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Horror, Supernatural & a lot of bloodshed (neither recommended to be watched past midnight) *shiver*
report Recommended by Puvi2Groovy
Both have dark/creepy subject matter, violence, and tend to start episodes happy so they can fake you out for the batshit crazy ending. Basically if you\'ve seen Higurashi, you\'ll probably like Elfen Lied more than that. It doesn\'t quite work in reverse though, because Elfen Lied\'s plot is more cohesive than Higurashi\'s, so if you saw Elfen Lied first, Higurashi might not be your thing. Both are very enjoyable in their own ways though.
report Recommended by bettynoire
Appearance is deceiving; deranged characters. Both involves gory serial murders. If you wish for a nightmare at night, watch Higurashi.
report Recommended by chibuki
both have a similar cuteness meets brutality feel to them, EL is far more brutal, however Higurashi is far more frightening.
report Recommended by Megadedhed
Crazy females, Blood and violence, good story.
report Recommended by Deceptive621
Both have incredibly cute girls who like to kill people. They also have main protagonists who have absolutely no idea what's going on.
report Recommended by Phill-z
Both of these series pull at your emotions at times, yet also include terribly violent acts committed by girls that aren't even adults. Basically, you get the blood and the tears in both of these series.
report Recommended by atlantiza
This series is brutal and cute in some aspect just like Elfen lied, however there are many twists and a creepiness to this anime. If you enjoy bloodshed, violence, cute anime girls (not as innocent as they look) and something to make you think, this is the anime for you!
report Recommended by darkwhisper
Cute characters engaged in bloody acts of violence, torture and death: both Elfen Lied and Higurashi deal with children turned vicious killers and victims of sheer brutality. Yet these series, as disturbing as they get, have a message of hope amidst the chaos. Higurashi's plot is a challenge while Elfen Lied is more straight forward; both are inspired by hauntingly pervasive soundtracks and are not for the faint of heart.
report Recommended by Nocturnal
well its because their both horror anime and they have lots of blood and stuff in them..*i sugest not watching both with all lights out at night on halloween unless you watn bad dreams* and their both very good ^^
report Recommended by Amaya-Kiro
cuteness VS killing. both very good but i recommend higurashi.
report Recommended by arnxx
They both keep you in suspense and their horror genre is awesome. It's pretty gorey.
report Recommended by Shigeyama
Both have an extremely complex plot and theme, both are frightening (Higurashi moreso) both have epicly cute girls too ^_^, both are 10's in my book.
report Recommended by Vicophine
Both animes have an interesting storyline full of blood and gore. ^^
report Recommended by Reira_chan
they are both with gory scenes and both guys got involved in all the fights and dramas and both are surrounded with girls.
report Recommended by Mai_ka
Both are extremely violent and gorey
report Recommended by RedBardIsCool
Blood... check!! Violence... check!!! Demon killer loli-type girls?? CHECK!!! They're both scary Anime... Elfen Lied has more of a sci-fi feel and Higurashi has more of a supernatural feel... but they're two of the most violent Anime that you will ever see!! Two great Anime... that aren't for squeamish people ^_^
report Recommended by StabbyPWNS
Although Higurashi leans more towards character tension, while Elfen Lied relies on shock value: Both are bloody, scary, and suspenseful. Both series also have bipolar moments where they completely switch genres and look "innocent".
report Recommended by gloomheart
They both have plenty of violence and gore, which reminded me of the other. Although Higurashi has more of a creepy vibe to it rather than violence. They both have well developed characters that make you feel sympathic and disguested at the same time.
report Recommended by patient_senses
They are both flipped out and both very good not really much to say besides both are 10/10 IMO
report Recommended by gatepc
Both are very violent, and have children as the main characters. Personalities are pretty similar, and both can switch from very cute to very dark almost instantly.
report Recommended by pnay
Blood drama and psyhology, horror. If you like to turn your brains on, you'll like it ;)
report Recommended by va1zar4
Blood, cute girls and some more... You must watch both series
report Recommended by Nozomu
If you like a lot of gore, bloodshed and suffering children, this is for you.
report Recommended by insoo
both of these great animes contain alot of blood and gore
report Recommended by FuckedUpProfile
While both appear to be a simple, moe/bishojo on the surface, they reveal rather complex stories very quickly. I suppose the violence/gore is what links the two in my mind and lead to this rec, but while Elfen typically gets the nod from the reviewers, I feel Higurashi is the more complex of the two by a wide margin. That, and creepy little girls never go out of fashion in Nihon... Most of you have given Elfen the time, now show Higurashi some love!
report Recommended by MoabLehrer
Both anime are often scary. In both animes story is very mysterious and intresting.
report Recommended by Kopi
Both shows seem to focus on the dramatic switch from sweet, likable characters to chaos and murder. These are both shows where the cast is shown throughout to be sweet and nice, as in any other normal anime, only to have terrible things happen in their lives. That particular duality is often hard to find, so if you enjoyed Elfen Lied, you'll likely enjoy Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.
