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Time traveling. Changing the past has consequences on everything. Chaos theory. If this interests you, you'll love these animes.
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Both series deal with unique takes on time travel and the consequences of changing the past. They both have elements of comedy and romance and both surprised me as they wouldn't normally be shows/movies I'm drawn to.
report Recommended by Ian-sama
Both focus on similar themes of time travel, exploring the Butterfly effect caused by the actions of the main characters in the series, and share the same buildup of consequences, from light-hearted developments to drastically affecting the lives of their friends.
report Recommended by Respent
Reworks ideology of time travel, people mess with it and gets screwed as a result.
report Recommended by vasplar
Both Animes deal with Time Traveling and its consequences. Both shows try to portrait how one battles against this idea of FATE using the methods of Time Traveling. Both shows have concepts dealing with Tragedy, romance, and comedy and are both masterfully done.
report Recommended by end3rr
Both revolve around the theme of time travelling and the consequences of it. On the backdrop they both have a slowly developing romance between the main characters.
report Recommended by FutureGazer
About time-travelling and its consequences. Stein's Gate is more focused on the science fiction aspect of time-travelling, while Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo is more about using time-travelling as a device of telling us an important life lesson.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Steins;Gate and Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo deal with a very similar concept of misuse of a tool that manipulates time and distorts the future. They both are character based in that the main character is the bond that will ultimately carry you to finishing them and both of these anime contain elements of suspense and comedy with a dash of romance. If you are a fan of any sort of science fiction element involving time travel or likable characters then this entry will certainly satisfy you.
report Recommended by TheRollingStar
These two anime have two main points in common: - they are about time travels - there is a romantic relationship that grows between two characters separated by time-distance Moreover, there is a general common feeling about the stories and the various characters. Both anime are very very captivating and of the highest level: personally I highly recommend to watch both! ^^
report Recommended by tsundereboy
Both stories have a main character who uses time travel for his/her own convenience and ends up dealing with the consequences attached to it. They both also contain a character who has come from the future with a mission to save the future but end up enjoying the past to the extent of it hindering their mission. Towards the endings, the true romantic nature of the animes are revealed as well.
report Recommended by NoctAeterna
- female play with the time -TOKI-. - guy play with the time -STEINS-. -Ofc is not just the same, i mean S;G 26 ep, Toki movie, but the feling is the same. -After a cupple of events the plot will become darker and the protagonist will start a race to beat the time itself. -time waits no one-
report Recommended by sergislabgg
Lots of time travel and drama with a little romance thrown in as well. Both start off a little slow and get more dramatic and intense as they go. Steins;Gate focuses more on how the time travel works while The Girl Who Leapt Through Time focuses more on it's effects on the world around the person.
report Recommended by Asfaria
Both anime display how playing with time, cause and effect has disastrous consequences. Both display strong lead female characters and light-hearted relationships.
report Recommended by liddymae71
Both focus on drama and love in their second half. Both's theme is time travel. The protagonist suddenly gets a power which he\she still not quite used to. At first the charcters use it for fun and entertainment but eventually they reveal the true cost of this power.
report Recommended by RedSimplex
Both animes deal with time travel and the main characters are trying to change the past. Both shows have serious moments mixed with a little bit of comedy and romance. Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo can be more shoujo oriented, while Steins;Gate is more thriller, but if you liked one you definitely should try the other.
report Recommended by lilieen
Time traveling sounds really cool, now doesn't it? You can go through time and change your decisions. But is that really all there is too it? These are two really great entries which explores this factor and what can actually happen if you timetravel too carefree, they also have some romance at the side.
report Recommended by GiantQAACSleier
For those individuals that adored Steins;Gate,and have not watch,The Girl Who Leapt Through Time,you my friend are missing a gem in your anime movie collection.This is because both of this anime and movie revolves around the concept of time travel that I truly admire.Both of them are so enjoyable that it's hard to find a dull moment(unless you hate the concept of time travel,of course). And if you haven't watch Steins;Gate,then watch it right now! Or if you have not watch both of them,boy,you got some serious watching to do. I hope you'll like at least one of them. Also,I hope that I helped at least   read more
report Recommended by KenjiSenpai
These anime tackle themes of Time-Travel, and they both seem to hit this very-difficult-to-achieve theme, right on point. They both act on this recent ability to travel through time, in order to save someone who they love; albeit in Toke wo Kakeru Shoujo, its initially used to screw around, while in Steins;Gate its originally used for experimental reasons.. but I digress.
report Recommended by Intelos
Both anime have a time travel concept and some romance in them. They also have a similar atmosphere.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
- Travels in time provoke an evil both for the traveler, but even worse for the rest of the others, to be used only by whims, trying to change tragic facts or just things that seemed innocent. - We have a touch of romance, hidden behind that anguish that brings the trip in time, which is related to the courage it feels to see how everything is getting more and more complicated.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Everyone has important people. Everyone cares family. We don't want to leave them. That is the best way...until fulfill your wish. Both deal with Time Travel. Changing something, Saving someone are each main story. Very similar theme. In terms of characters, Makoto and Okabe are time-traveller. Each purposes are different, but cores are same. If you don't do anything, nothing will change. To prevent it, both protagonists want to change their future. TokiKake is more lighthearted. SG is more serious and longer. The essence of intersting is constant. So to sum it up, really good. Don't misled by first impressions. You need to endure to some extent. Should be fine   read more
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Time traveling and changing the past plays a major role in both anime. Being able to alter simple and mundane events to your favor can seem convenient at first, but what if those small changes lead to something major and unexpected? These two sci-fi anime both keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next.
report Recommended by Sande
both about time travel and what can happen if you change the past even slightly.. when the main character uses time travel and learns about it, it felt very similar.
report Recommended by FinNote
What happens when you suddenly come upon time travel? Do you use it wisely or foolishly? How do your actions affect your family and closest friends? Both works seek to explore these questions while providing some more light-hearted moments as well.
report Recommended by MarisaTheCube