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These two anime are completely different in plot but in characters you can definitely see a similarity... The main characters Ryuji and Taiga have a very interesting relationship.. one of a master and her dog (like Louise and Saito)... In both anime the characters share a close relationship in which the chibi fearsome female dominates the male...very interesting to watch.. (both females have the same voice actor as well..)
report Recommended by sspatel_55
Actually, they're similar only for the first few episodes, due to the similarities between Louse and Taiga and the way they deal with their soon-to-be love interests. Then, as the stories go on, Toradora characters develop while ZnT's seem stuck in the optimal situation for fanservice and cheap laughs, with no further development from that point onwards, and even some derailment in characters like Siesta.
report Recommended by undead_blopa
Basically, Toradora is Zero no Tsukaima but traditional Japanese school anime style. Same voice actor for protagonist, pretty much same plot. However Toradora is a lot less ecchi based than Zero.
report Recommended by theeggman85
Taiga is Louise (Or Shana, if you will) with a different hair color. While I have only seen the first episode of Toradora so far, I suspect the plot will develop similarly.
report Recommended by hknamida
They are both funny, but in general it'ss about girls in love with some guys they mistreat.
report Recommended by petaluda
Tsundere loli with the same voice and complex. Beautiful harem, but in Toradora they have smaller breasts ;P
report Recommended by MilkShake
both has romance and both the girl who treat the guy like a dog
report Recommended by marick251
The realationship between the two main leads are very similar. A somewhat spoiled and bad tempered female and a really nice guy who is often abused by her. Although ZnT is in another world and fantasy, the main story and atmosphere are like each other.
report Recommended by naoom
Not only are they made by the same people but if you were to watch one of these and then the other, you would swear that it's the same character but with different hair color. Taiga = Luise
report Recommended by Hisashikun
Both have the characteristic master-slave sort of relationship. Taiga and Louise are also voiced by the same seiyuu (Japanese voice actor) so you may notice a similarity in the way that they talk. Ryuuji and Saito are also pretty similar because they are accepting of the position that they are put into. The way the relationship develops between the main characters also hold importance as each of the series progresses.
report Recommended by zdarius
Zero is a fantasy setting where as Toradora is based in more of a real life setting. The romance progresses more quickly in Zero as well. Apart from those differences they are near carbon copies. If you like one you will almost certainly like the other.
report Recommended by joneboy
They are both about two totally different persons that for some reason have to live together, the female character is almost the same, voilent and rude with few friends, but really just wanting to have some that care for them, they even look the same and it is the same actress that have the voice. Zero no Tsukaima is a little more perverted and harem like, still they are both great love stories with characters that develop during the show.
report Recommended by Icedragon91
Louise and Taiga don't just share the same voice actor, which wasn't chosen without reason. The voice suits their enthusiasm and powerful character. Both girls treat they (boy) pal as servants and play with them, as if they were dogs. But in both animes, the relationship starts to grow and the girl realizes that she starts to get to like her servant. Though Zero no Tsukaima has got more "ecchi" in it - but not in a extreme art - , and deal with two total different siuations (and in Toradora the boy is more likeable) they both run out the same :)
report Recommended by EternalFate
The main female characters of the anime Louise (Zero no Tsukaima) and Taiga (Toradora!) are voiced by the same person, Kugimiya Rie. Of course, they are both long-haired tsundere who often physically hurt the male characters with whom they are close to and eventually fall in love with.
report Recommended by ilyssacrescent
All the characters are funny, the heroin is a little... strong XD (she have the voice of Louise) and it's romantic... ^^
report Recommended by Little-chip
Loli-tsuderes voiced by Rie Kugimiya are verbally abusive to their male sidekick, but put up with him anyway.
report Recommended by tplusent
both the main girl chars have the same seiyu, and are both of the tsundere type... ok, there're so many others similarities... even the main girls look similar!! (just with different colour hair!)... difference is that toradora is set in the real world and zero no tsukaima's set in another world (one with none other than... care to take a guess? ... MAGIC!...).
report Recommended by killua93
Louise = Taiga (chibi tsundere dominating occasionally violent female, similar clothes, same voice actor, calls male lead 'dog', etc.) Oh, and Saito = Ryuuji of course.
report Recommended by Eminax8
Both are romances and comedies, main characters' seiyuu is the same, and aparition is similar, too.
report Recommended by japangirl1995
We all have probably seen that the main voice actors of the two of these shows are identical, but that shouldn't deter you from this. Both shows are amazing, and their style is different although their flow is similar. Turning to Toradora! for a bit, first of all, the Soundtrack for this anime is mind-blowing. I listen to it even now. I am on my second trip through the show and I've gotta say, it really is better a second time. The first time I went through, I learned quickly how drama controls this show. With comedy as the right-hand man. And romance as the   read more
report Recommended by senilehitman
If you like psychotic tsundere girls in short skirts who beat the crap out of guys, then you'll just love each of these.
report Recommended by robfoster
Similar characters (Master and "dog"[tsukaima]). Rie Kugimiya is dubbing main female in both series.
