether it is high school or college respectively.
report Recommended by blondedzero
Do note that this is basing it on the first two episodes anyways Both shows have a similar theme, going back to the past Both have themes of self improvement and motivation Both Mc's have had their struggles in life and want to get their stuff together Main difference between the two (so far) is ReLife takes place in High School and the mc only looks young whilst this show takes place in college with the mc going back 10 years in the past
report Recommended by P3ck
Both shares how main character gets extra change of or second change of “life” to fix or change what they’ve regretted and what they “wished” that they should’ve or could’ve done
report Recommended by DoubleBox
It is very similar in the perspective of it. It is like Re:life + Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo. Let us identify the similarities to Re:Life: - He is finding a job and having a lot of struggle - It has a concept of going back in a young age to redo his mistake in the past - It has shown that the MC is struggling in current time But Bokutachi no Remake will give you amazing twist in the first episode and having 50 minutes of good quality time to watch. I fully recommend this anime and looking forward to it.
report Recommended by Crymxon
Both anime’s are about 2nd chances to change life. Slice of life and romance themes
report Recommended by uhull
the main characters are both adults and not working (unemployed). both of them are given the opportunity to return to their youth to improve their lives
report Recommended by takashishizu
Both are very similar where the main character is given the opportunity to improve himself.
report Recommended by Its_dyy
Re-life but the guy is re-living his collage years in the past, instead of re-doing high school in the present.
report Recommended by Sumeru
Both series have a man in his late 20s who has been pretty unlucky with finding work. Suddenly they have a chance to be younger and experience school again.This time they can fix the mistakes they made previously in life and hopefully become competent members of society.
report Recommended by Clobbopus