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In both anime there are: * Brutal worlds where characters have to kill to stay alive. * Revenge for the lost ones. * Beautiful visuals (same studio). So if you like the elements mentioned you should definitely check them out.
report Recommended by Lylaaz
Can't believe I didn't make this recommendation already. Eren and Thorfinn are so similar it's not even funny. Both series tackle some of the same concepts, especially Freedom in a Cruel World. Plus it's WIT Studio.
report Recommended by kirakiradeths
Both MCs struggled with a cruel childhood leading to losing their parents. Also, MCs are very well written and give similar vibes.
report Recommended by adaachii
-Both main characters are infected with the burning desire for revenge -Both have have similar worlds from a technological standpoint -Both have a few main characters but manage to make the side characters feel just as important and relevant
report Recommended by thelectricow
We follow a naïve but motivated protagonist that learns and changes as the series goes on in an unforgiving world.
report Recommended by JohnWack
As other recommendations have said, these shows were made by the same studio and have too many similar qualities to count. I can almost guarantee that if you like one of these series, you will the other. Similarities include: - a revenge-motivated protagonist with unique natural ability for combat - similar protagonists as a whole. honestly - blurred moral lines - violence - similar art and combat scenes - unique setting. Vinland Saga is a rare historical anime surrounding what best is summarized as the Viking age, while Attack on Titan appears to be in a foreign alternative universe that shares some similarities to medieval England.
report Recommended by Pearlicous
Blood, blades and vengeance. A young boy lives a peaceful life, dreaming of adventure and glory. It finds him, ripping his world apart with visceral cruelty. Left with nothing but his hatred, he takes up a sword and vows to carve a path through the world that wronged him.
report Recommended by UnseriousSam
-darker stories and worlds -same studio (Wit Studio) -both are somewhat grounded in history (German architecture and Nordic Vikings and combat) -have likable side characters -protagonists who want revenge
report Recommended by Fobesha
While not sharing a similar plot or setting, both Vinland Saga and Shingeki no Kyojin are Wit Studios' magnum opuses; two action anime with gore elements, a deep history, beautiful visuals, a wide cast of characters, great character development and a great soundtrack. Both anime also share many VAs and stylistic similarities in general.
report Recommended by ImNotAnOtaku1
Both of the series are similar because their genre is War and chaos.
report Recommended by Shivam_Tayal
-They both have a young male protagonist who wants to avenge his dead parent -Both Eren (AOT protagonist) and Thorfinn (VS protagonist) do have anger issues -Also, you watch both of them growing up in the show and they both have amazing character development -They both realize that revenge is pointless -Both have to do with "slavery" -Both have lots of blood, cool fights, death, op characters and wars -Lastly, they will both give you depression
report Recommended by fuck_my_life_707
Both anime come from the same study Beautiful visuals Very good and excellent way to tell the story Characters with excellent development Although the story is based on the protagonist, he is not the only one with weight in the plot Excellent fight scenes
report Recommended by YI-Ramos
-Both Are Great Dark Seinen Shows -Both protagonists ,Eren/Thorfinn are driven by one of their parents death -Both vow revenge on their parents killer(titans/askeladd) -Both long to see the world outside their small haven,The walls/the village
report Recommended by MugiwaraKanishk
Vinland Saga (in addition to Owari no Seraph which has many recommendations that you should check out) is made by Wit Studio. - wit studio tends to animate lots of manga/lightnovels that have similar genres. -art style similar The protagonists of VS and SnK are both soooo annoying. -They each have something they want to kill: Eren=titans, cause they killed his mom Thorfinn= askella, because he (his followers) killed his dad. -Askellad and Levi are very similar. Cold asf, don't mind killing everything in their path, dark pasts, etc. -lots of killing
report Recommended by Aryale
They both have a similar setting and events similar to our real world. They both have amazing character writings especially for the main character.
report Recommended by Suria108_
Perfectly matches each other for revenge. In Attack on titan, Eren Jaeger seeks revenge for his mothers death and the destruction of his home town done by the human eating giants known as "Titans" He sweared to kill every single Titan to bring the freedom of all the people inside the huge walls they used to live in for protecting themselves from Titans. Again, in Vinland Saga Thorfinn seeks revenge for his fathers death by killing Askellad,who killed him. In future both of them starts to know their own identities clearly and the past life of their people.
report Recommended by yusa_96
These two anime series are actually from the same company! I feel like Vinland saga is underrated because of Shingeki. Don't get me wrong, Shingeki is amazing but I really liked Vinland as much as I did for Shingeki. They are both action animes with Vinland Saga being a historical anime about vikings. Both have very deep messages and.. oh gosh.. a lot of killing. Anyways, plz watch Vinland! (also, can't wait for season 2!)
