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Shinsekai yori
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Yakusoku no Neverland
Both are truly impressive and thought provoking. Unusual characters, unusual plot, unexpected plot twists. Similar setting, very similar atmosphere. Happy childhood, which turns out to be only a facade, behind which lies a terrible truth.
report Recommended by Akagi-kun
The first episode gives the same impression, innocent children in happy peaceful world with boundaries not to be crossed, just to discover that their lives are not as dreamy as they thought.
report Recommended by iShambles
Similar type of horror, mystery and dystopian setting masked as a utopia.
report Recommended by LegendaryRQA
Both anime's feature very well written characters going through adolescence, and use supernatural themes/elements to further express their narratives. Both being done by A-1 Pictures/Clover Works, they both share many aesthetic similarities like art style, soundtrack, and emotional tones. Both shows greatly share all of the similarities previously mentioned; the shows showcase the growth of its characters, as well as express their emotions, by being combated by other worldly occurrences at young ages. Being able to convey emotion through characters is a main aspect of both shows, and something A-1 pictures has done for years.
report Recommended by chikafujiwara420
Similarities: * AMAZING way horror and thriller is executed in an anime. Honestly, horror does not really go well with anime all the time, but these two are exceptions! * Interesting mind games of outwitting opponents * Dark twist compared to the preface
report Recommended by Ihateusrnms
The atmosphere these two anime give of is very similar. At first you get to see happy children playing around until the darkness hits you and it turns into a thrilling mystery with supernatural horror elements. Both are about the children finding out the truth of the world they are living in.
report Recommended by Lulawliet
The premise: at a first glance, both worlds seem perfect, when they are, in fact, wicked. Both of the illusions are being protected by the adults (which after a while offer the kids a collaboration treatry). After finding out the truth of the worlds they live in, the children face lots of life & death challenges. The series also illustrates the psychological growth of its characters.
report Recommended by kiraila
Children community, surrounded by mysteries and a forbidden-to-cross barrier.
report Recommended by Amstramgram
Both shows involve a group of children who cross boundaries they were never meant to cross, which leads them to learn about the true reality behind their world
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Both are coming of age stories set in the future. The young protagonists of both shows learn that the world they know isn't all to it and the outside world is dark and dangerous. Both shows start off shrouded in mystery and cheery but become pretty dark and complicated later on. Both shows are very exciting and are very good shows. If you like either of them, I highly recommend trying out the other as they are pretty similar!
report Recommended by gleightter
Both anime have good start with happiness but later on things just went south after they discovered something.
report Recommended by GreenFriskHD