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Shingeki no Kyojin
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Shingeki no Kyojin
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-Both are about a fantasy world in which there is a looming threat that hunts the human race for no discernable reason -Both feature discrimination heavily in their political systems, with both having those of higher status farther from danger deeper in civilization -Both are distinctly based around the military of these societies, and feature fast paced action with highly mobile equipment to deal with the threat to the human race
report Recommended by thelectricow
- Discrimination - World setting - Narrative - Action Scene - Animation Quality - Hiroyuki Sawano Ost
report Recommended by chansport
Both anime are set in an dystopian timeline and deconstructs the ideology that fuels an overly militaristic, racist and fascist society. They also both contain sountracks composed by hiryuki sawano as well
report Recommended by Rayvaughn
Both deal with similar themes (war, racism etc.) however both have different takes and situations
report Recommended by keroxq
Well, if you like a series with a world-building that is generally presented through its characters' dialogues and rarely through its artistic values, then, by all means, check these two. As for my opinion, I think both are similar because the concept for its premise that the two utilize are pretty much the same. Both are about fighting, more fighting, as well as fighting; basically, endless amounts of fighting. If you like that kind of stuff, then I highly recommend this series to you.
report Recommended by Solaris-----
Both series are set in fantasy worlds and show main characters fighting inhuman enemies (whether it be titans or mechs) with sci-fi weapons. They also both deal with fairly mature topics such as freedom or oppression.
report Recommended by TheMenacingMUDA
86 is similar to shingeki no kyojin in many ways -killing titans in snk while in 86 ,the legions or robots -a big supporting cast -sawano hiroyuki's ost -there's a wall like snk in 86 too but not seen too much -both are enjoyable
report Recommended by Reinaria
-Military settings -discrimination of a particular race - wide range of characters -complex world-building and history
report Recommended by misprout
stories aren't that much similar but, both are very tragic in a way, its will keep excited till the end, and its one those anime that you would not be bored for a single moment
report Recommended by labib_11
Shingeki no kyojin is a very goood anime itself , 86 is very simmilar to it because both anime have loads of action and both are thrillers , both of the story contain simillar war type theme too
report Recommended by __cosmo__