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Slice of life airing anime. Two boys and three girls who are friends and in both anime have similar personalities. Both feature a highschool setting where the group is trying to achieve something. KC is supernatural though.
report Recommended by Orulyon
Tari Tari gives me a feeling that is similar like Kokoro Connect. 5 main characters, 3 girls and 2 boys in high school. Both Kokoro Connect's & Tari Tari's characters have their own problems to be solved.
report Recommended by Michalv
If slice of life is what you're looking for, then Kokoro Connect and Tari Tari should definitely be on your PTW list. Of course, both series has several similarities: Both series has the slice of life style that follows a group of friends that deals with the troubles of their every day lives Both series are lighthearted and contains a lot of drama as well as comedy but at the same time employs emotions in some episodes that are quite realistic. Both series explores the idea of becoming a type of person they never thought they'd be. Both series has intertwined themes in its stories that are entertaining and   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Both animes are about teenagers in high school. Both have great character chemistry, one is more light hearted (Tari Tari), the other has more drama (Kokoro Connect) but both have great modern style animation.
report Recommended by Soren
Both series follow a group of five school friends, concentrate on how friendships work and how friends help each other in trouble. Amazing character development and especially the history that changed the characters in both series make the series very interesting to watch. Both made in 2012 have very beautiful animation and storyline.
report Recommended by NikoMaki
A showcasing of the fun of being in a school club and how great it is it is to have true friends. Characters start off as acquaintances, but their bonds of friendships grow stronger as they help each other out with their problems. In Kokoro Connect, the problems are mainly interpersonal (what will the others think of me if they discover my secret?) while the problems that the character have in Tari Tari are mainly intrapersonal (What am I going to do now that this roadblock has come up?). Also, Kokoro Connect focuses more on a character's relationship with another character, while Tari Tari is   read more
report Recommended by justinspatz
Club activity and friendship. Tari Tari doesn't have supernatural element but both Tari Tari and Kokoro Connect contain many emotions in slice of life. Every characters from both anime have their problems whether in the present or in the past. And the friendship strengthened when every problems occur. Tear and joy, happiness and sadness, and other emotion will wrap every event that they went through. Both anime suitable for those who love a feel in slice of life of high school students.
report Recommended by Ranseurs
-I got similar vibes from watching either of these shows, and they are pretty similar too with the major difference being the 'Supernatural' tag in Kokoro Connect -Five High-school kids (3 girls and 2 guys) overcoming their problems with the help and support of each other :D -Similar theme to the BGMs too imo
report Recommended by Joeywatches