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In both anime there are: * Brutal worlds where characters have to kill to stay alive. * Revenge for the lost ones. * Beautiful visuals (same studio). So if you like the elements mentioned you should definitely check them out.
report Recommended by Lylaaz
-Both main characters are infected with the burning desire for revenge -Both have have similar worlds from a technological standpoint -Both have a few main characters but manage to make the side characters feel just as important and relevant
report Recommended by thelectricow
As other recommendations have said, these shows were made by the same studio and have too many similar qualities to count. I can almost guarantee that if you like one of these series, you will the other. Similarities include: - a revenge-motivated protagonist with unique natural ability for combat - similar protagonists as a whole. honestly - blurred moral lines - violence - similar art and combat scenes - unique setting. Vinland Saga is a rare historical anime surrounding what best is summarized as the Viking age, while Attack on Titan appears to be in a foreign alternative universe that shares some similarities to medieval England.
report Recommended by Pearlicous
Blood, blades and vengeance. A young boy lives a peaceful life, dreaming of adventure and glory. It finds him, ripping his world apart with visceral cruelty. Left with nothing but his hatred, he takes up a sword and vows to carve a path through the world that wronged him.
report Recommended by UnseriousSam
-darker stories and worlds -same studio (Wit Studio) -both are somewhat grounded in history (German architecture and Nordic Vikings and combat) -have likable side characters -protagonists who want revenge
report Recommended by NotThatDarkSkin
Both of the series are similar because their genre is War and chaos.
report Recommended by Shivam_Tayal
it is made by the same studio, the story is amazing and worth watching, and it's both shonen :D.
report Recommended by itskanatahere31_
Both anime come from the same study Beautiful visuals Very good and excellent way to tell the story Characters with excellent development Although the story is based on the protagonist, he is not the only one with weight in the plot Excellent fight scenes
report Recommended by YI-Ramos
-Both Are Great Dark Seinen Shows -Both protagonists ,Eren/Thorfinn are driven by one of their parents death -Both vow revenge on their parents killer(titans/askeladd) -Both long to see the world outside their small haven,The walls/the village
report Recommended by kaizoku-aniki
Vinland Saga (in addition to Owari no Seraph which has many recommendations that you should check out) is made by Wit Studio. - wit studio tends to animate lots of manga/lightnovels that have similar genres. -art style similar The protagonists of VS and SnK are both soooo annoying. -They each have something they want to kill: Eren=titans, cause they killed his mom Thorfinn= askella, because he (his followers) killed his dad. -Askellad and Levi are very similar. Cold asf, don't mind killing everything in their path, dark pasts, etc. -lots of killing
report Recommended by Aryale