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After watching Kimi no Na Wa, I proceed to watch Koe no Katachi. I was like "Wow. They're actually somewhat similar in comparison.". Heartwarming, yet subtle, focusing on our main hero and heroine. One about deafness and other switching bodies. I think its "trouble communicating others with a disadvantage and you really have to know a person to understand their struggles" sort of thing.
report Recommended by Onininichi
Not similar in the sense of storyline, but a sort of similar style. Both deeply moving. Both involve two main characters and their journeys of understanding themselves and those around them.
report Recommended by Zerelada
Both movies are about a tragic love story. Other people besides the main 2 characters the romance centers around, are needed to help bring about the happy ending. They both have high quality animation and art. I personally prefer Your Name( Kimi no na wa) a lot more and give it a 9/10, but Koe no Katachi is still a good movie and earns a 7/10.
report Recommended by AobaSuzukaze
Both are simply the best movie of their particular years. Both are Oscar worthy. Both share the main theme of high school romance. Kimi no Nawa is more fantasy-like while Koe no Katachi is more grounded in reality.
report Recommended by DeltaNemesis
Both character is interest.So,girl difference of school or city or village the characters in pairs are different from the other anime.Whereas the voice of language is so polite and well mannered backsound a the soundtrack tt's just the soundtrack manage also very interesting though very remarkable.But that,the emotion of sadness, loneliness, separation, different and so on
report Recommended by Yukisa-Nanase
Wonderful movies that will hit you right in the feels and leave you pondering days after watching.
report Recommended by niggoth22
Drama and lots of feels, definitely for you if you like tear-jerking anime movie.
report Recommended by Syaif1996
If you're looking for another movie with jaw-dropping animation, this is the one. Both also deal with similar themes of miscommunication.
report Recommended by Splair
every goods at the question slice of life! ( inclused i like every the "romance" of koe no katachi, missed the kiss ;3 + 0k )
report Recommended by Jotaronirvana467
both movies are beautiful just watch for your self i cant explain !!!
report Recommended by Otaku329
-Both are masterpieces. -Both leaves you wanting more after watching it. -Both makes you want to re-watch it many times. -Both have excellent OSTs. -Both have touching stories.
report Recommended by skyz_xd
They're both incredibly well written and stylized movies that will leave you wanting more. They both have very lovable main characters and such well conveyed emotions that you're left feeling a sense of dread that your life will never be as heart-wrenching as these movies. The love stories they tell are beautiful, hauntingly so, and so perfect overall. I quite enjoyed both movies
report Recommended by axevv
They are both movies on touching yet complex relationships and youth. Both center on the interactions of two main characters and how their ideas and morals evolve over time. Both have a twist towards the end that shocks viewers but resolves the major issues in the end.
report Recommended by LUMILLION
have a good story
report Recommended by Dedi_Prayudi
These two are similar because they both express a relationship between a boy and a girl that isn't explicitly romantic, but still portray love and support that is really sweet and sad at times. The animation is similar in the sense they are both very high quality.
report Recommended by kiki-jiji
Similarities: -Both anime involves a high school life. -Both anime can make you cry. -Both anime's main protagonists may/may have feelings with each other. Differences: -Kimi no Na wa is somewhat supernatural, in a way that their souls is being switched to one another while Koe no Katachi they are not. -Kimi no Na wa's main protagonists are very separate and far from each other, only their connection and communication with each other is writing something while in Koe no Katachi, the main protagonists are nearby and somewhat close. -Koe no Katachi features the plot about bullying and redemption, guilt and repentance of the MC's actions in their childhood while in Kimi   read more
report Recommended by Dorajiru-kun
Taking school life settings Have impossible love story Awesome graphic art syle
report Recommended by Shirokuza
They're both movies that manage to touch the audience's feeling in a very beautiful manner
report Recommended by Insert_Nickname
Basically its love story too, in both movies there is kinda barrier between the two main characters that are supposed to fall in love with each other, but even tho they have to manage to overcome a lot of problems to be together and happy , they can do it. The animation style is similar too in my opinion and its really good artwork.
report Recommended by schizofrenikx
Both movies happen in a school setting, and have amazing stories and visuals. Unlike kimi no na wa, there is no supernatural stuff happening, but overall the characters and story itself are better.
report Recommended by G_S_L
Similar story structure, except for the supernatural element. Purely from opinion here, but even though the story structure of Kimi no Na wa isn't as solid as Koe no Katachi, it is able to convey something that you can relate more to and easily understand, in comparison to the many hidden meanings and social problems presented in Koe no Katachi.
report Recommended by MScientist0