report Recommended by Ryba_X
Many times i throught i was watching Louise (Zero no Tsukaima) instead of Taiga (Toradora) . They yell the same thing like "aho no inu" or "baka! baka! baka!" or "urusai! urusai! urusai!" (this one i remembered Shana from Shakugan no Shana LOL). Anyways very good n comic anime. Strongly recommend!
report Recommended by sorlaker
Basically both female leads is a tsundere type character that treats the male lead like a servant. Except one side is a high school anime and the other is a fantasy type anime. Both animes are equally enjoyable and so are the characters. The main females of both animes are also voiced by the same voice actress as well.
report Recommended by DarkDendra
Very similiar tsundere tematic. Different setting, but if you liked one, you are sure to like the other.
report Recommended by Epocka
- Have a tsundere type heroine - Has some cute scenes
report Recommended by Tini03
If you like a plot where a typical guy gets dragged into something he didn't care about, with a random girl.
report Recommended by Bijouterie
Taiga and Louise are similars Ryuugi and Saito are similars Kugimiya Rie make the voice of Taiga and Louise
report Recommended by Metalex123
Same small breasted girl being mean to hide her real feelings.
report Recommended by danthom1704
These both have the same type of love plots as the stroy goes on so does the feelings for each others chracters if you enjoyed Toradora you will definatly enjoy this =P
report Recommended by XoXoXoXoXo
The dynamics between the characters are essentially the same going from a master/servant relationship to something much more. The male lead also makes a habit out of saving and protecting the female lead. Also, it is just as funny. And oh yeah, did I mention that Taiga and Louise have the same voice actress?
report Recommended by Tsundere-lover
Both shows star a tsundere female protagonist, although to a much larger extent in Zero no Tsukaima. Although they don't share similar themes, they have a similar comedy style. If you liked Toradora, you might want to think about picking up Zero no Tsukaima..
report Recommended by SideGFX
The relantionship between two main characters is dog-master, besides they have quite similar personalities and there is something similar in the ending.
report Recommended by senako
Both with Tsundere characters in the forms of Taiga and Louise and the rom com elements in them make them very alike and would fill a gap left behind after finishing Toradora!
report Recommended by nemesysgfx
Taiga and Louise are very similar. I think they're dubbed by the same person as well. They both call their boys "dog" and overall I found a lot of similarities. The difference is that Zero no Tsukaima is supernatural, action, and harem while Toradora is slice-of-life. Even so, they are both very similar. I think that anyone who has watched Toradora would enjoy Zero no Tsukaima as well. Same goes the other way around.
report Recommended by bimit0o
Both female main characters are tsunderes and both have feelings for the male main character they are teaming up with. Usually takes place in school, and both main characters stay together or stay close to each other. Both are teaming up together to get something.
report Recommended by cheel3
-> Both have the same girl type . -> Both are romace anime . -> Both have many funny chrachters .
report Recommended by hejazy
this is similar because of the characters love and the female main character likes lousie off zero no tsukaima
report Recommended by robbiearnold1
Similarities: -Similar cast of characters - Main female treats the main male like an animal - Both are great romance stories with love triangles - Same Voice actress for Lead Female Differences: - Zero is fantasy where as Toradora is Slice of Life
report Recommended by vince1996
Main characters are similar Ryuji = Saito and Taiga = Louise. Main female lead is a tsundere with a small stature. Both are romance comedies which are done well :)
report Recommended by almostacrayon
Similarities -Tsundere Loli is the leading character -They slowly falls inlove with the leading male character -Why not? their Lolis . . . -Makes you want to see more
report Recommended by Nyaroha
Both contain a tsundere female protagonist totally in love with the male lead but don't express their feelings.
report Recommended by deepakuchiha
Both female leads can be considered queens in terms of the archetype and a hard definition of what a "Tsundere" is.
report Recommended by Alufei
Both have a small main character that are well...Tsudere overload basically Cute artstyle Both set in a school
report Recommended by NekoKotoura-San
Both of these Anime are about a girl that is living their normal life and suddenly a random guy just appears. Both of the guys help the girls out with their every day life, the difference here is that one is forced to do it and one does it willingly. Eventually they both end up falling for each other which was obviously going to happen, but they are in many sticky situations.
