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Many have linked Attack on Titan to Evangelion since long before AoT's anime came to be, for highly spoilerific (NOT MECHA) reasons. To be slightly less vague, Eva deconstructed the feel good / manly / heroic mecha genre with a combination of depression and tragedy. And, to a lesser extent, AoT went against the flow of shounen fighting cliches/tropes enough to make it stand out in the same way. So, both series' differences from the norm makes them comparable, in essence. Unlike in its manga, near the end (ep24) AoT's anime had Eren act very much like Shinji from Eva: needing a peptalk and FULL   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Both series revolve around Humanity trying to fight powerful enemies they don't quite understand, and young people are forced to take up the fight. Tragic events are common occurrences. giant humanoids are used to fight. Shingeki likely was heavily inspired by Evangelion.
report Recommended by MangaPancakes
The humanity is trying to survive an attack of almighty titans, after episode 8 there are more similarities...
report Recommended by Turanic
Mankind is in the brink of elimination as mysterious creatures suddenly come from unknown origins to end their existence. The only hope for man is in the hands of a young boy who has the ability to control a power equal to these mysterious creatures. This power is not easily controlled however as the boy at times allows this ability to go berserk as he encounters emotionally driven situations. Epic battles occur as the boy controls this power to combat these enormous titans amongst a ruined city. The question is, am I describing Shingeki no Kyojin or Evangelion? However, as in my case, if you absolutely love one, you   read more
report Recommended by Makise
Both are similar with a very dark tone and focus on the human condition. Attack on titan focus more on existentialism and ethics. It also is action heavy; the visuals alone make it a good watch. Whereas Evangelion focuses on mental illness and transhumanism. Evangelion tends to be lighter on action and violence. However it covers much more mature content and isn't far more disturbing.
report Recommended by 5oulcrusher
Humanity unites against monstrosities. Shingeki feels like Medieval Evangelion sometimes. Evangelion has more depression, Shingeki has more despair.
report Recommended by Elliot0009
Both deal with earth being under attack by monsters (titans and angels), both have young people who are tasked with protecting it, the main characters both have difficult relationships with their fathers.
report Recommended by sk1tty
Some unknown origin creatures invaded humanity, both are constantly fighting a losing battle while human trying to survive.
report Recommended by ChainDark
Both series deal with ambiguous creatures that threaten all of humanity, a young protagonist with a connection to said creatures, and have a more of a realistic take on their respective genres.
report Recommended by titoville
This seems to already be a popular recommendation, so I"ll be brief: Both have... -giant monsters that have almost wiped out all of humanity. -organizations set to wipe out those said monsters. -a lot of plot twists that (more so in SnK's case) leave you hanging in a cruel way. -utterly messed up and convoluted stories and characters. They are both anime that have messed up my brain in a good way, and I love Evangelion and Kyojin for that.
report Recommended by HikariJake
Humanity is in despair and they are fighting with the very things they want to kill.
report Recommended by mikagura
Humanity fights back against giant mononstrosities that threaten to wipe out the human race. Both are exciting anime with plenty of action in addition to beautiful visuals, but each has a different setting and focus. AoT is a dark fantasy with a greater focus on mystery and world-building, while Evangelion is more of a psychological thriller that uses its modern day sci-fi/mech setting as the backdrop.
report Recommended by Nei-san
I would go far as to say the Shingeki no Kyojin does have it far share of similarites to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Behind all the window dressing, the to show are quite similar if you think about. Both stories take place in a post post apocalyptic world meaning the apocalyspe had already has prior to the series start and that the world is slowing rebuilding from said apocalypse and have devise ways against their oppression since. Humanity is own falling legs in spite of oppressive and enigmatic enemy. In Neon Genesis Evangelion the oppressive force is the Angels. In Attack on Titan its the titular Titans. The   read more
report Recommended by Fourteenthangel
Both have the same genres Both have pilots Both have great osts Both will make you want more Both will make you really think Both are really good
report Recommended by yelshashows22
fight for survival of human race, very hard to kill enemies, lost of psychology what do you want more lol
report Recommended by dany565
Attack on titan focuses on fighting with superior (Titans) beings and retaking the walls. Neon Genesis focuses by defending their city by superior (Angels) beings from causing 3rd Impatct (end of the world), while neon genesis does character development very well with everyone being depressed, Attack on Titans tries to by brining male tears.
report Recommended by Timoke
SNK and NGE may have a very different fanbases, but when it comes down to it, there are many things that are similar about these two series. SNK and NGE are series that both revolve around a young both trying to save his city/town/world from giant monsters. Even though the devices used to destroy these monsters are different (three dimensional maneuver devices in SNK, giant human-operated machines in NGE) There are also three teenage characters who are pressured to do a lot of risky work in order to save their city/town/world. Although the I believe that that Shinji, Misato, and Rei and better written characters with   read more
report Recommended by flesheatingg
The three main characters in each show are very similar. Both main characters have fathers who abandoned them at a young age, and their mother also died when they were young. Both have a group of "monsters" (Titans and Angels) that humans have to fight against in order to survive as a species. Both of these shows are also very dark and psychological.
report Recommended by kaz_77
Both are set in a post-apocalyptic world with enemy's that are far superior in strength to our protagonists with a teenage boy as the lead protagonist. Both anime have strong sets of female characters in it's cast, and the main protagonist's father in both anime shows no interest in their son's lives.
report Recommended by dazzsheil
Both of these shows have similar setup where humanity is in danger because of strong enemy that's trying to push humans to extinction. There is mystery behind those attacks. Action in both shows is exciting and well executed.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
SnK and Evangelion, two series mainstream and almost cult, where they possess these similarities: - Postapocalyptic world dominated by a superior species (Titans in SnK and Angeles in EVA), that caused the destruction of humans. - A group specializes in defending humans from these monsters. - The protagonist is entrusted with a power similar to that of the angels and is almost forced / manipulated to participate in this mortal battle, where he will be the only one able to turn the situation. Where he spent the whole series questioning himself and how everything works around him. In addition they lost their mother and their father is very   read more
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
-Teenagers are given the responsibility of defending humanity -Both have a superior life form attacking humanity (Angels, Titans) -Similar main characters (Asuka = Eren, Rei = Mikasa, Shinji = Armin)
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both survival assumptions, But this show does not focus on the psychological of its characters and the characters have super powers.
report Recommended by Bruno_roen
Both serries happens in the end of humanity, both have characters with similar aspects and both have fights which the mc against giant "monsters"
report Recommended by Emi_Tin
While I'm not a fan of Shingeki no Kyojin (and Neon Genesis Evangelion is obviously my favorite anime) these two have some in common. They both have a cowardly main character, they both are about defending humanity from something, etc.
report Recommended by Cinefan
They both have good lore and characters, great openings and really good OST. SnK need to be completed (I mean all the manga animated), the reflexions do not arrive at the start of the series but they eventually do, like in Evangelion.
report Recommended by iggykimi
Humanity tries to survive the attack of monstrous creatures
report Recommended by ThyagoSpindola