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Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo
Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo is one of those anime that seems to be forgotten in the mainstream of things. It is precursary to works like Detective Conan. They show a nice progression of the detective genre over in Japanese Anime/Manga.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
there both very good detective stories conan may be more Long running in this case alot of people may be driven away from Conan cause of Pacing issiues. for those watch Kindaichi its Tighter than Conan in story telling on the other hand i admit i like conan more my self but as an overall Character Narrative the show im recommeding here is tighter   read more
report Recommended by DateYutaka
The main characters in both animes are mystery and crime experts that solve challenging cases episodically.
report Recommended by DollFishu
Both are the story of genius detectives. Both main characters are smart and solve all the cases in the shows. Conan has a wider audience since it has a lot more slice of life moments whereas kindaichi has more realistic characters and more interesting cases.
report Recommended by killerqueen2000
Both have a genius high school detective as the main character. Both have ingenious plots, If u liked one of them you are sure to like the other one
report Recommended by LightningNemesis
A shounen series covering mysteries and murders with a lot more depth and complexity to the characters and the murders process. It gives you more of a thriller vibe and devolve well into the methods by which the hero solves the cases. Less action for more thriller a good change that makes this series atleast as enjoyable if not more in a different way.
report Recommended by christophe_kanaa
an anime that presents an interesting detective case concept
report Recommended by ronynejimakun
It's all about misteries, a highschool boy detective solving case and of course with all of their deduction that can f*ck your brain up
report Recommended by William03
Both are detective anime, Both have a high school detective protagonist, the only thing here is, Kindaichi feels more real, The cases are actually better, they are longer and have many suspects instead of mere 3 like detective Conan, and and unlike Kudo, kindaichi isn't perfect he can solve things because his mind is sharp but he cant fight and doesn't have any interest in studying , he isn't perfect like kudo, instead is goofy, this just makes it realistic
report Recommended by KyuubiGanu
If you like murder mysteries, ingenious tricks, and a clever high-school detective like in Detective Conan, you'd also love Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo.
report Recommended by kogori_kogoro