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Even though these appear - superficially - to be totally different (furry love vs. elf love; trading/economics vs. intergalactic warfare), you'd have to blind AND somewhat stupid to watch these two and not link them. For starters, anyone watching at length will only be in it for the SLOWLY developing romance between a human and his nonhuman, can-live-for-100s-of-years life partner. A HUGE amount of time gets put into complicated subplots, for sure, but that's all decoration. What people want is for the leads to take their relationships forward beyond unsure friendship/lovers territory... which, of course, NEVER SODDING WELL HAPPENS since interest would fade once the   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Both based on novels. The two main characters and their relationships are also the similar. The main plot is about the main couple's journey. The mercantile overplot of Spice and Wolf is very similar in scope to the interstellar warfare overplot of Seikai no Monshou. It may not seem like it at first glance but Seikai no Monshou is pretty much Spice and Wolf in space and Spice and Wolf is Seikai no Monshou in late medieval europe.
report Recommended by DrHouse
The first thing that one will note in watching these two shows is that on the surface, they seem to have nothing in common. One is a space opera, and the other is about a traveling merchant. The true core of each of the shows though is the relationship between the male and female leads, and in that sense, the shows are very compatible. Both shows are rather slow paced, and do a great job of developing the main characters and their bond along their travels. Spice and Wolf sees Lawrence accompanying Holo on her journey to the northern homeland, while   read more
report Recommended by Centent
This is a one-way recommendation. Those who enjoyed Spice & Wolf are likely to enjoy the Banner of the Stars series, but not necessarily vice versa. The relationship between the two main characters is an integral part of both series, although it is not always what drives the plot in either case. Similarly, a great deal of attention is given to dialogue in both cases: In Spice & Wolf this almost exclusively comes in the form of competitive banter and wittiness. However, in Banner of the Stars the banter between the main duo tends to be less competitive and there are more genuine discussions. On these merits   read more
report Recommended by TripleSRank
Romance between a normal human and a non-human that develop over time, through their long journey together. Both male leads and female leads are characterized by a strong sense of pride, and a high level of intelligence. Much of the screen time is occupied by the witty dialogue between the couple, but there is enough interesting contents in the dialogue that it never gets old.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both Spice and Wolf and Seikai no Monshou (including Seikai no Senki I, II & III) are as much about sociology as they are about the main characters. If you liked Spice and Wolf's slow sightseeing pacing punctuated by bursts of actvity and its slowly budding romance, you might enjoy this space opera-setting journey.
report Recommended by Maegil
The relationship between the two leading characters in each anime is similar: -there is a slow, natural-paced blossoming romance (with no typical shoujo complications owing to a 3rd rival or the like) -they have to come to terms with the issue of race; the female in both cases will live long after the man dies of old age. There are also many cultural differences at first. -there is a LOT of dialogue and witty banter between the two. -they are both travelling together throughout a vast land/space
report Recommended by addictoholic
Both similar in that the main focus of the story is the developing relationship between the two main characters. The two leads both talk about their feelings, talk through how to solve the problem at hand, and talk about themselves. Unsurprisingly, in the midst of all the talking a connection forms. Ookami to koushinryou is set in a background of medieval travelling merchantry, while Seikai no Monshou is set in Space. Both have the two characters coming to understand their differences t due to different upbringing and culture.
report Recommended by Everlance
They both have absorbing conversations between the characters, and the two lead characters have a brilliantly fleshed out relationship.
report Recommended by ZachM
Great couples in both shows,slow paced a lot of dialogues
report Recommended by Heralder
What makes spice and wolf what it is it's character interactions between it's main characters and the closest thing you can find is Crest of the stars.
report Recommended by angry_-panda