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-The main characters are similar in both as they both dont give a second thoughts about what they are saying.. -Of course both shows have harem but they are slightly different.. DxD main character has a dream of creating harem while getting absorbed into perfect opportunity, while Trinity he builds harem around himself... -Both animes are centered either about fighting or about dirty jokes and ect. To put it simply both animes have strong lead which will work towards their goal. If you liked Trinity Seven there is high chance of you liking DxD series as well
report Recommended by Gilded
In both, the main character founds out that a girl close to him isn´t what she seemed like, meets a well endowed red-haired girl, gets mixed up with a supernatural and meets people with supernatural powers, most of them girls. In both, main character is a pervert and both series feature some perverted scenes(mild in Trinity Seven but heavy in Highschool DxD). Both are action, comedy and romance.
report Recommended by abystoma2
If you're tired of the harem Mc being a clueless dork, I refer you to Trinity Seven. Both series are apart of the ecchi genre, although Trinity Seven is more tame Both series have a lot of great comedy Both series contain supernatural elements, which means there will be fights.
report Recommended by vampalchemist
A teenage boy is drowning and drowning in women who has no problem humoring every single one of them. Both anime deal with magic and demons, while the main character himself is adjusting to his new found power and slowly mastering it with the help of his harem.
report Recommended by Protaku
Both shows have a common theme of a main (male) character, predominately surrounded by female characters, where erotic references are made. Despite how the story itself is a fantasy thriller - a magic based plot line reflected in both shows. (the show is in its early airing phase)
report Recommended by Micsupreeme
While the to anime are different in plot yes, there many aspects the same such as both the may characters are in there own way docile and perverted, while at first they seem weak both the main characters use their perverted ways to an advantage as well as this both anime's are both GOD-DAMN hilarious, i mean it's not every day main hero uses their for their own personal gain by striping girls of their clothes and dignity. overall both of these anime are rated 10 out of 10 by me and they seem almost identical in there comedy.
report Recommended by Anime_DeathJam
• Both revolve around a male led harem. • Both main characters have evolving super powers. • Both of the locations are set in and around high schools. • Both series contain comedy elements.
report Recommended by DBX
-Harems that are developed at a school -Both contain magic/fantasy powers that the MCs are at first novice at but become more powerful later.
report Recommended by MrMoeJoe
Basically, an improved verison of DxD. It have all the stuff you love from DxD, but better and not forced upon you.
report Recommended by benkarN
The Male protagonists of both the series have similar pervert behaviour, whether it is Issei in High School DxD or Arata in Trinity Seven. There is Strong use of Supernatural Powers and Magic in Both the series, whether fighting, manifesting weapons or teleportation, everywhere magic is used. In terms of Harem, High School DxD has more Harem than Trinity Seven. Action scenes are nerve-racking in Both of them and both series will make you laugh so hard because of their hilarious comedy scenes. But there are many serious scenes too. So if you like one then you may like the other one too. That's it   read more
report Recommended by DevShanks
Both of those animes are ecchi/harem animes with a pervert protagonist (though Issei is not as likable as Arata), the main love interest of the protagonist is a red haired woman and both of the series are about supernatural stuff (magic for Trinity Seven and demons for High School DxD).
report Recommended by Kitsuka_osu
They both have ecchi in them. They both have a perverted-like main character. They both incorporate demons in their story. Both main characters have the skill to shred off clothes.
report Recommended by LeoCratic
Both are harem ecchi shows. Main male character has some kind of hidden power that draws the girls to them. There's a mix of fanservice and action.
report Recommended by Cozye
Both the shows have similar settings with different twist of characters. Both are Harem, Shounen based shows, so you might like both of them. Peace! :D
report Recommended by Cycle_Jackson
It have a similar vibe to High School DxD except it less of fanservice lmao
report Recommended by Mal_functionz
Similarities: - Both series are a part of the ecchi genre, although Trinity Seven is tamer - Both series have a lot of great comedy - Both series contain supernatural elements, which means there will be fights. - Both of the locations are set in and around high schools. - Both main characters have evolving superpowers.
report Recommended by Yuukinaa
-Both anime are harem -Both anime's protagonist have similar backstory
report Recommended by In_human
Both the MCs are really similar but I must say Trinity seven's mc can be really cool while Issei is just ecchi boy. Both have harems.
report Recommended by Arceus7800
*This recommendation is meant for Harem fans* Both have pervy mains. They have a huge interest in straight up babes with perfect bodies wtf? Not the most perfect harems but are definitely goofy at times. P.S I am not a harem fan and I watch it for the sake of my friends.
report Recommended by YoRHa-2B
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