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Neon Genesis Evangelion
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Both Evangelion and Fafner employ mechas and monstrous creatures to develop the characters of the pilots and their inner conflicts. In addition, both series have a penchant for the philosophical: Eva tends to be darker and perhaps more confusing while Fafner is more straightforward and optimistic.
report Recommended by Nocturnal
The plot and the story seem similar (humanity in danger and only some child can save them by fighting in some robots)
report Recommended by thethunder
The Pilot is mentaly connected to his machine, he can suffer from the damages it can receive. They are both attack by "weird" monsters. Mankind is in great danger... well it's in a lot of anime, but it's kinda the same here.
report Recommended by Normandwizard
Fafner isn't the same kind of story as Evangelion, but it plays with some of the elements that made Evangelion successful. Enigmatic enemies, GAINAX-style mind games, and the bio-mecha as double-edged swords come into play in both Fafner and Evangelion.
report Recommended by miki_sei
Both are mecha series withe monsters and kids who control robots.
report Recommended by shinpuu
The sudden circumstances of kids being thrown into a large scale battle as a mech, with the main character having no clue about it, hidden walls shooting up into the air with battle armaments all around the city, with a combat center with digital displays and HUDS, even the music- are all reminiscent of Evangelion.
report Recommended by yngtadpole
You know, when I finished watching these two series, I took a deep breath and though: "Neon Genesis Evangelion and Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor are quite alike!" And indeed they are beyond just the typical science fiction themes. Both series involves humans being attacked by a strange entity. In the end, they choose gifted children to combat these entities. These children has the skills of piloting mecha and as the series progresses, they introduce some more psychological factors. Both series has a lot of drama, emotional moments, action, and also involves the usage of mecha in a apocalyptic world. There is also present, a philosophical theme   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Teens piloting mechs and fighting weird aliens with philosophical stuff
report Recommended by Maesstrom