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When looking at the artwork for Kokoro Connect and Hyouka, the artwork looks strikingly similar to each other, despite being animated by differing studios. Hyouka's artwork is a marvel to look at since it was animated by KyoAni, but Kokoro Connect's artwork is also very good. Kokoro Connect, synthesizes comedy and drama in a very appealing way. It does not rely on straight gags, and it doesn't try too hard for laughs. This is a positive, because it doesn't seem forced like in other anime. The drama is not over the top and does not seem forced at all. There are also slice of life elements   read more
report Recommended by Ejc
Daily life anime (actually an acceptable name of a genre in Japan, being called nichijou which literally mean daily life,) but with a teaspoon of supernatural touch. Kokoro Connect actually have somethings extraterrestrial taking place (body switching) but refuses to treat itself as a supernatural anime. Instead it always goes on like it is no big deal.The mood and tone of the show resembles other daily-life anime where sci-fi or supernatural elements cannot be found. Hyouka on the other hand actually have no sci-fi context or supernatural power whatsoever, but is being treated as having one. There are sequences that look otherworldly, but no, there are   read more
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Both Anime aired around the same time, both have a school setting, both have a mystery element and they have similar styles. They also deal with clubs that are rather minor and simply print a particular publication which isn't typically a big deal for the rest of the school.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
I just have this feeling they are similar to each other since strange things/phenomena happen with both clubs although Hyouka is more on solving mysteries. But still when I see Kokoro Connect, it reminds me of Hyouka.
report Recommended by Rei-chii
Both series revolves around a group of friends at a school life setting with a mixture of comedy and drama. In both series, there is a slice of life style theme as the students breeze through the typical days. Both series also contain a mystery like theme with questions that needs answers. Additionally, both series has great artwork and a fitting soundtrack to go along with the mix.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both anime are similar in the sense that they don't force you to like them from the start. Rather they slowly pull you in and get you hooked before you even realise it. Both are quite simple but at the same time are very interesting.
report Recommended by MiyatouSeishirou
They both start on a K-ON artwork + slice-of-life framework, but develop their premise in an inspired and convincing fashion on top of it. Both have elements of mystery and drama and are heavily character-driven. Hyouka is somewhat more episodic and self-contained with different cases to be solved in each episode/arc. Kokoro Connect has more of a single thread of plot, although it's still very slice-of-life in that, while each episode leads to the next in an interconnected fashion, there's not much going on externally. For both, much of what happens is internal - within and between the characters.
report Recommended by ataraxial
Both have some mystery in them and very interesting changes.
report Recommended by mihaideath
The style of drawing imo is very similar. Both anime's are mostly about a boy and his day-day relationships with other people (though in Kokoro Connect theres a weird twist). This is a very good pickup for anyone who likes how a main character comes to love somebody. However, almost no romantic scenes exist in this anime until the very end, so if you're super into romantic stuff, then turn away now. However, if you're interested into how a boy eventually comes to realize his feelings in the very last episode, watch it. ;)
report Recommended by PandaPineapple
These anime might not be the same but they are pretty similar, why do I think so? -Both Hyouka and Kokoro connect follow a daily life of high school students that are a part of a club. -The art style is pretty similar, it gives the same atmosphere. -both have the same kind of romance in them. The "cute","regular" kind of romance. -both have some mystery that need to be solved, in Hyouka it's bunch of life mysteries while in Kokoro connect it's one supernatural phenomenon mystery. I highly recommend both if you are into slice of life series.
report Recommended by MrMushin
the only dissimilarities is, hyouka doesn't have any complicated romance
report Recommended by eau-wreck-uh
The story follows a group of friends who joined a club, but an incident occurs in the surrounding presents around them. As the incident occurs, they take a role of somewhat an amateur (somewhat professionals) detectives who find some specific task and completing them. Can you figure out the cases before the character do? Hyouka, is much more of a mystery detective show where it uses mostly trivial questions and theories. Kokoro Connect, follows a supernatural detective show, with a mixture of comedy, drama and more romance.
report Recommended by omega_d94
Less drama, but still has the mystery component. You'll find yourself rooting for romance but both of them still heavily focus on plot instead of letting romance destroy it. They both have a mystery component which is really interesting but Hyouka's main mystery is in the first few episodes while Kokoro Connect extends and extends. The episodes after the main mystery in Hyouka are slice-of-life and school lifey mysteries.
report Recommended by SushiPanda
Similarities: -mystery elements -similar art style -lovable, relatable characters with real issues -high school club setting Both anime take place at a high school club. Kokoro Connect, however, has mysterious abilities granted onto the students against their own will. This creates the mystery element. The art style is strikingly similar despite the different studios. The characters all go through some issues at one point or another, and are all lovable. Kokoro Connect is much more dramatic, though, while Hyouka is more chill and calming. If you enjoyed the mystery, characters and art style of Hyouka, then Kokoro Connect is for you!
report Recommended by DizzyBunnies
Both Mystery genre Both has a little romance in it Fun to watch
report Recommended by Nyaroha
Both groups of friends tries to solve a mysteries (but in Kokoro Connect their situation is bad, where in Hyouka they are doing it 4 fun). School-life for most of the shows time.
report Recommended by Eidvidas
- School setting - Somewhat supernatural events - Unspoken love - Both funny and romantic
report Recommended by Heitai