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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Flashy animation, mecha fest with plenty of action packed sequences, political intrigue galore: Gundam 00 and Code Geass in a nutshell. Both titles focus on the efforts of the leads to change the world in one way or another, these efforts having quite drastic consequences along the way. Gundam 00 follow a group of characters and takes place in space as well as on Earth while Code Geass has a clear main character and takes nationalistic desires as the primary plot device, fans of one are likely to enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Nocturnal
Both anime are about small group of mecha pilots challanging major military powers in the world (rebels against the strongest empire on earth in CG and small elite group trying to change the world in MSG 00). Both also have super mecha and super pilots as their trump card
report Recommended by hajil
Code Geass and Mobile Suit Gundam 00 both fall under the mecha genre. Their plot is also similar - each series having a second season of 25 episodes each with more or less the same format. Both series have a very good story which keeps the watcher eager to know what's going to happen next. In both Code Geass and Mobile Suit Gundam 00 there is romance - though this is more evident in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. In my opinion both have the ingredients that make a great series.
report Recommended by shadowsword
Both shows feature a vigilante group (or in the case of Gundam, a world police more or less) which fights against governments in order to create a peaceful world. While Code Geass deals more with humanity issues, Gundam 00 focuses on the futility of war. It is also more mecha-centric than Code Geass and there is no lack of action in either series.
report Recommended by SparrowSabre7
Much like Code Geass Gundam 00 is focused on changing the world. Both animes contain mechs and lots of action as well as strategy. While in Code Geass the story focuses on Lelouch and his skills at millitary strategy Gundam 00 puts the focus on several primary characters one of which is a battle forecaster who plans Celestial beings strategies and actions. Both animes put a great amount of weight into the consequences of the actions characters take to change the world. I started Gundam 00 right after I finished Code Geass and immediatly recognized the similarities I think it is safe to say if you   read more
report Recommended by jackdennis
Indeed Code Geass and Gundam 00 are very similar and yet both masterpieces. They both have: • a terroristic group who plays the part of the "good guys" actually • Earth's big leaders (Emperor/Politicians) are both instead the antagonists • wonderfully planned war strategies • mechas, sci-fi • famous and very good skilled cast of seiyuus • both series have the same lasting of 25 episodes, with a second season having the same amount once again • and much more, that u'll find out while watching! Without mentioning that both series share an amazing art, epic musics and very well planned story. If you liked one of those i highly recommend you to watch the   read more
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
The both players want to change the world, regardless of the methods. Both full of drama and suspense, both are dark. The art is very similar and beautiful. Both are mecha.
report Recommended by Dixy
Both are very similar in story. The main character wants to unite/change the world by fighting against those in control. The two stories also use mecha, which get more powerful as the story progresses.
report Recommended by UfGator11
Both are about a secret organisation which fights for the world. Both use force and tactics, mechical machines, and are very exciting. When you like Code Geass, you'll like Gundam 00 too. You'll be dragged by a beautiful story and interesting characters. The art is a bit the same. A nice thing about those two animes is the desire to watch. I just wasn't able to stop before I finished season 1 and 2 from both animes. Like Code Geass, Gundam 00 is touching. It looks like an anime like Gundam or Geass is only about fighting and surviving, but it has cry scenes scattered   read more
report Recommended by Horinde
It was made by the same people (Sunrise) and both are effectively the same plot: An attempt at creating a peaceful world. You may completely forget the differences between Knightmare Frames and Mobile Suits while watching.
report Recommended by Shinryu1284
Both feature awesome futuristic mecha battles, both focus on the goals and aspirations of two revolutionary groups trying to change the world, and both show as the carefully laid plans of these groups fall apart and what happens after this.
report Recommended by the_suptut
The way Celestial Being acted as peacekeepers and believing in absolute justice and the way they excecuted thier missions really reminded me of Code;Geass, also the heirachy of power.... is a thing to watch for ;D
report Recommended by BigBoss0327
Both anime have similar main characters who vow to change the world for the better. Though both have good intentions it may take some evil methods to get to the end result. Both anime have similar animation aspects and close dialouge.
