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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
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Both have: - Hero (Yuuta/Sorata) who is apparently normal (or wants to be) taking care of the heroine who is a weirdo and a loner(Rikka/Shiina). - Hero keeps a cat (Hikari/Chimera) that frequently join the characters. - Hero is surrounded by a weird group of people: a peculiar guy who seeks relationships with girls (Isshiki/Jin); a popular classmate (Nibutani/Aoyama); an energetic crazy girl (Dekomori/Misaki); a character with strange habits (Kumin/Akasaka). - Both have romance and a lot of comedy.
report Recommended by Orulyon
Tbh, I find these two series quite alike. Both series involves a main protagonist who has to deal with a strange girl. They feel reluctant to get along with them but comes to appreciate them more. Both series' main female protagonist seems to lack common sense. Both series has a lot of comedy, drama, and also inklings of romance. Both series' cast of characters have strange personalities that makes the show entertaining.
report Recommended by Stark700
•both have a male protagonist who wants to live an ordinary life but that cant come true of course, since the story/plot would be borrrrring.. •both male protagonist look after an odd/weird/different girl protagonist throughout the series •both males look after cats •both protagonists in each series are surrounded by a bunch of an interesting group of friends who create the surroundings more comedic, and both supporting cast of friends are very similar in each of their roles comparing with the other anime. •both have romance and comedy •they are similar in the school life with a male looking after a weird girl and developing feelings etc...
report Recommended by Lupta
Both series have unique characters, and the main male character seems to dislike his actual situacion and wants to change it. But as this series go on, and th characters relations develop, their objetives change or get troubled by new points of view. The comedy is also a strong point in both series because there are a lot of abnormal and funny situacions because all characters are really abnormal.
report Recommended by PewxPew
Both animes are touching and gonna pull you in their worlds. In each anime there is such a familiar feeling, that you think, you know them your whole life. I love both chuunibyou and sakurasou, but i prefer sakurasou.
report Recommended by Kagemasuru
A nice, mostly "normal" male protagonist (Yuuta/Kanda) meets an eccentric, socially-isolated female protagonist (Rikka/Mashiro) dealing with a condition which often has them living in their own internal world. While being surrounded by a group of crazy peers (Far East Magical Napping Society/Sakura Hall residents), they try to deal with their demons of growing up while becoming closer to said protagonist girl (who has demons of her own). Both are school life/high school animes, but differ on boarding school nature. Along the way, an unnoticed, unrequited love from a current or former close friend of the male protagonist interferes with the delicate relationship between the protagonist   read more
report Recommended by gwennie-chan
The chemistry between Rikka and Yuuta are very similar to Sorata and Shiina. Both have a funny and intriguing supporting cast as well as set in a school environment. The only difference I can find really is that Sakurasou no pet na kanojo is a little less strange. I mean it's strange but shiina isn't really as strange as Rikka. But if you liked Chuunibyou you'll definetely enjoy Sakurasou no pet na kanojo.
report Recommended by Orest