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Fushigi Yuugi
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Fushigi Yuugi
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Tenkuu no Escaflowne
Both heroines are thrown into another world and fall in love!
report Recommended by Jess-chan
Both deals with high school girls that travel to an alt. world Both have bishonen (fushigi yugi more than escaflowne) Both girls have some sort of mystic power Fushigi Yugi is nice bishonen/action series and w/ a twisted intresting story. if havent already try it out!
report Recommended by TweetleCake
A girl being taken to another world. Where as Escaflowne is mecha and Fushigi yuugi isn't they still have love as part of this story. I still believe they are both brilliant but Fushigi yuugi is a love story and is brilliant!
report Recommended by Divine_Archangel
The main protagonists are very similar particularly regarding personality. Both end up in different worlds with supernatural elements, though Escaflowne involves sci-fi elements built into the series. The styles are also quite similar.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Same plot, both main female characters were swallowed into another world. Both anime(s) were about war, love, peace, freedom and all that stuff. :D
report Recommended by wanderer94
A teenager girl is transported to another world and ends up in a fight between reigns. There's romance, fighting and lots of adventure. Both shows present very different and interesting supporting characters that you get fond of. The MC wants to go back to her world, but at the same time she gets invested in helping the people she met in this other world.
report Recommended by MaahHeim
In both series, the main heroine ends up in a different universe where there are conflict between reigns. She has some kind of power and travels with her allies in order to help in restoring the peace. Romance and friendship will accompany her journey. Fushigi Yuugi has more comedy scenes as well as sad ones
report Recommended by oOoAurorAoOo