report Recommended by targetoverload
"There was 3 superpowers in the world, until the came of 4th power where the protagonists side". Both shows started with that plot, where Code Geass is in alternative reality and Gundam 00 is in the far future of the world we reside in.. Both are great shows, there are a few similar feelings I get when watching them.. I think you will love the other if you love one, that is I believe, so I made this recommendation..
report Recommended by Jim_Heart
Mobile suit fights with a dark political background story.
report Recommended by LucZero
Both are mecha, action packed,political thriller.In both animes an organization tries to change the world while they are not very well supported by the mass people.
report Recommended by Basilisk1995
Both of these shows contain enough mecha action to make any fans of the genre more than content, but mechs are not what define them. These shows carry heavy ideals and enriched characters which lead to plenty emotional connections to get you involved. The stories of each will keep you guessing to the end and finish you off wanting to relive it a few times more.
report Recommended by Maiku-Desu
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and Code Geass: Hangyaku No Lelouch have lot of aspects in common. Such includes a battle of mechs between other countries, technological developments as plot proceed and goals of making a world better and peaceful place. Also main protagonist shares a lot of similarities such as they both, Lelouch and Setsuna had a sad and pitiable past which; consequently, determined them and support their goals. In contrast, Lelouch uses tactics and doesn't depend very much on mechs, while Setsuna, on the other hand focuses only on battle and mech. Overall, both of them shares a lot of similarities. Thus, Mobile Suit Gundam 00   read more
report Recommended by Noctis
Both shows a rebellion act of a certain group which stays as the protagonists of the story. There's no reason why you won't like this recommendation because the plot of the story is awesome as you go through further episodes (ofcourse both season 1 and 2 for both animes) Both main characters are special and the story involves mecha which they use high technology pilotable machines.
report Recommended by NexusRaiser
Both of the shows have mechas although Code Geass is focused less on mecha and more on main character and his plans. They have similar feel and focus on wars and possible elimination of conflicts. There are characters in both show who have clever plans, although in CG one character dominates where Gundam feels like characters are bit more balanced when it comes to strategy. These shows try to keep you watching by ending episodes on cliffhanger. They also have kinda clunky transitions between seasons.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
Both are mecha animes. Also, they have similar resemblance in terms of art. They also both emphasize the effects of war.
report Recommended by anjerika18
In 2007, these legends just like their predecessors from 95-96 revived the mecha dynasty which took quite the decade to do so. CG and 00 have qualities that live up to NGE and GW but in a much improved manner. CG dealt with morality, discrimination, intellect, politics, and tragedy to a whole new level something that NGE didn't reach regardless of the psychology, development, and religious motif. 00 took GW's politics to an international level while at the same time keeping it's realism and unlike freedom fighting, it focuses more on destroying military to end all wars. The two shows hasn't aged quite a bit up to date and   read more
report Recommended by 99thEmperor
•Both series have anti-climatic endings (1st season) •The protagonists are part of an organization/group that are seen as terrorist groups •Lelouch is not as skilled as Setsuna in combat, but is instead a strategist and a leader •if you liked the mecha battles in code geass, you will most likely be satisfied with the action scenes in gundam 00 •Both anime have bishounen characters and have two 25 episode seasons
report Recommended by LeonhartAugust
Both have mechs that are piloted by people. They have elements of political conflict and the balance of power.
report Recommended by Cozye
Both shows are "real-robot" and have similar themes, such as war being harmful for all people involved, even civilians.
report Recommended by thatdude_j
Not only are both of these mecha series about war and politics, but the characters and their designs are also similar and so it is the MC's determination to change the world according to their ideals. These two anime are made by the same studio as well.
report Recommended by AkiraNadir
Similarities: - both made by studio Sunrise - have mecha, political, drama - touch upon terrorism - animation Differences: - 00 has a more mature tone in the way that CG is like shounen, 00 is more like seinen - 00 has better music, art style and more detailed animation - 00 has some tactical battles in it but less than CG
report Recommended by TRC_Randy