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This both have bishounen, sexy animation, and great music. The guys look great too. So give this a watch. This even get something for the yaoi fan girls and boys.
report Recommended by UnknownDepth
Both are very alike. Both are around sport, friendship, rivalry, dealing with the past and... if you think about it... and both involve around relays (one swimming, one challenging running).
report Recommended by EfiChan
While Free is swimming, Prince of Stride is running. Free focuses on mostly two teams in competition and gives a lot of background on the male leads' past swimming experiences, where Stride does very little of that with only hints of flash backs. Both anime are similar in which that the characters are very passionate about training to win competitions and the importance of teamwork, trust, and friendship, so it's inspiring. There's also humor in both anime and the characters of Free and Stride are very similar to each other, as there is the team leader, a member that works hard so they don't drag   read more
report Recommended by Aleron
Beautiful boys doing beautiful sporty things. Idol faces, toned bodies, and with character profiles straight out of a dating sim. If you like one, definitely give the other a try. Free is stronger story-wise and the token female protagonist is actually treated like a normal human being. Prince of Stride may not have those things but it does have an enormous cast of pretty boys to fill up for what it lacks in pretty much everything else.
report Recommended by Lemon
-Both have beautiful, muscular guys taking a part in a sport -Very colorful animation -Little to no romance (besides the bromance, of course) -Both have a character that struggles to "get back in the game"
report Recommended by BlameSaiki
Both are sports anime that revolve around a club that is revived by enthusiastic 1st year students. They both have enthusiastic female managers, similar characters and nice animation.
report Recommended by tearbender
Both are sports Anime with no ball sport. Also the protagonists both are obsessed with the sport (Haruka > swimming, Takeru > running).
report Recommended by higekiri
Are very similar not only in gender but also in the way the story is told, Free has more character development that Prince of Stride, which is a more basic anime that does not bode well in this area. Both have their faults but its strong point they stand out, show the love of a group of young people through sport.
report Recommended by Hayato
Passion for sports, competition, Strong Rivals, High school club, a cute club manager and handsome boys are what it's all about in both Free! and Prince of Stride: Alternative. Also the main characters Takeru/Haruka are fond of running/swimming and totally ready to do it at any place or time!
report Recommended by Riimu95
Both sport animes, handsome boys and a quite similar characters.
report Recommended by Lyev
- They are short animes with only 12 episodes. - Both plots are about a washed-up high school sports club (that was known as it's best club within said sport) that gets renewed/revived and makes it great again within said sport. - The Character designs - For instance they both got a boy that would do great within cross-dressing, a stoic and a guy that seems rather happy-go-lucky at first glance. One of the differences however, is the fan servive. - You liked "Prince of Stride" but want more abs, swimming and less clothes? Go watch "Free!". (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - You Liked "Free!" but want less focus on   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
The two show is definitely similar. Pretty and good looking boys? Checked. Chemistry between the boys a.k.a fujo-bait? Checked. Beautiful animation? Checked. And Fujiwara, God, he definitely look like Haru, I just can't stop my inner thought to scream "HARU!!" everytime I see him, I mean just look at his face! and his hair! and his obsession with stride just like Haru is with water. And of course Kohinata and Nagisa with their yellow hair. And their words about the wind too, the difference is it's water in Free and not wind hehe. Definitely should watch this if you like Free, but the plot isn't   read more
report Recommended by aquachan91
Short and simple; Free is PoS, but 10x better. And about swimming. If you like PoS, I can guarantee you'll like Free.
report Recommended by -Epic-