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There is a fine line between revenge and justice. Death Note has Light (Kira) hell bent on bringing justice and order to a new world by killing the criminals and ruling by fear. Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) will exact revenge upon your enemy at the price of your soul. At first, right and wrong seems pretty clear cut for both anime; bad guys get punished but as the serieses progress, the lines get blurred. The person in the wrong isn't always the one getting killed/sent to hell.
report Recommended by nike13
These are both a lot similar in a way, one uses the note book and the other uses the computer to search for hotline to hell.
report Recommended by aznixiboy
Both series have a way to kill someone--the Death Note or Jigoku Tsuushin--at the price of a soul. Both are very dark.
report Recommended by grendelity
Both animes are dark, well written, and creepy animes. Both series deal with people killing others with help from the supernatual (writing a person's name in the Death Note in "Death Note", and typing in their name on a website in "Hell Girl"). Both are "thinking person's anime". They both also ask us questions like is it right to kill people, even if they are terrible human beings? And should one person be able to have the power to judge others? And what is the price of killing someone (who wronged/hurt you or others)? At first what is right and wrong is clearly drawn, but   read more
report Recommended by Prede
Both anime focus to death ,, killing people .. but both anime was awesome !!
report Recommended by Levy_Xylonia
In both anime people can mysteriously kill others and retain their anonymity, but they must bear some unpleasant consequences. There are many interesting twists and we get to know what happens when things don't go according to keikaku.
report Recommended by insoo
Jigoku Shoujo has a creepy red-eyed girl who will exact your revenge by taking your tormentor to Hell. Very similar to Death Note, as the main character is 'ridding the world of evil'.
report Recommended by Keishi
Hell Girl and Death Note have very similar themes and appeal. Both raise questions like is it right for one person to another, and if you had the power to eliminate someone you think you did wrong would you. Both also have amazing art, animation and music. However, their is quite a few differences in the structures of the shows. Death Note is a continuous story while Hell Girl is episodic. Also Hell Girl can be repetative at time, so not everyone who likes Death Note will like Hell Girl. Still Hell Girl is definately worth checking out.
report Recommended by NeverKnowsBest26
Series are very similar, they both deal with the issue: Is it fine to kill bad people? Series approach it differently but eventually they all come to the same problem, is it really alright?
report Recommended by kitten320
They both have the kind of wish death upon another person and it happens thing. Death Note using the notebook and Jigoku Shoujo using the doll and the red string around it's neck
report Recommended by joshmiccar
They we're siimilar in a way that they are both talking about eliminating person's whom you hate or you think has no value of existence in these world...But somehow, they have different ways...Jigoku Shoujo is through Internet,(and Cellphones etc.) while Death Note is through a Note Book...But they are both talking about eliminating somebody w/o stains of bloods in there hands, i mean, these anime's are both using some devices in order to kill ^_^
report Recommended by LadyAkatsuki
Though not an obvious recommendation, like iin Death Note, Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) gives people the choice of sending who they hate to hell if you know their name and access the webpage at midnight. There is a very big debate on whether or not the people who use Jigoku Shoujo are doing the right thing and often this can be abused - just like the Death Note.
report Recommended by Diassia
Both Light Yagami and Ai Enma have their own ways to give judgement to those whom do not deserve to live, and they both, once again, in their own ways, give relief to the victims of abuse and neglect.
report Recommended by BrightOasis
Both of these anime are about writing a name down, and that person dying... In Jigoku Shoujo, there is a website that they write a person's name into whereas in Death Note, there is a book (called a Death Note) that the person's name is written into... The downside of this is that in Jigoku Shoujo, if a person writes another person's name onto the website, then they get sent to hell when they die... and in Death Note, the main protagonist can write as many names as he wants, as he has a "Death God's" Death Note and it has no effect on the user... Both are   read more
report Recommended by Keita-Kun5
Both have a mysterious feel to them and both are extremely compelling to watch.
report Recommended by RDW
Both of these anime share the same idea of killing people mysteriously. Hell Girl involves a submission through the Internet, while Death Note is simply writing a person's name in a death note. The only difference is that Hell Girl cannot be defeated or killed, because she is already dead.
report Recommended by Demi_V
- Both are about mysterious deaths - They both have a special/unnatural tool to kill people
report Recommended by Animegatekeeper
A similar overall plot driver (the notebook vs. the website). Death Note is far more plot driven and Hell Girl is a bit more episodic but it does develop an overarching plot after a few episodes. They're both dark and keep your attention.
report Recommended by DanglesMcNulty
In both anime humans receive the power to make their own justice via a power bestowed by someone above them and condamn themself to a different afterlife
report Recommended by FanteHS
If someone wrote name, the person is...died. Both have completely same concept. JIGOKU TSUSHIN and DEATH NOTE kill people who written name. Atmospheres also very dark, hellish, cruel. JS will confuse your mind. Extremely disgusting descriptions are so many. DN's part of theme is psychological battle and rebellion for ideal. At the same time, these make us learn rule of human. Protagonists are so similar. Ai Enma and Light Yagami are cold-hearted. They prefer killing circus. Really merciless pair. Change their perspective. They could be antagonist. Especially Light is remarkable. He has evil ambition, and threat existence. Plot is different. JS is episodic. DN is continuous. Both are give you thrilling.   read more
report Recommended by Xnovazero
- Both deal with the overall theme of death, and take it quite lightly. - Both anime deal with the decisions and values of humanity. - Both anime have a similar concept: Judging those that are not pure of heart. - The colours and tones are quite dark, and each story/plot twist is certainly one to keep you at the edge of your seat. - Both anime's have the same premise. (In Hell Girl, you can exact revenge by writing a person's name on a website, while in Death Note, the main character kills people by writing their names into a notebook.) - Both anime's make you think.   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
Death note has the same cravings for justice that jigoku shoujo aka hell girl has.
report Recommended by GAs_AMVs
Both shows deal with the supernatural punishment of individuals whom someone has a grudge against. In both cases, the judgment's, later on, end up being not as black and white, and question whether elimination is the best retribution or not
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Although they are different, Jigoku Shoujo and Death Note are definitely similar. The premise: if you write someone’s name on a website or notebook, they will die. In Hell Girl, they go to hell, and in Death Note you just die but the parallels are absolutely there, as well as the moral questions that come with it. If you liked Death Note’s premise, Jigoku Shoujo is the closest you will probably get to scratching that itch.
report Recommended by Noradora