report Recommended by Menzo-
Both series revolve around a strong tsundere girl and an ordinary guy. In both series, the two characters are thrown together unexpectedly, but the girl quickly asserts her authority over the boy, treating him as her dog / slave. In both series, the tsundere female becomes angry due to jealousy and insecurity. She expresses herself by forcefully asserting herself as the boy's master, yelling at him, and physically abusing him. In Toradora, Taiga at least kicks him, slaps him, and punches him. She treats him alternately as a dog or a slave. She expects him to cook and do laundry for her whenever she wants, and   read more
report Recommended by purplebread
The two series feature a rather small female lead who acts rather harshly to the one they love, commonly known as tsundere. The two heroines are also very self-conscious about the size of their breasts and gets angry at anyone who makes a comment about them. The male leads are also very similar as they both tend to get bossed around by the female lead quite a lot. This is where the similarities differ as Toradora has a modern-day school setting with no magical abilities, while Zero no Tsukaima (Familiar of Zero) is the opposite. Still if you enjoy small tsundere main characters such as Taiga   read more
report Recommended by TheNecro5
- Female and male lead characters share a similar type of interaction, the female being highly dominent and somewhat spoiled - the male being a pure-hearted nice guy who is treated badly, yet in the hearts of both female leads, they do have a deeper affection for their respective "dog". Both series evolve around this element, yet in different interpretations. - Hence, If you like the tension between the characters of one series, you may just love to see this constellation in a different setting and this is the chance! While Zero no Tsukaima has an all-fantasy setting with more exaggeration, action and male-lead-torture, Toradora! chooses   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
First of all, sorry for bad english. The female main characters (Louise and Taiga) on both animes have almost the same personality, and the male characters (Saito and Ryuuji) are treated like a dog on both series. While Toradora! takes place on the real world, ZnT takes place on a magical world, so if you don't like slice of life series, Toradora! is not for you. Now here is the comparison: Toradora! More plot than ZnT More character development than ZnT More dramatic moments than ZnT Better characters than ZnT Better animation than ZnT Better sound than ZnT Zero no Tsukaima More fanservice than Toradora! More boring than Toradora! Yes, that's it. Overall, Toradora! is way better than   read more
report Recommended by a_void
If you enjoyed Toradora and you happen to be a Taiga fan, then you're definitely gonna enjoy Zero no Tsukaima.
report Recommended by Aylr
High school guy starts hanging out with extremely violent high maintenance tsundere girl voiced by Rie Kugimiya who actively attempts to kill the guy on multiple occasions (either by trying to impale him with a sword or by literally blowing him up) for dumb reasons like him talking to another girl or something (gets jealous easily. Even though they insist they don't like him)
report Recommended by Tamakiiiiiiii
Zero No Tsukaima and Toradora have many things in comum: The first thing is that the voice of Louise (Zero No Tsukaima) and Taiga (Toradora) are from the same voice actor. The second is that both are tsundere in a school that hate a guy like everyone but in the final everyone start liking they and the tsundere fall in love (Saito in Zero No Tsukaima was treated like a slave and everyone didnt care of him) (Ryuji in Toradora was lonely because everyone see him as a deliquent) Both Louise and Taiga say the name of the lover so many times and in the final they kiss   read more
report Recommended by JackDarkSama
In the sub they have the same voice actress. Both main love interest are tsunderes. Story wise isn't similar but if you enjoy either of them. You will like them vice versa.
report Recommended by ThatGuyInAnime
The characters are similar to one another. One of the romance that begins with hate then turned to love. Cute and funny.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
They're splitting images of each other, if you look a little deeper. An ultra-tsun (both are done by the same voice actor) is stuck with a unwilling teenage boy (through differing circumstances and come to care for each other (eventually) Zero no Tsukaima leans on ecchi. unlike Toradora!, but the general ideas remain the same
report Recommended by _dreary_
Male and female protagonists in both series have almost exactly the same relationship, the abusive tsundere-type little girl (voiced by rie kugimiya) and the obedient kindhearted boy. Also both are highschool (kinda) anime.
report Recommended by Johnny386
If you like the way Louise acts with Saitou you'll like Toradora because the main characters act the same way in term of romance.
report Recommended by Ashhk
The plot of these shows are entirely different. But the chemistry between the main antagonists is almost identical to one another. It's like they are their counterparts from a parallel universe. If you grew fond of the relationship between the MCT's you will most likely enjoy this show
report Recommended by coboltalex
The voice actor of Taiga is the same as Louise
report Recommended by JDHolo
The female main characters in either animes are both tsunderes and voiced by Rie Kugimiya, an accomplished Voice Actor. Both of the series are Romantic Comedies and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys a master/servant sort of relationship.
report Recommended by Masterbos175
Both Tsundere Female leads give off same kinda vibe so if you liked one there is good chance you would like the other one.
report Recommended by Monki_T_Goofy
Both have a small, flat protagonist with the same VA that's a tsundere, and both are love stories
report Recommended by Furo6448
Similar tsundere vibe and developing of the relationship between main characters. Both happen in schools and the main female characters have a similar position in them.
report Recommended by Holy_Cov
Both have a Tsundere LOLI girl as our main heroine and a boy by her side .
report Recommended by KioSensei
Even though the anime's plot is not similar, the female character (Taiga and Louise) is almost the same. Both are bad-tempered tsundere that always abuse the nice male character (by kicking them or even treating them like a dog) and rely on the male character for her daily needs. They are both voiced by the same actor as well, which adds to the similarity
report Recommended by TheRockzSG
both shows have that typical tsundere character you know and love. romance plays an essential role in both shows although familiar of zero (zero no tsukaima) is not as drama intensive as toradora. familiar of zero has more ecchi scenes and is filled with more silly scenes than toradora. if you like the tsundere female and male mc dynamic, this show is for you.
report Recommended by typarkk
Tsundere is similar, main character is similar, romance progress is similar; these anime looks like twins - while Zero no Tsukaima has ecchi but Toradora doesn't
report Recommended by pedrodearaujo
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