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The story is from the same creator. Natsu and Haru, Ellie and Lucy, Gray and Musica are very alike. Both involve talking creatures. Both involve magic. Both involve dragons as well. Pluu is involved in both animes. And much more x3
report Recommended by Lyfa
the Main characters are similar the girl decided to join up with the main hero their personality are similar and pluu in there too
report Recommended by pyroblage
Groove Adventure Rave and Fairy Tale are quite similar. They feel the same, the adventures are similar, both main protagonist gilrs are similar, the protagonist boys are smiliar, PLU is in both... it's just if you watched one of them, you will like the other!!!
report Recommended by Genna
they have similar characters and a story about a girl who join a guild and natsu ,who is like haru in a way, is always full of energy. the story also have some magic and also plue is included in the story. its an fun filled with mystery and adventure story.
report Recommended by amukid08
Both series are made by the same creator Mashima Hiro. Both contain action and has some comedy in it. Both have some sort of action like groove adventure rave has swords and it has powers or some type of weapon and Fairy Tail has magic. Fairy Tail just started so I cant really say much about it but Groove Adventure has a very great story line and I bet Fairy Tail will as well.
report Recommended by KingDragon8
Firstly, the same creator... but after all both series has the same kind of characters... there are also "repeated" characters on both series.
report Recommended by andoresu
Both series are by the same creator and the characters have similar character designs. Stuff originally from Rave appears or is referenced in Fairy Tai such as the character Plue, a magic known as Etherion and the name Oracion Seis used for an elite group of six people.
report Recommended by SuperTiencha
1. the main is a cheerful character 2. their dad (of in natsu case dragon dad) is somehow involved in the main storyline 3.PLUE!
report Recommended by shinxthinx
same type of characters and same concept of the story. it's REALLY similar, if you love fairy tail you will defintely like rave master. I wated both of it, and it's AWSOME!! ;P
report Recommended by lolLIPopsz
Many elements of this series pop up in Fairy Tail often. Many characters have similiar designs as Rave Master characters. Most notably: Character Resemblance * Plue, Haru's guide, being one of Lucy's Celestial Spirits * Lucy Heartfilia resemble Elie, also, Lisanna "returning from the dead" is similar to Elie's "Resha death subplot" * Gray Fullbuster resembles Musica, and he wears a necklace that bears resemblance to Haru's Ten Commandments sword or the first piece of RAVE. * Jellal Fernandes is based off Sieg Hart * Natsu Dragneel resembles Haru but Let   read more
report Recommended by rachysue
Same have the same writer, Has like Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen genres, Both are good shows, And both of the shows have Plue, The Nicola Spirit of Lucy Heartfilia, However, The characters were unique and almost have the same look as the ones at the Fairy Tail.
report Recommended by SEKl
Both series are written by the same author, Mashima Hiro so expect so similar themes such as friendship, adventure, and the action. Both series' main protagonist have similar personalities as well as the main female protagonist. Both series' battles and conflicts also involves magic that relies on skills, teamwork, and a little bit of luck. Some of the series' artwork and characters' designs are also based off of one and the other. In fact, one character from Groove Adventure Grave even makes their way into Fairy Tail in original format. Both series' fights are also contains humorous dialogues and comedy.
report Recommended by Stark700
Hiro Mashima authored both mangas of Fairy Tail and Groove Adventure Rave, so the styles are basically the same. Both are enjoyable in terms of fights and storylines. Both anime are magic related, with powers which are intriguing to watch as they are applied in battles. Both got good OSTs.
report Recommended by chaosflame5
These were both written by the same guy, and this is immediately apparent, with recycled characters, ideas and even episodes. You'll recognise Plue immediately, and the relationship between Elie and Haru is very similar to that between Lucy and Natsu. Also, the episode with the 'Jiggle butt gang' is pretty much the same in both. Although they are often very similar, it is still worth watching both, as they are both very good animes, and if you like one, you will probably like the other.
report Recommended by twintaildreamer
Rave is the short lived TV prototype for fairy tale, tho not actually but a majority of its influences are seen in fairy tale. From the Jiggle butt gang to plue the weird cone nosed dog its overly apparent. Also a lot of statues and pictures often have Griffon in them you know the small blue guy with big lips? You can also see that the female main characters are patterned after each other. I personally think lucy is lesser than ellie tho. Ellie had a more natural appearance where as lucy seems like she trys to hard at times. Anyway the show is not as action   read more
report Recommended by Shaja
Both are based off manga written by Hiro Mashima. They have similar art style and characters. Some of Hiro's characters from other manga like to appear within each other. It can be fun trying to find cameos inside the anime!
report Recommended by checkoutchelsea
Well, I'm Gonna Make A Very Common Recommendation - Both Are Created By Hiro Mashima - Both Had A Special Crossover - Both Main Protagonists Are Named After Seasons - If You Read The Manga (Especially The Latest Chapters) You'll Find Haru And Natsu Looking Very Similar, This Goes The Same For Lucy And Elie Except For The Hairstyle. I Hope You Enjoy My Recommendation!
report Recommended by Nalu4EVAH
They are basically the same. Cast of characters bear a great resemblance to each other (like Natsu - Haru, Lucy - Ellie, Gray - Musica). Typical shounen anime with lots of action and great fighting scenes. Both created by Hiro Mashima.
report Recommended by Avidreader123
~ Same guy who wrote FairyTail ~Kind of the same genre: Magic/adventure/action ~Both protagonists have badass moves ~Lots of action
report Recommended by Regalia96
the character are the same, the story of fairy tail places in the same world. Fairy tail=Rave but Rave>Fairy tail. So stop watch FT and watch Rave.
report Recommended by pr4ty
Same creator - Hiro Mashima, it's just his earlier work (before Fairy Tail), about which not everyone knows.
report Recommended by susan00
Made by the same creator and is the predecessor to it. Many of fairy tails ideas and characters are taken from rave master.
report Recommended by ronukon
I love Hiro Mashima´s old work, characters story and art are very well made. But sometimes I am surprised how fast and smoothly he can change whole situation and mood in Rave Master. Fairy Tail has some parts that could actually be his fan-fic on Rave Master characters. Both are connected and you can tell by just one look. I think in Rave Mater, there´s a bit more sadness in their present and characters are more likely to die, while in Fairy Tail they find a way out most of time. (+ Fairy Tail OVA is an crossover of these two )
report Recommended by Pinnipups