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Both deal with supernatural evils and both fight with swords that each character has as a unique fighting style with. The set up of the warriors ranks and titles are very similar for both the good and bad sides. When watching this show my mind kept screaming Bleach (In a good way) and I think anyone who enjoyed Demon Slayer should at least give Bleach a look and vice versa.
report Recommended by BeautifulVenus
Kimetsu no Yaiba is very connected to bleach so much, similar with story, Hollow and Demon, Soul Reaper and Demon Slayer, 13 squads Captain and 9 Demon slayer hashira, Espada and Demon Moons, the main character who become a soul reaper/demon slayer and have lost the parents, bleach is like brother to Kimetsu no Yaiba
report Recommended by torsan88
-Both center on a similar supernatural foe (hollows, demons) that antagonize the human race, that come classified in different levels -Both have an organization built to counter this foe (soul reapers, demon slaying corps) -Both of these organizations have an elite group of characters leading part of the organization (division captains, pillars) -Both use swords combined with some kind of technique or superpower as the weapon of choice for nearly every human character
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both follow a guy who enters a world which he knows nothing of and then becomes a vital part of it. Both are about fighting a league of villains going up to its boss. same narrative way. Both have comedy as an additional factor. both have a red head as the main protagonist fighting along side a female character to which he is connected. Both have a league of good captains and their leader fighting against the villainous league and its boss.
report Recommended by JannahKareem
"Demon Slayer" is considered by some to be this generation's version of "Bleach" for a reason. Both are fantasy action anime about an organization of people who protect humanity from demons. In both cases, there are several ranks for both the good guys and the bad guys, with the highest ranked getting the most focus after the main characters. Basically, the 13 Court Guard Squad Captains are the Hashira, while the Espada are the Twelve Kizuki. While Ichigo and Tanjiro seem to have nothing in common on the surface, and indeed they are very, very different, they do have one major thing in common- they're both   read more
report Recommended by Joe_Devaney
Both are battle shounen win which the mc fights the supernatural, with a lot of sword fights, weird monsters, and spells.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Kimetsu is actually inspired by many other anime series. One of them includes Bleach. Hashira = Gotei 13 captains Upper Moons = Espada
report Recommended by wisperaii
They are very similar in the generic terms that the characters both fight demons/hallows to protect humans. They also have amazing fight scenes with differing sword techniques and unique character designs.
report Recommended by Nazunaaa
-Both are some of the best shonen anime of their own generation with sword fighting. -Ichigo and Tanjiro both wanna become strong enough to protect their family
report Recommended by karthik072000
It seems Bleach has been an inspiration to Demon Slayer. Both protagonists initially lose family to the 'enemy' Demon Slayer Corps = Soul Society Espada = 12 Demon Moons They're both about samurai style sword fighting, with special moves (bankai, water breathing). Both shows even have special, unique types of swords. If you like Bleach, you're probably going to like Demon Slayer.
report Recommended by YellowFlash32
Demon Slayer and Bleach are very similar. Bleach kills hollows while Demon Slayers kill Demons Bleach has a ranking toward there soul reapers(Captains) and Arrancars(Espada) While Demon Slayer has ranking with "Demon Slayers"(Mizunto/Pillar) and Demons(Upper Moon Demons) Bleach and Demon Slayer characters use sword techniques, as bleach has zanpakuto shikai and bankai, while Demon Slayer uses Breathing Techniques.
report Recommended by Zamus_Edits
Samurai? Check Superpower? Check Demon? Or something like that? Check And I think both of main characters have a similar character development concept, zero to hero. The best thing for these two are the epic fighting scene. Also each characters have various strengths which can make you want to watch
report Recommended by Chan_Chun
Protagonist team ups: Bleach -->Gotei 13 -- leader : Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto Kimetsu no yaiba --> Hashiras -- leader : Kagaya Ubuyashiki Antagonist team ups: Bleach --> Espadas -- leader : Sosuke Aizen Kimetsu no yaiba --> Jūnikizuki (twelve demon moons) -- leader : Muzan Kibutsuji Both characters wearing classic japanese Katana, settings, and kimonos/yukatas most of the time.
report Recommended by rukawa_suki_des
Both have a similar genre: demons and hollows
report Recommended by riaborsara
Two solid shows with great animation(Bleach's animation was pretty good considering that it aired from 2004-2012)where the protagonist has to slay demons/hollows "to protect" (Ichigo Kanji pun) the ones close to him.
report Recommended by Codex_1051
Both really great sword fighting supernatural animes. Both have demon (hollows are similar to demons from KnY) that have lived tragic lives or have really sad backstories. Fights are extremely hype in both.
report Recommended by Cynicalreaper
good fights both incudes fighting demons and sword fighting
report Recommended by sweeve
The organizations and the ranking systems that are fighting eachother are similar Demon Slaying Corps - Demons/ Soul Reapers - Hallows. Both series has cool sword fighting techniques and the skills of individuals are enjoyable to watch. It was a nice experience to watch Kimetsu no Yaiba before Bleach and seeing the resemblence .
report Recommended by ChainsawBoi
Both have very similar premises and appeal. Elite warrior organizations training to face off against supernatural beings which average humans being powerless against. Both have a similar fighting style (using swords) and set up ranks and titles. Both of these are amazing shonens with good fights and great animation.
report Recommended by adeeb91
They are quite similar to each other both of them start out with the motive of killing the hollows (bleach) and the demons (in kny) but the thing is that both of them are worth watching demon slayer has one of the best animations of all time
report Recommended by Vlad_Cat
gives similar story to both anime and powers and swords are cool
report Recommended by naswatchesanime
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