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Both series are primarily light-hearted adventure-series, but they also both have some pretty serious moments. (Though in Dragonball, they're mostly in the last third of the series.) One Piece is also partially inspired by Dragonball.
report Recommended by Lord_Starfish
Although both series are shounen and have a lot of fighting, both have also tons of adventuring through the world, meeting new people and places and both have a lot of comedy.
report Recommended by m4rc0
There is many similaries of Dragon Ball and One Piece. For example main characters are still eating something. Next is for example same style of humour, same style of battles, very similar animation, music... They're both very liked and well-known I recommend both of them
report Recommended by -Karma-
Dragon Ball's directely or indirectly influenced many different series over the year, but what stands out regarding One Piece? Well, One Piece is often referred to by Western Fans as the big three and is only one of those three for the original Manga on which the Anime is based on to be continuing at the point of me making this recomendation. On top of this, Dragon Ball also plays an influence on the wacky humor found on One Piece, although the creator of One Piece definitely took the elements which are similar to Dragon Ball and made them his own.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Funny enemies, funny fights, a lot of comedy and world travels with a group. One Piece, Dragon Ball, both are similar, of course, One Piece is inspired on Dragon Ball, Eichiro Oda is a big fan of Akira Toriyama and a big fan of your major work, dragon ball. You Find many Dragon Ball's references in One piece. If you liked One Piece, watch dragon ball. You liked Dragon Ball, watch One Piece.
report Recommended by bereta002
Both are great and fast-moving shonens about a goofy kid who has a beastly amount of fighting power (as well as superpowers... kind of) that adventures around and makes friends and all of that typical stuff, as well as having a lot of humor and packing in a lot of fights.
report Recommended by robfoster
Story wise these series are completely different. The main reason they are similar is due to the characterization and humor. The main characters of both are especially similar because, personality wise, Luffy and Goku are almost completely in sync. They both have a naive charm about them, they both think about food even at the oddest times, and they both go after what they think is right. Luffy is a bit more stubborn, but if you enjoyed either one of these series because of the main character you'll likely enjoy the other.
report Recommended by VengefulMagus
Epic battle's, friends and wonderful special attack's
report Recommended by Yclan
Dragonball (just the original NOT Z, GT, or Kai. Although Dragon Ball Z is also good like One Pieace, not as good) is similar to OP in so many ways. The main character personality is very similar, the importance of all of the characters (whether they be minor or main characters), the attachment to all of the characters, the good voices and voice acting (in japanese), the good background music that is fit to every detail when it is played, the complicated storyline where everything ties together so well and everything makes sense together, and even the way that OP doesn't have a   read more
report Recommended by Lepuppy7
there a lot of similarities between main characters, such as sense of humor, feeling friendship, some fighting techniques
report Recommended by gazavat
Both have some great adventure and comedy. If you liked One Piece you definitely like DB. Both also have some awesome action. Also, One Piece is also partially inspired by Dragon Ball.
report Recommended by dranime1
Both anime have a main character who almost always wins their fights and starts from being a nobody to someone known all over the world through fighting.
report Recommended by thended65
THE BEST , Adventures , the main characters are mainly the same , brilliant .
report Recommended by HIMAH
Both are awesome adventure animes with fantasy elements thrown in to the mix. One Piece is more focused at character development and background, while Dragonball lacks in this the humor and action makes up for it. It's not often that i laugh while watching something but i did quite a bit of it during these shows, if you like the humor of one you'll probably like the other aswell.
report Recommended by gormiti100
Similar light-hearted seriousness. Both take place in unique and unexplained worlds. Though, in One Piece, the mystery of their world is part of the main storyline, and in Dragon Ball, the origin of Goku is more of the mystery. Both move at a faster pace than, say, Dragon Ball Z, or, buh, Naruto. Vibrant and colorful animation in both. Consistent mix of comedy and dramatic action.
report Recommended by drtburk
Similar colourful world and characters and same kind of story which authors seem to drag on forever.
report Recommended by susan00
Two series, great anime series when the characters evolve physically and mentally, where the adventure is the hard point, but the fights and the tears are always there.
report Recommended by Ranxomare
Adventure! Growing! Getting better! Dragon Ball & One Piece share identical vibes, the vibes you probably know yourself already — considering it's a One Piece recommendation. Characters develop and fight strong opponents, visit the most bizarre places on Earth, and more — indubitably a boundless world of romance!
report Recommended by blank
Give classic dragon ball a chance. don't be prejudiced, it's a great anime despite his dubious sequels. A very fun adventure similar to the first OP arcs. A lot of humor, action and adventure. And it is still a classic that inspired the whole industry including and a lot of OP, so it is a work with historical importance for all the entertainment. But above all of this it is an extremely fun watch.
report Recommended by negrut
Some of the most similar anime to each other. If you love the characters antics and the same sense of adventure, please watch the other :)
report Recommended by nahjay2002
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