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Both are shoujo romance anime with similar settings: a group of friends trying to help a boy overcome his past and to help him enjoy his present time with them.
report Recommended by Maou_heika
Both shows deal with the issues of friendship, depression, self-isolation and grief. To be more specific, both stories feature a main male character who has a very sorrowful past. Their friends are trying to be helpful and supportive. The female MC is in both cases the love interest. The difference is that Ao Haru Ride is more focused on the romantic aspect while Orange gives more weight to the healing process, and as such it's more dramatic. Both are totally awesome.
report Recommended by Danae
There are many similarities between the two shows, but both revolve around a guy who blames himself for his mother's death and they feel guilty that they distance themselves from everyone. Then our main heroine who seemed to be filled with anxiety tries to make him open up to her and falls in love with him along the way.
report Recommended by FHQ
Both are: - Showing a close friendship between a peer group of classmate - Having a main male protagonist with sorrow backstory that revealed as the story progress - Trying to show how the group standing together to support the male protagonist - Having a romance plot between members of said group - Showing a bit portion of humor within their mundane everyday school life The difference is, Ao Haru Ride choose the more standard slice of life/rom-com perspective while Orange choose to be a bit more melodramatic with the addition of time-travel related plot.
report Recommended by rian95
- Both have a similar character designs - Drama and romance with a school background
report Recommended by Akashimeru
Ao Haru Ride and Orange are very similar in certain ways. First, the art does not differ too much in Orange when compared to Ao Haru Ride as it is supposed to create a warm and friendly like atmosphere as both of these animes contain elements of the shoujo genre. Both animes also involve a group of friends which surround the main characters of both series and they participate somewhat on the action. However, as far as I can tell in Orange, the group which Kakeru, the main character of Orange is with is bigger than the group of friends in Ao Haru Ride, therefore   read more
report Recommended by adimazement
Similar vibes
report Recommended by kurumi_senpaii
- Very similar tone , art etc - same kind of vibe - orange is more sad - ao haru ride focuses more on the romance
report Recommended by me-yow
The art style and the character designs between the main characters are very similar. The stories are set in high school, and features a cast of the main characters's friends. They are both also of the romance/shoujo genre. The feel of them are, again, very similar. While one is about a girl trying to make friends and refriend her crush (Ao Haru Ride), the other is about a girl trying to save her crush (Orange). If you liked one, then you should like the other!
report Recommended by SingleEdgeSword
Both have scatterbrained female protagonists who apart from liking the male protag have otherwise zero personalities. Both also have whiny shits as male protagonists who think being edgy is cool as fuck. The little shits even look alike. Both shows also have incompetent and painfully drab friends who pretend like they are having the time of their lives when its clear that its dull as fuck.
report Recommended by ndsempai
Both include themes of grief over death and different ways of coping with it. In both, female leads try to make the male lead come out of their shell. The MCs all have a close group of friends they hang out with.
report Recommended by ywiamnog
-both shoujo romances set in highschool -male mc tries to overcome his past with the help of his friends -light romance -coping with death -orange is more science -similar vibe -art is good
report Recommended by halfskyy
Honestly, I've only seen one episode, and I can already tell that this anime is a lot like Ao Haru Ride. I loved Ao Haru Ride, and when I saw Orange I was fangirling so much! The romance and cute clichés are there, plus the art style is almost exactly the same, I'm 90% sure that its the same animation company. I'm so excited for the next episode of Orange, while I pray for Ao Haru Ride season two to hopefully come out...?
report Recommended by 02animegirl
Orange is like REALLY similar to Blue Spring Ride. The 'drama' and the 'romance' sides of those animes are quite alike except for the fact that there isn't anything to do with 'letters from the future or from another dimension' in Blue Spring Ride (which I thought was what made Orange so awkward for me to watch).
report Recommended by Loren_Lauren
Both female and male protagonist have similar hair style and personality and relationship. The male protagonist both have black hair and are in 'sad' condition because of their mother. The female protagonist have similar hairstyle and personality and both tries to get closer to the male protagonist and both have two female best friend
report Recommended by CurePrism
Both anime have a guy being constantly cheered on by his friends (there's a reason). There's also romance in both of these.
report Recommended by ReeDani
Both have a slow, timid romance between the characters with a slight touch of drama, especially in Orange.
report Recommended by Luh_meneses
The story is similar. Both boy and girl MCs like one another but afraid to tell what they feel about each other. Regrets about the past.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
MC's Depression from losing his mother. Also is similar in the fact that the MC hadn't realized his mother's true intentions and blamed themselves for it.
report Recommended by yunnt
Similar art style, similar characters, almost same story line . Both of them are good one time watch anime!
report Recommended by Swaraj-kun
Both feature female MCs, the couples of both stories look alike due to the similar art style, both love interests deal with death and depression, both feature a love triangle and both is about a group of friends, built over the series' course, trying to save their friend. That being said, there are also a few paralels as the MC in Blue Ride is more or less a social outcast, the drama and angst in Orange is taken to a suicidal level, while Blue Ride is more of a slice of life with a more realistic approach.
report Recommended by EvilMayDie64
If you want to see more friendship watch Orange
report Recommended by BlueSwallow