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C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
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C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
Accel World
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Accel World
A great story, characters, and a very nice ending. It's also about a guy who fights in "another world".
report Recommended by BigBoss0327
Very similar story of entering another 'world' where you fight. Animation also seemed similar in style.
report Recommended by Khoiboyy
Both anime has the same concept of escaping the reality to another imaginary world. In Accel World, the citizens of imaginary world become avatars, and they must fight each other to gain Burst Points (just like gaining money on C).
report Recommended by frozenspades
The theme of fighting in another world with an avatar/partner is similar in both series. Action, drama, and fighting as well as romance are imminent between the main guy and girl.
report Recommended by Stark700
The main character in both series gains access to a different world. In this world he fights for advantages in the real life. Both main characters stop fighting for the real life advantages and instead focus on figuring out the secret behind this new world. C is considerably more serious than Accel World. Accel world is more or less a romance comedy with a VR twist. C, however, only has a tiny bit of romance and the main focus is on the plot rather than the characters.
report Recommended by Devens
•both contain a ordinary boy who was invited to join 'a different world' which is completely separate to the real world, but the 'world' they were thrown into affects and determines the 'you' in the real world. •both protagonists have no idea what was to happen, and they find themselves forced to fight in the 'different world' to maintain there life back in the real world. •both animes show how much greed/determination/selfishness can lead to bad results. •both anime supporting casts differ completely around the main protagonist, which one is situated in a school, and the other in a university. •both contain a romance/action/angst •they are closely similar in   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
These two animes involve two parralel worlds which have an impact on the real world.
report Recommended by Axepig
Both series involves battles in a parallell digital universe.
report Recommended by Stromoror
Battles occur in alternate dimensions and the results affect the real world.
report Recommended by Jenaimemepas
Anti-social in the real world but a pro in the virtual realm, both series' main male protagonist makes a name of themselves in their perspective series. Both series adapts sci-fiction themes with a fantasy world setting. And in that world, there are wonders that defies the laws of nature. Although the main male protagonists' personalities contrasts a bit from each other, their spirit of fighting have a similar taste. They are also joined by companions including a main female protagonist with elite skills of her own. I recommend both series for fans of adventure and action packed drama.
report Recommended by Sourc3code
Jump into another world were you are given powers for the ultimate fight to see who is the strongest.
report Recommended by EternalAnimeGuru
Both shows involve the protagonist being introduced to a backlog world, in which contestants are forced to fight in order to maintain their ability to stay in the world (as well as the perks gained from it)
report Recommended by Short_Circut
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