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Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari
If the similarity in character design wasn't enough, Udon no Kuni gives me the same fluffy vibes that Barakamon did. The protagonists are trying to find themselves under their own circumstances and then a young child/(or tanuki, in Udon no Kuni) enters their lives. Both series have a very similar feel and I highly recommend watching one if you have watched the other.
report Recommended by Hinami
I know it's already been suggested a few times, but these two series have extremely similar themes and vibes. Young guy moves to the countryside out of obligation, encounters a stray child, adventures ensue.
report Recommended by nyasu
Little Girl, Man going to rural area, not liking it at first.
report Recommended by Trustful
A return from the city life to the simpler joys of country living, enhanced by its people and their warmth. If that was not enough the relationship of the main adult male with a young child that changes his life is impossible to not bring the two shows into direct comparison.
report Recommended by Divina
Barakamon is a great anime to watch if you liked this, because even though there isn't udon or tanukis, they both focus on a man moving from the busyness of Tokyo to a quiet, countryside like area. In both anime, they slowly become close to the people around them and the area. In Poco's Udon World, Souta Tawara becomes close to a tanuki child called Poco. But in Barakamon, Seishuu Handa gains relationships with all sorts of people- including a little girl called Naru. Because these anime both show relationships in a rural area and the struggle of being away from the city, I suggest this   read more
report Recommended by Seriko
Souta is like the older version of Handa. They even share the similar personality and facial expression xD So, if you like Handa a lot and want to see another character who looks like him, go watch Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari.
report Recommended by renzospark
The two main leads have similar designs and both are about men befriending little kids while going through a mid life crisis of sorts.
report Recommended by jaw1811
Both have a Weaver's Opening (yeah it's not a good argument...) Little gir... things too cute for the entire world, a man going to the rural area, he gonna meet a lot of person who lives in this area.
report Recommended by HappyMN
Adult and a Child as the Main Characters.
report Recommended by Otaku_Joe
Both have little child and man going to rural area, not liking it at first In my opinion they are about the same
report Recommended by Dansk93lb
Both anime are set in the rural countryside after the main characters move away from Tokyo to sort their lives out. Both feature a small, adorable child in which the protagonist grows to care for. Very similar styles of animation, comedy and general adorableness.
report Recommended by JoshuMakku
Both anime have slightly lethargic looking adult male MC Both anime have an ADORABLE little creature as the main "if only I could cuddle them" character Both anime are laid back and extremely relaxing in terms of atmosphere and pacing. Differences: Sadly UKKK is an anime for shotacons while Barakamon is an anime more for lolicons
report Recommended by AlexanderGremory
Both series have a male adults that move to an island and met the kid. As the story goes on the kid and the adults often together and the male lead often take care of the kid. The difference is the kid in Udon is a boy and the kid in Barakamon is a girl. The job of the male lead is different too
report Recommended by WinXF
Both feature lots of funny kids and center on young-ish guys learning about responsibility. You’ll see the characters grow and mature in ways they never expected, but ultimately they find fulfillment in their new lives.
report Recommended by nekomimi713