report Recommended by DarkGyraen
There's a lot of gore in both but beyond that there's a lot of psychological depth in each if you're into that.
report Recommended by Peacebabe94
Cute anime girls with crazy violent gore.
report Recommended by robfoster
Both have great story lines and similar psychological horror aspects, and both have you sympathizing with both the murderer and the ones being killed (most of the time). Elfen Lied is a lot more gory, but Higurashi still has some gore in it. Higurashi isn't as fan-servicey, though.
report Recommended by PhearTheNinja
Both series feature a whole show of blood shed. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When They Cry) is a little more towards a mystery as you watch multiple arcs of an awesome story. If you enjoy watching cute characters creating havoc and destruction through horrors, then you should watch Elfen Lied. (Elfen Lied has a mature rating due to nudity and slight adult situations)
report Recommended by shootingpandas
Both are very gory and violent. Also there is the simularity in Lucy and Mariko and the cute violent loli's from Higurashi. Both of the anime have this macabre and depressing feeling all over.
report Recommended by Chibiconker
Both are very dark at times. In both series, episodes start off on a lighter note, but something bad almost always happens. Elfen Lied is more graphic than Higurashi from what I've seen, but Higurashi gets in your head more imo.
report Recommended by ferretboy54
Both shows have great story lines filled with blood, gore and girls. Both shows contrast themselves with a use of humor and comedy at times while at other times they are dark, scary and bloody. These two shows are some of the best anime out there and if you've watched one make sure to watch the other.
report Recommended by OdysseusUlysses
Both series explore dark subjects existent in this society - child abuse, justifications for homicide, etc. LOTS of blood in both. Several female leads in both series can be classified as yangires (i.e. Higurashi - Rena, Shion, Miyo; Elfen Lied - Lucy, Nana, Mariko)
report Recommended by coolwolf
A confusing story, but some excellent thought invoking scenes. And of course, BLOOD.
report Recommended by Shadow20074
Both are very Violent and bloody.
report Recommended by melancholylover
In both series there are a lot of violence scenes.
report Recommended by idziej
Similar as in both are dark and twisted animations. You can't go wrong with either of these two.
report Recommended by Bocephus
cute girls doing insane things
report Recommended by Classicola
Both are gorey and violent. Plus both have some real pyshological elements in them. It's not just blood and violence but it makes you think as well.
report Recommended by Justlikeheaven
The only way to describe these anime is to use the word MASSACRE. I don't think there is an episode of either where at LEAST 3 people don't die in some way/shape/form. This is a bloody murder-fest, if you are hardcore about it, this is about to be your best friend.
report Recommended by Shadolance
Both involve cute, shoujo-ish teenage girls violently tearing eachother to pieces. If you think you were "hardcore" enough to watch Elfen Lied, you just might be hardcore enough to watch Higurashi.
report Recommended by JediEspada
Both are Bloody and frightening. Elfen lied is more brutal and bloody, while Higurashi is more frightening and has more character development. Both are extremely good and both are must watch animes. if you liked one, you'll most likely like the other. don't watch if you're week of heart.
report Recommended by ReyxDD
If you liked Elfen Lied you will love this show, there is fabulous gore. When the cicadas cry is all about curiosity, and wanting to know why every year one person will die, and one person will disappear. The second season just gets better.
report Recommended by sharosudo
both are dark brutal animes with some romance between the main characters both have an innocent looking girl as a badass killer. and both have a vain male surrounded by powerfull women.
report Recommended by rampster27
they both have gore and psyco people :3
report Recommended by noobminator
~ blood, blood, blood and one again BLOOD :333 ~ both Higurashi and Elfen Lied shows us nightmarish fate of the main characters ~ soo... we can see dismembered bodies that are lying in the corners What more I can say? I love these two anime and I recommend Higurashi and Elfen Lied to everyone who likes horros :3
report Recommended by SoranoTenshii
Both anime turn innocent characters and twist them into dark soulless blood thirsty monsters, They will each keep you interested and at the edge of your seat, whilst also having some moments of fresh air with light comic relief but when they start to get serious, Questionable outcomes arise in both leaving you questioning the morality and sanity of the characters
report Recommended by Objurgo
These anime are same. They have gore genres with a lot of bloody stuff. When They Cry is better than Elfen Lied for me. Both main characters are yandere/yangire!! Elfen Lied is extremely ecchi while also comedic. You will like Elfen Lied if you like When They Cry.
report Recommended by Frost_Kiss
Both anime are known for their excessive amount of gore and violence. Despite those, they are splendid masterpieces with unique storylines and outstanding characters that will remain unforgettable even with some disturbing scenes.
