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Yuru Camp reminds me of Non Non Biyori in it's overall atmosphere. Both shows are extremely relaxing with some moments of comedy and character building. A lot of the screen time for both shows are focused in the outdoors or 'in the middle of nowhere'. If you're looking for an enjoyable laid back show I would recommend both. Yuru Camp focuses on camping and Non Non Biyori is more comedy and slice of life focused and takes place in extreme rural Japan. Each capture the beauty of the landscape and simple life.
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Both stories take place somewhere in the nature. Both stories have a relaxed vibe and have some pretty funny scenes. In Yuru Camp the main character makes friends, but in Non Non Biyori they are already close to each other. Yuru Camp is just as lighthearted as Non Non Biyori, give it a shot.
report Recommended by Cirno9
Both relaxing anime set in a regional setting with their main strengths being the quality of the directing.
report Recommended by Tenderizer17
Non Non Biyori is extremely similar to Yuru Camp △ except that it does not focus on camping. Instead, focusing on a group of 4 girls with different ages and grades who would hang out together in their countryside, going school together and spend many precious moment together. It is SO SO SO heartwarming that it really set the bar for the Slice of Life genre. It is one of the best and most enjoyable SOL anime among many other titles. I often say that it is not easy to produce a great SOL anime and Non Non Biyori is definitely one that did. If   read more
report Recommended by Kid_dik1412
Both of these shows are slice-of-life anime with a predominantly female cast. Both feature a rural setting with gorgeous animation and background art and they both convey a soothing, laid back atmosphere.
report Recommended by MorningStorm666
Both shows have that calming factor that after a long day in the outside world can just relax your brain and drift off to these mostly outside based shows as you don't feel cramped of being inside the buildings of where the characters are.
report Recommended by HawkAussie
The premises in both anime are straightforward and well-executed. They feature interesting and quirky characters. There are awesome scenes of nature since the events tend to take place outside. The comedy is on point and the 萌え/moe facet is present. They're both relaxing slice of life anime to watch after a day's worth of being productive.
report Recommended by Starchaser
Casual and relaxing storyline, relaxing music, similar character development and both very enjoying to watch
report Recommended by Tringapore_98