Yami Shibai, Kagewani Recommendations

Yami Shibai
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Yami Shibai
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Both are similar concerning their visual language in terms of character design, backgrounds and the overall mood. Also the powerful element of surprise which makes a prominent horror story is well implemented episodically by Takashima Tomoya, who is the director for both titles. Kagewani emphasizes UMAs while the latter deals more with the supernatural phenomenon but isn't lacking in monsters.
report Recommended by UNIC
Both have really short episodes and are of the horror genre. They have similar art styles that fit the story they are telling (both are episodic as well). If you enjoyed the horror-like themes in one, you will likely enjoy the other!
report Recommended by tearbender
Same atmosphere, same art style and interesting horror stories.
report Recommended by Xenocrisi
-Same animation style
-Show different stories... though Kagewanai has more of a plot
-Monsters of some sort
report Recommended by YaoiMaster