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in Neon and Guilty Crown the robot and user are really connected, as in when the robot get damage, the user will feel the pain, but in Neon the user will receive the damage that robot has. it's really bloody too
report Recommended by pakin
Both series feature mecha battles, a wimpy guy with an ability to help other people but too scared to do something and a kuudere-girl.
report Recommended by igromanka
Both take place in a neo apocalyptic Tokyo, but where in the catastrophe was more centralized to Tokyo in GC it was global in NGE. Both have similar passive aggressive protagonist, and a seemingly emotionless girl . They draw heavy Christian ideologies, and have very similar plots. The Similarities become more apparent towards the end of the series (I don't want to say much to take away from the plots) , and who doesn't love some "mecha" action?
report Recommended by gerry_dgk
It's the same with the robots because if the robots experience pain so do they and the fact that the main character is a whiner that doesn't want to get involved in hurting anybody and tries to leave when the rest of the future relies with him. Same thing with the chick they are both very unemotional but the main characters develop a feeling for them.
report Recommended by Yetenekli
Those of you who have seen both are probably wondering: how did this kid even get this comparison? Well in both series you have a young male lead who gets pulled into a world that he didn't ask to be put in. He's forced into it and has to adapt and face many hardships to survive. Shu of GC is like Shinji of Eva because the young characters both go through tests of psych and physical strength to live in the situations they were dragged into in order to save the world and their love interests. Shu Oma does a better job of acting in   read more
report Recommended by Drizzy_Dan
The main characters have similar personalities --awkward, indecisive and weak. Both of them struggle with their weaknesses at first but the series of events leave them with no choice and ultimately lead them in finding their inner strength and fight. Secrets and betrayal also play an important part on both. The tone of these anime was almost the same. If you liked mind-blowing character development and unpredictable plot, you'll probably like these series.
report Recommended by Chubbymajo
Guilty Crown is "guilty" of highway robbery when it comes to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Watch them both if you want to see how much Evangelion continues to influence the anime industry, as well as how disgustingly easy it is for hack writers to swipe ideas and images from NGE and get away with it.
report Recommended by DiscoMilf
Pain sensitive battle robots, plugsuits, goal similar to the human instrumentality, corporation aimilar to NERV, main character has a relationship similar to Shinji and Rei, bible references, aliens, main characters have similar personality
report Recommended by shaniquah
If you want a nearly future-based anime with some drama and action, you should watch GC! The main has some similarities with Shinji, but later he's a little more badass and I think He's better. Also, it has mechas and waifus too!
report Recommended by Ghostkarosu
The characterization between these two are quite similar. “Guilty Crown” and “Neon Genesis Evangelion” feature a weak, indecisive, self-loathing main character who wants to live a “normal” life. Forced against their will, they are put on the battlefield in midst to make an impact on the world. While there is mecha action between these two shows, the story of “Guilty Crown” leans towards the supernatural element as “Neon Genesis Evangelion” focuses more on sci-fi.
report Recommended by OtakuJKP