report Recommended by Hikizuu
Both anime have a lot of gore, but they aren't stupid. Really, both anime have interesting story and sense.
report Recommended by senk39
- both have too much killing and gore. - both have crazy girls!
report Recommended by raviel_ken
As both series are remembered for their gore aspects, I definitely recommend watching Higurashi. It takes the gore scenes, but adds more suspense, a story that will boggle your mind until the second season, and both shows are just excellent watches. If you're into gore and suspense, I highly recommend Higurashi
report Recommended by zinnie1024
Do you like blood and gore and messed up plots? Then Higurashi is the anime for you! Though Higurashi has a lot more of everything compared to Elfen Lied, but if you liked Elfen Lied and want more "psycho" anime then watch Higurashi. It has everything just x10
report Recommended by Toto_Senpai
These two shows are probably the bloodiest two i've seen. They're both horror and mystery genre's with thriller. The plot on both are really well done and at first may be confusing really get you into the show!
report Recommended by NeoZeon
Both anime are very bloody and and brutal anime with cute girls to comfort you. Elfen Lied has much more fanservice than Higurashi and is considerably bloodier Higurashi is much more psychological and requires a lot of piecing together to completely understand. I believe Higurashi is the scarier one of the two though that's just me.
report Recommended by FunnyRatman
Both are give away suspence and confusion Very plot twisty and events are surprising Elfen lied is about another species while higurashi is about a curse Everything eventually gets connection but unlike elfen lied higurashi is much more complicated then that. I HIGHLY recommend watching higurashi cant give anymore away or spoilerssss
report Recommended by Th3Dragon69
Crazy girls and gruesome murders with dark atmosphere and psychological plot. If you liked Higurashi, probably you'll like Elfen Lied too.
report Recommended by Parantica
Mistery, violence and gruesome murders, it all fits in the same genre. If you liked Elfen Lied but were left hungering for something longer than a 13 episode anime, you NEED Higurashi no Naku Koro ni! Starts off a bit slower and it is terribly confusing in the beginning, but as soon as it starts unraveling its secrets you are going to love it and you won't be able to quit watching it, just like Elfen Lied. Elfen Lied is Hirugashi's more explicit and less psychotic cousin.
report Recommended by Zerulium
Both obviously share the gore factor, and have a similar melancholic and mysterious tone
report Recommended by Plantsm
Both have.. Deep Story.Much blood.Psycho girls.Dark atmosphere.Boys as main characters.Violence.Supernatural aspects.
report Recommended by Ochinchinfactory
Both series have beautiful feeling of contrast between slice of life harem and BLOOD ,VIOLENCE, and INSANITY. In addition both involve psychologically broken characters.
report Recommended by cute_aubrey
both elfen Lied and Higurashi features some dude who moves to a certain place and finds himself surrounded by girls.. some of the girls like Lucy start off friendly but then twist into a stoic dangerous bad girl and some non violent yet still twist from cute innocent to completely serious... blood, gore, and murder happen in both series in both elfen lied and higurashi, there is a girl who scolds the main character for telling lies... in both elfen lied and higurashi, some form of chaos ensues during a festival.
report Recommended by Josiah-Joestar
Both are extended ponderings on the nature of good and evil. Both have strong suspenseful stories, and just plain inhuman villains.
report Recommended by NoviSun
At first, they appear innocent, but as the path towards the truth begins to light up, an unstable reaction occurs untimely causing brutal behaviours from individuals not expected to do such a thing. Stories Elfen Lied and Higurashi both follow seemingly innocent young girls and those ignorant of the past behind these young ones, and the uncovering of a disturbing truth these strange individuals keep hidden from the world. Both are gloomy, brutal stories of people descending into a life of individuals gaining knowledge it may have been better to stay ignorant about. Featuring a ton of deaths to go with it.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, while not the exact same, is very similar to Elfen Lied. Both revolve around cute anime characters...that don’t act very cute at all. Both have a lot of gore (Elfen Lied more so from what I’ve seen/read). Storylines are different, but the feeling is very similar. Check them both out, and then read the Elfen Lied manga for the full story and the Higurashi manga for the artwork. Then play the Higurashi VN for the original experience. Watch them, watch them now!
report Recommended by SebCyrSC2000
frightening and brutal, both shows have very complex plots that are sometimes hard to follow they have cute moments and cute looking characters, that makes the dark moments more deep and impactful.. they both excel in their domains, higurashi with frightening feelings, elfin lied with gore
report Recommended by Goulyz
They both have a fair amount of violence but neither have it only for the sake of violence, they use it to further the plot and build upon characters. Also both have some deeper aspects to them making them enjoyable to a wide variety of people.
report Recommended by morfeene
very intriguing psychological horror, both involve a lot of bloodshed and gore. interesting characters with complex stories and if you liked elfen lied you'll definitely love the higurashi series
report Recommended by ni-ki
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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