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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Kakumeiki Valvrave
Both are mecha, have a school-life setting, and have main characters with special powers.
report Recommended by izZzi
They are both extremely stylistic mecha series involving a supernatural twist and an alternate history setting. Like Code Geass, Valvrave utilises a number of well-known anime tropes, including a high school setting, and the various character types are nothing unique. But the way these different elements come together - and the way some ludicrous plot twists are revealed - give both anime series a distinct charm.
report Recommended by Frog-kun
In terms of presentation, both series' main male protagonist seems to be exposed to a special/supernatural like power that gives him a taste of vengeance. As a matter of fact, the main protagonist from both series delivers that source of vengeance against those who feels have threatened his values. Both series takes the mecha theme and presents them as instruments of destruction. Seemingly, both series involves a faction of experienced pilots of these mecha that seems to threaten the main characters' existence. Both series also have a school life setting and there seems to be hints of romance, drama, comedy, action, and plot twists.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both of these are mecha and military sci-fi anime written by Ichiro Ohkouchi and animated by Sunrise, involving mental chess games, displays of strategy & tactics, politics, betrayal and many plot-twists. In Code Geass, exiled prince Lelouch is a tactical genius that has been secretly plotting for a revolution in the autocratic empire of Britannia. His civilian school life in Japan is changed during a terrorist incident. Lelouch's plans are then accelerated when he is offered a contract from an immortal woman called C.C. He gains a Geass ability, one that makes people obey his command no matter what. The first step in his plans is   read more
report Recommended by Fortress_Maximus
If you enjoyed Code Geass more than you should have, you would probably enjoy kakumeiki valvrave more than you should have. This definitely applies to Mecha, Super Power, Romance anime lovers. To quote one of my friend: "Kakumeiki is so bad that it is good!"
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Somewhat similar, both sharing genres and a backbone theme of the main characters having to battle to survive in their environments. The two series are big on the 'Mecha' theme along with showing nice character and relationships development, supported with good vibrant action and nice colourful art.
report Recommended by Snakes
Obviously both are mecha, and the relationship between L-elf and Haruto is similar to the one between Lelouch and Suzaku.
report Recommended by Blitzkreg
Valvrave is Code Geass with a Gundam Seed setting. Think of Code Geass from Suzaku's pov. Give Suzaku Geass and take away his military background. L Elf is Lelouch with military background but you don't get to see his great military tactics. That's basically it. yeup...
report Recommended by ohiraz
Both anime are happening in the future where 2-3 countries have taken over the whole world and one small country is fighting them. Both are mecha anime and both protagonists have super powers that are similar one can command people and others can take over people's bodies. Also both are great anime.
report Recommended by YamiNoOkami
The whole "rebellion against ruling government thing" is there. Mecs are also there. Battle strategies and badass characters are VERY there. Also emotional turmoil and "as;kdksj" feels are there. Just watch it, you'll like it.
report Recommended by mini3929
Probably the closest and similar anime. Involve characters that resemble both Lelouch and Suzaku though in a very different manner. The same goes with the supernatural powers. Both anime share the good aspects of the thriller and mecha (Valvrave and Knightmare) genres. Both have a military school setting and involve powerful indistinguishable countries.
report Recommended by relic-san
- The director of this anime is one of the producers of Code Geass (CG) - Studio Sunrise - Similar Mech designs - Supernatural element - Set in a school/battlefield setting
report Recommended by Cheesypi
Valvrave takes elements from Code Geass (character, story, small powers vs large powers etc) and plays them out in a different way.
report Recommended by semiomant
Both involve mecha and has a plot where they want to become an independent nation also has a genius that leads them.
report Recommended by 3dben10
The special power on Valvrave seem like a Geass and the circumstances lead them to change the fate of their countries. Both have a calculative strategist.
report Recommended by misterferrari
- both main characters are geniuses in making battle strategy - rebellion/revolution - mecha/action and some sort of supernatural power
report Recommended by LeHajar
similarities -have mechs -tactican characters. -main characters don't fight just for their own interests differences -valvrave has vampires and is mainly in space while code geass is just on earth -in valvrave the mc and the strategist aren't one person.
report Recommended by Ponti1
plot wise its pretty much the same... even the mecha aspect... the characters are nicely done and if you like tactical battles you'd like this anime. give it a shot!
report Recommended by hariko
Both are mecha anime. and in both anime the main character gets strange power and try to bring peace by using it..
report Recommended by belmount
Both are Mecha shows about a guy who has a secret power. The difference is that, while both are ridiculously stupid and full of asspulls, Code Geass tries to hide it with incredibly contrived internal monologues, whereas Valvrave the Liberator fully embraces it's stupidity, reveling in it instead.
report Recommended by Evangeliman
Both MCs have unique powers they're using for protecting the people they hold dear. We have a school-life setting, mecha battles and military/politics themes as well. The relation between L-elf and Haruto is rather similar to that between Suzaku and Lelouch. There's some romance too involving the MCs.
report Recommended by Mithdran