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Both series involve detective agencies with people who have extraordinary abilities. There's a certain similarity in tone. In dealing with people who are prejudiced against those with power balanced against the humor of these wildly different personalities working together.
report Recommended by fiore777
- Super Powers (Abilities). - Similar setting, Each anime have it's own group it's accustomed to. - Good guys, and Bad guys, both have a sole purpose that intertwines with one another. - Money - Awesome characters that many will love! - Similar story plots. - Music is similar, art is similar as well. - Very interesting.
report Recommended by B3astpwn
Both anime follow a supernatural detective agency filled with colorful, unique characters with their own identities and abilities that any viewer would be able to discern. They have similar characters and story structures, as well as great action sequences with equally great animation. A fan of one would almost certainly enjoy the other as well.
report Recommended by Fire
Pretty similar setups, people with supernatural abilities in a modern world working on an agency who helps people and at the same time fights bad guys.
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
Honestly, Bungou Stray Dogs is like an improved-upon version of Hamatora. Think Hamatora but without Seiji Kishi. Both series follow a detective agency made up of people with powers in the city of Yokohama.
report Recommended by spiderskull
Detective agencies with super powers, funny in the midst of serious situations.  Characters are always fighting within each other, but teamwork always seems to win out and the cases are solved, either with a good ending or a bad one.  Small twists in the stories keeps you interested, even if you know they will solve the mystery in the end of the episode or two.
report Recommended by Carrot_
-The characters possess a unique trait which is not common to people (Super Powers) -They are working by accepting jobs from customers (agency) -The main characters and the antagonist had intertwined in their past -Supernatural Super Powers
report Recommended by akihiko132
As soon as I started watching Bungou Stray Dogs I immediately thought about Hamatora. Both series have people that have extraordinary abilities that require some sort of activation. For example, in Bungou Stray Dogs, Dazai-kun must touch the person whose ability he wishes to nullify and in Hamatora, Nice must be wearing headphones to activate his ability. I do feel however that the tones of both series veer off in different directions. They both start off pretty light-hearted and comedic, but Hamatora drifts off into a more tense plot-line while Bungou Stray Dogs stays more on the comedic route.
report Recommended by SharenaSenpai
Very similar: -> both are about an agency -> the main characters have special powers -> the partnership between Nice and Murasaki is similar to the one Dazai and Kunikida have, although neither Nice nor Murasaki try to commit suicide -> both give a similar feel -> main difference: Bungou stray dogs is a bit more funnier and not as colorful as Hamatora
report Recommended by Nao
Both feature detectives with super-powers.
report Recommended by Nazrath
Similarities: - Detective agencies whose members have superpowers. - Similar art.
report Recommended by Djerabis
Hamatora is a slightly light-hearted version of BSD and I'm surprised it doesn't have more recommendations. This rec is based on only the first seasons of both anime. Similarities include: # Everybody living in a world where only certain individuals possess superpowers # MC and his gang of rag tag friends are part of an agency that takes on cases to help people or organizations # Tension between MC and his bestie (who also happens to be his partner) bc of the difference in their natures # The MC is easy going while his bestie is stricter, more mature. # Both have antagonists sort of obsessed with the MC # Both   read more
report Recommended by -Sonal-
Many similarities between the cast and the overall setting of both shows. In both shows, the main cast comprises of a detective agency filled with characters with supernatural powers, and the stories focus on solving 'cases'
report Recommended by Short_Circut
-Similar setups/story plots -Detective agencies with people who have supernatural abilities -Similar art -Both detective agency are located in the city of Yokohama
report Recommended by Shefin
People with powers that follow a theme to them. Taking place in a realistic world and the characters belong to agencies. And both get surprisingly dark despite how they look on the outside. Would also put Darker then Black in this grouping.
report Recommended by brritscold
Both are about detective agencies that consist of people with supernatural abilities. Dazai and Kunikida x Nice and Murasaki have a similar dynamic.
report Recommended by nol0ngerhuman
Both of these shows are based around a few people whom have powers (leaving most of the general public without powers). The plots are rather similar as they are both set in Yokohama and are both based around detective agencies. Both animes show the members of the agency take on cases to solve. The shows are very fun and easy to watch.
report Recommended by owuashley
Both involve a special detective agency that have to keep people with special powers in check.
report Recommended by Seedoln
both animes involve detective agencies with members that have supernatural powers and plot takes place in yokohama. there moments that will make you laugh and moments in which u will feel the tension
report Recommended by BgTheCourier
Both follow along the lines of having a detective angency with the detectives all having all some kind of supernatural ability and have to complete the missions they are given.
report Recommended by dleyi
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