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Both series feature a main character that, through a miraculous event of self-justice, are put in a youthful setting in hopes to solve a major problem in their lives. While Erased focuses on the character progression of those around the main character, ReLIFE is primarily focused on the main character himself. Although both stories are presented as a mature personality in a younger body-- there are still clear differences in the tone, considering Erased is based on a middle school life, while ReLIFE is set in a final year of high school. Tension is much lower in ReLIFE, since it's not a   read more
report Recommended by ishJJx3
> The MCs are adults who become young again to resolve the problem. > Both have likeable characters and similar vibes. > Different genres, but both manage to combine dramatic scenes with comedy.
report Recommended by Miauu
If you liked ERASED you will probably have fun with ReLIFE. I see a similar premise, the idea of turning back time (less literal in ReLIFE), and themes in these two series. ReLIFE is a bit more lighthearted than ERASED, though I suppose both have a heartwarming side.
report Recommended by -Krouton-
Though the plots are quite different, both protagonists are adults who are sent back in time to their youth. ReLIFE is humorous while Boku dake ga Inai Machi is more dark and mysterious.
report Recommended by tearbender
Similar concept - Adult in his late 20s returns to school as a child with an adult's mind Similar art style Both have likeable characters
report Recommended by Aerial_Assasain
- MC "goes back" to his school time - Originally, the MCs are in their 20's - They take that opportunity to improve everybody's lives, including their own
report Recommended by Alinex29
Going back in time to fix mistakes
report Recommended by Obi_Juan_Kenobi
- The Mc is the main similarity, they are both adults in their late 20's with the appearance of a much younger body. In boku dake ga inai machi because of the ability of "revival"/time travel and in Relife because of a drug being tested. Besides, Both were characters that had lost propose has they grew old, and were trapped in jobs they did not wish for. - Both Boku and ReLife manage to combine dramatic scenes with comedy. However, Boku dake ga inai machi has a more dramatic feel to it than ReLife, which is much more humorous. -Both Kayo and Chizuru, the main female   read more
report Recommended by luh_carvalho
-The MCs are adults who become young again. (BokuMachi is through time travel, while ReLife is through taking a pill) -Both MCs fall in love with a girl, while in their younger selves. -While BokuMachi is focused on preventing murder, ReLife is about interacting with people (his classmates) so that the MC can get a job. -The plots/genres are quite different: BokuMachi being more psychological, and ReLife being more comedic. So, if you like MCs becoming their younger selves again (while retaining the mind of an adult), give these animes a go.
report Recommended by -Heika
-Both involve time retreat to change the past -Both have a similar male main character and female main character -Both have an animation style that is meant to look outdated
report Recommended by thelectricow
Different genres of anime, but both have the protagonist going back to their younger version of themselves
report Recommended by DanielOsuna30
both characters go back in time to younger versions of themselves to resolve a problem
report Recommended by Marcus_Trillian
Both main characters have a chance to change their lives. Before going back to their's pasts they are depressed and desperate.
report Recommended by Eidvidas
ReLife and ERASED both deal with the main character reversing time to fix past mistakes. In ReLife, the main character is given the chance to experience high school again to try and help him better understand how to live his adult life, while in Boku dake ga Inai Machi the main character goes back in time to try and prevent the murder of a classmate. If you liked ReLife's idea of time altering to fix mistakes, then ERASED's usage of the same idea should appeal to you. Both shows feature relatable protagonists and storylines that are well-written and not overly cliché or cheesy.
report Recommended by lana_kane
A MC in his late 20s is stuck at a dead end job, who lives his life daily and has no aim for his near future. However, due to unforeseeable circumstances, he is able to live his school life, which in turn not only helps ease his mind about the problems he was facing in his present life, but also helps him find a purpose in his life. And not to mention - making friends that are easily a decade younger than him! Wasn't a massive fan of the pedo vibes in Erased. ReLIFe handled that aspect much better and more realistically.
report Recommended by Sonal1988
Both MCs are adults which they changed into their younger self. Romance is present. Slight feels. Good Story.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince