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Just as One Piece,Hunter x hunter is a pretty long shounen anime,both series can be really funny at times ,you will never get bored and always want to see the next episode,both anime have some awesome fights and also the characters are very likable,if you enjoy one of this anime you will most probably like the other one too.
report Recommended by Zero
These two shounen animes are the best of their genre, and im sure anyone who's liked one, will definetly like the other.
report Recommended by Siing
Long running series like One Piece. The main characters have typical characteristics, fun and yet intuitive. You will definitely enjoy this anime
report Recommended by kufreabia
Both are popular manga that run in the same magazine. They have similar styles and a wide cast of characters. They also have plenty of action and a darker side to the adventure.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The way that main charcter are not botherin you (like Naruto forex) and the respect that you feal towards Gon, Killua, Hisoka and others in this great anime is somewhat similar to One Piece series
report Recommended by R_Ryu
Both main characters are tremendously similar. Both stubborn, with hidden strong sides, happy-go-lucky attitudes and they are really single minded. While Luffy goes for the title of Pirate king Gon chases the title of Hunter, with friends that will follow them through the deepest and most dangerous adventures.
report Recommended by biggipunn
Super engaging/amusing/touching Epic Quest fantasy with a ton of awesome characters.
report Recommended by peabrane
One of the easiest recommendations ever. Hunter x Hunter and One Piece deliver top notch emotion and character development, that it's just hard to even avoid them. Any shounen fan should have seen these two animes, because they're bound to love them.
report Recommended by djsjr
Both are about adventures and fights and magical things, HxH is more mature and also way more violent though, it also avoids all the cliche moments seen in most shonen making it more original. I recommend watching the 2011 version for now
report Recommended by x5exotic
Long battle shounen with actually interesting characters with creative design of cast and powers and with mix of drama and comedy.
report Recommended by abystoma2
1. Long adventures 2. Great action 3. Nice plot 4. Amazing fight scenes 5. Lots of content when you are done with the anime
report Recommended by RagonWest
Adventure oriented quaint and interesting Arc Funny cool characters
report Recommended by MrZeroNotfound
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