report Recommended by yuyu_desu
both are in medieval settings, badass characters, brutal action, good world building
report Recommended by suyogAcharya
A wonderful combination of good story line with outstanding action. It tells the journey of young boy who is thrown into difficult circumstances due to war. The best thing is the anime is loosely based on history. It is a highly underrated anime if you like dark action genre. If you've watch Attack On Titans , you simply cannot miss this.
report Recommended by KilSat
Both take place in medieval times. It has an amazing history, epic fights, incredible soundtrack, and they are also animated by the same studio.
report Recommended by Aizekis
As popular as it is, Vinland Saga is still yet another underrated masterpiece. As far as the first season, Vinland Saga has had a beautifully accurate anime adaptation, leaving the viewer awestruck, dumbfounded, and at a loss of mere words all at the end of almost every episode. If you enjoy war, plot, foreshadowing, confusion, betrayal, and the creation of a potentially 'false' fantasy dreamland, Vinland Saga is a must watch.
report Recommended by Kullen
Both follow enraged protagonists who experience violence & chaos before undergoing major changes to their character. Both stories also have underlying anti-violence messages.
report Recommended by 3amEpsilon
- mc eren and mc thorfinn same vibes - gore - many battle scenes - starts with revenge against something/someone - good animation
report Recommended by mriafrncsca
The main characters share some similarities. - They experience something traumatic that fuels their goals - They're both quite headstrong and driven - Both can appear annoyingly reckless at times They have the same animation studio as well, so if you like the artstyle you should definitely check out the other one.
report Recommended by TheLovableSoda
If you like the bloody complex and grounded politics and action of Attack On Titan, you will most likely love Vindland Saga
report Recommended by Fullmetal_Cav
both has same start the protagonist loses a family member and changes completely. the action,adventure and the world is well created just like attack on titan if you are fan of viking and fighting Vinland saga is for you.
report Recommended by InfernoIshu
The same studio that animated snk, the main character is so cold and has a monstrous development throughout the anime. The protagonist is also an unparalleled genius, always one step ahead of the others
report Recommended by Thorthinn
- First of all, they both are Seinen anime series. - They are both animated by WIT Studio, in my opinion, this studio animated pretty well as it portrayed Vinland Saga and Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin, to be ancient themed. Modern technologies were not invented in their timelines, therefore they had to use full strength to fight against someone, not rely on robots or high tech meccha stuff or MHA superpowers. - Character development, Attack on titan has one of the best character developments, as well as Vinland Saga, if you really enjoy watching a character's growth that rises rapidly, then Vinland Saga/AOT is   read more
report Recommended by Shernitics
war, military and story writing and character design share similarities
report Recommended by ThtAnimeMangaKid
One prominent similarity lies in the exceptional character development of their main protagonists. Vinland Saga follows the journey of Thorfinn, a young Viking seeking vengeance for his father's death. Attack on Titan focuses on Eren Yeager, a determined youth who wants to free his people from oppression. Both Thorfinn and Eren undergo significant personal growth throughout their respective narratives, driven by their intense motivations and the challenges they face. Their complex character arcs allow readers to connect deeply with their struggles, ideals, and transformations. The depth and thematic complexity found in both stories are additional parallels. Vinland Saga delves into topics such as pacifism, honor, and   read more
report Recommended by Vacilion
For you revenge loving ppl but s2 of Vinland is very different
report Recommended by Jarvz
Generational works of fine art which are complex yet simple, gruesome yet wholesome, dreadful.. and yet hopeful. The main goal of said shows is not to show you character X fighting character Y with some mixed spices, like what most shonens do, especially nowadays, but rather to enlighten you with a tale that's ribbed by many thought-provoking philosophical questions, and moral teachings. (Contains spoilers from here on) Eren is quite the opposite of Thorfinn, but they share the same end goal; to have a world that treats them like actual human beings, devoid of oppression, torture, killing. Terminologically, utopia. However, as it appears Eren is far   read more
report Recommended by HassanIQ9
In an action-packed violent anime made by the same studio as the first 3 seasons of aot, Vinland saga has brilliant story, incredible animation, and a soundtrack fitting of a great show. With revenge, tons of deaths, etc. this is a great anime. The next season being animated by the studio that animated the fourth season of aot, it is sure to be brutal and great.
report Recommended by crazy44spider
Both are darker animes that focus on a group of people fighting for their survival. In Vinland Saga, it is against other Viking clans, and in Shingeki no Kyojin, it is against the Titans. There is also some sort of betrayal/mystery element in both plots as well. The art style for Vinland Saga, however, makes things appear brighter than they actually are while still having that dark undertone, which gives off a different feel compared to Shingeki no Kyojin's art style where everything appears dreary.
report Recommended by adzetto
-Action-packed -Gory -Amazing storyline -Classics/masterpieces -Killer opening sequences -Times where you want to yell at the main characters -Makes you think about some deeper stuff than you would expect going into it -You would not want to live in the world/anime, because you would not survive, haha.
report Recommended by little_shiz17
Both shows have similar and amazing graphics.. both are super intense and bloody..
report Recommended by europepact
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