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They are both set as a traveling adventure in old Europe. The relationship between the main 'couples' are very similar, especially in the way the female lead treats the male lead. Both have a fair share of comedy and drama, Gosick is more tragic though (unexpectedly, considering Spice and Wolf feels more mature overall).
report Recommended by Takai
Both involve a smart female heroine that uses her wisdom to help the hero. Both are related to mystical beings and wolves. Both are romance anime with a thrilling story.
report Recommended by yamasora
both set in the past with very similar scenery. Holo and Victorique are both the smarter one in the couple, and like to show it off. Kujo and Lawrence are also similar in that they are lacking in physical prowess, but would still put their lives on the line to protect the girl. i think if you like one, then you'd surely like the other
report Recommended by dchman
They have the same feel about them. Complex personalities and beautiful landscapes/character models are what made me love both series.
report Recommended by TebiKEK
The relationship between the two main characters is similar to Gosick
report Recommended by madhatter10
Both series involves a setting in the old English times. As such, the feeling that these two titles gives off is similar. Additionally, the main female protagonist from both series are haughty, cunning, and intelligent as well as being wise for the choices they make throughout certain situations. She also shares an interesting relationship with the main male protagonist in which in the beginning, it seems to be annoyance. However, later on, they become compatible and the two are willing to help each other in whatever ways they can. Both series carries an adventure like feeling that involves certain cases/situations dealing with thinking rather than action. Of   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
After watching a few episodes of Spice and Wolf, I just thought "Amazing, another anime that gave me the same feeling as watching Gosick." Both of these anime are not set in modern times and they are both in the same geographical location. The first thing I realized was that the interactions between the two main leads are very similar. The females, both are "wolves", are very cunning and shows off how smart they can be. There is the excellent chemistry between the two leads. I wouldn't say it's overly romantic, but there is romance in both anime. Although the male leads do not possess   read more
report Recommended by ninja88880
Both have the same feel between the 2 main leads in the way there relationship develops and there interactions.
report Recommended by simplyunsure
"Spice and Wolf" and Gosick are both centered on Europe in the past.In both series a boy meets a "wise wolf" who isnt supposed to move from where they are but the boy takes her out and shows her the outside world. As the series goes on the 2 grow more attached to each other but encounter great problems that may separate them. The characters in both series are very alike and the feeling both give are extremely similar to the other.
report Recommended by TsunLemonDere
Both are about a guy who has a random meeting with a very knowledgeable female lead.Both Are set in older times and both series really on focuses on the couple.Also both relationships in both series seems similar.
report Recommended by Ozzey
If you watched Gosick for the romance/character interactions rather than for the mystery elements(which is the correct way to watch it btw) then I highly recommend Spice and wolf. The character interactions between the main characters are actually quite similar, although I do personally find the conversations between Holo and Lawrence to be more witty and their relationship more mature. Also do keep in mind that Spice and Wolf depends less on Moe, whether that is a plus or minus you decide for yourself.
report Recommended by Selquin
Both anime have strong female character, Victorique and Holo Both main character accidentally meet the female protagonist The female character lead at first, but toward end the male is the one who lead Both anime have sad story
report Recommended by theshadowz
Gosick is like a darker, more mysterious version of Spice and Wolf in several aspects. Similar settings, similar character interactions between the leads. Similar attention and personalities of the main female leads. Gosick is definetly more intense, but if you like one you are certain to like the other.
report Recommended by ReactAsylum
-HUGE similarities: >Same type of old-Europe vibe; >Same type of relationship in the main characters couple; >The female leads are sassy and bossy around the male characters to cover their insecurities / flaws. -Slight diferences: >Gosick is darker in its themes while Spice and Wolf is lighter (yet still feelsy); >Spice and Wolf is more mature than Gosick in the way it handles the main relationship and the dialogues, at least considering Gosick's first half.
report Recommended by Nostalgik
Interesting female leads; story fueled by the dynamic between the main couple; a historical fiction element in both.
report Recommended by High-on-Anime
Feels very similar, but are pretty different. Both have mystery aspects and a main pair.
report Recommended by _Kofu
Both of these give the same kind of vibes on peaceful moments, while still having background history and global events making the scene more dramatic. Warning, the "immaturity" of the main male in Gosick character can trigger some people when compared to this one, but while you make it through they get close in terms of comportment. While not as impactful as Holo's adventure, you will not be disappointed.
report Recommended by Leaning_Mind