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The idea that a secret organisation, according to the protagonist, is conspiring against him is a similarity. At the same time both series are perverted and both have a somewhat weird/special female side-character. The main characters in both series also seems a bit awkward when trying to interact with 'normal' people, yet somewhat like a leader among their own small clique/group of friends (which seems to be a coding guy and the weird girl in both series). Besides that, they also have in common that reality seems somewhat off or twisted to the protagonist. There might be more, but this is my impression after the   read more
report Recommended by Skaya
The protagonists in both series believe in the existence of a secret organization that is out there to get them. Both shows display a good balance between comedy and darker themes.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
Both feature main protagonists who are slightly nutty, believe in some global conspiracy, and don't like to shave.
report Recommended by Wumbologist
Both anime has an evil Organization and both Male leads is somewhat obsess to it and having delusion about it.. and the female leads also helps the male leads to overcome what's happening both anime has a funny side and serious sides..
report Recommended by 8man226
In both shows, the male leads suffer from the delusion that a mysterious secret organisation is conspiring against him. The female leads seem innocent and pure at the first sight, but upon closer inspection they have their own tragic stories to tell.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
They are both great, have dark psychological humor, and leave you with a strange feeling of happy depression. In any case, they are both worth watching if you haven't seen either one.
report Recommended by barrents
While "Welcome to the NHK" and "Steins;Gate" aren't all similar in overarching plot nor animation style, there is something about the "normality" of the two shows that can't be overlooked. Both are them are set in a realistic, believable world, without over-the-top characters. Dialogue is witty and sensible, and both start off relatively harmless, but eventually delve into the psychological drama type of anime.
report Recommended by Wulff
Seto and Okabe are quite alike they both made up a conspiracy theory, they are both awkward to strangers, have a bit of a wrong view on the society and they both have their group where they can be themselves. These series have something big simular in the end but guess if I tell that it is considered spoiling. and except all of this, these are just 2 big masterpieces.
report Recommended by guillaumec
Both feature conflicted over-the-top main characters overcoming obstacles.
report Recommended by yeahblazer
Both anime have a dark tone with romance added in. Also both have very funny dubs.
report Recommended by princegoldennut
Both anime have a good balance of comedy and dark themes. Both protagonist believe in the existence of an "organization" Both anime also have a lovely, pretty and helpful female leads that the protagonists relies on, and they both have tsundere tendencies as well. They also have sidekicks who wear glasses. ...and although farfetched, the protagonists are also trying to be successful in creating something ( in SG, find a way back to the Alpha world line; in NHK, to create a video game)
report Recommended by fatiqsue_
Extremely similar main male leads, both believing in existence of secret organizations that are after them, and both are pretty awkward when it comes to social interactions. Both anime start out in earlier episodes mainly focused on humor, but slowly shift into darker themes.
report Recommended by joe_g7
The whole time I was watching Steins Gate I couldn't but notice the similarities between it and Welcome to the NHK. This is due to the fact that with very few changes the main characters are identical. In Welcome to the NHK the protagonist is a young man who invents a secret organization similarly to the one in Steins Gate. The characters share the same sense of humour and act in the same overdramatic way when they are trying to conceal their feelings or when they try to act with "normal people". Both of them have social problems, one being a NEET and the other   read more
report Recommended by Iahim1
Both feature a paranoid MC thinking they were involved in some sort of conspiracy (NHK) and hunted by an evil organization (Steins Gate). Both anime also have female leads that can understand and empathize with the protagonists and at the same time help them to overcome their problem. Just like Steins;gate, NHK also starts off rather slow and static. Only starting to pick up the pace in the latter part where things get more serious.
report Recommended by Ace_39
Both main character's are struggling from a conspiracy Both stories are awesome!
report Recommended by MNP
The protagonists believe that they're in a conspiracy, also most of the time they're in a room and many references. A good show can offer you these series.
report Recommended by RealElkin
Delusional otaku protagonists that believe that a secret organization is conspiring against them, with realistic colors and characters designs, and some drama and romance.
report Recommended by Kww_121
Same vibes, dark and gloomy atmosphere. Similar bland animation style. Overall both are great.
report Recommended by KillerWhyNot
I dont know how to explain, but NHK gave me the same feeling as when I was watching S;G, and that was fucking great.
report Recommended by Miov
Both main protagonists believe in a secret organization conspiring against them and have an otaku friend they've known since high school, helping them with their problems. Both series start light-hearted before turning into a psychological drama with dark themes halfway through.
report Recommended by PrivateJoe
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