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Both anime focus on a guy that doesn't know what to do with himself, and instead starts to help a girl fufilling her dreams. Also, the animations are quite alike, as they're both based on a visual novel by Key.
report Recommended by Teddy
Both are pretty slow-moving and capture the spirit of summer. In both, a male character helps out a female character who is weak.
report Recommended by lastdavid
Both anime made the same creators and atmosphere is the same. Both stories are about young male character, who helps weak girl making her dreams to come true.
report Recommended by Kokkishin
They are both about the past and about characters who are a lot the same. People hiding their past and trying to make friends.
report Recommended by Maariesu
AIR and Clannad founded both visual novel games. Both is very sad, but they've their funny moments too. Charachter are most of girls and actually only main character is boy.. ^^
report Recommended by Zeyu
They are both by the same company so they are to have many similarites they both have romance that sways off from time to time and girls who all seem to have some sort of relationship with the main character who ends up falling in love with one of them there other similarities now go find out for yourself :)
report Recommended by NewAnimeFan
Apart of having been created by the same studio, they both focus on "family", and how important this family is throughout your life.
report Recommended by nuts4everafter
Both feature a male protagonist meeting different females who have weird quirks In Kanon Ayu says "uguu" a lot In Air Misuzu says "gao" a lot In Clannad Nagisa is obsessed with the dango song They have similar art and music and will both make you CRY! Same genres
report Recommended by Inugirlz
Both are created by Key and animated by KyoAni. The worlds of both anime seem normal but they really aren't. Hidden forces affect the worlds. Characters give off a very happy feel, but their pasts are full of hardships. Each arc within both series focus on each character and further develop each characters and the overall plot.
report Recommended by ADiSiNS
Both Clannad and Air are created by Key. These animes involve a guy who meets a girl and ends up helping her. Eventually, these same guys end up meeting more girls and, being as kind-hearted as they are, help them out, as well. Both of these animes leave you wanting more.
report Recommended by Anlaemar
these two have a LOT of similarity, and they are made by the same people -the main guy and girl both have an age difference AND a height difference -the guy helps other girl who have problems and sorta brings them together -both have a supernatural part to its plot. -both main guys are kinda "alone" -both main girls are clumsy and weird, but you can't help being friends and liking them. the 2 main girls are also very "fragile"
report Recommended by supermegasonic
Both Air and Clannad involves a group of girls that revolves around a boy. Both give off the same feeling of sadness, but also include some funny parts. In both, the male protagonist is constantly trying to help those around him, especially the main female protagonist, who in both shows bouts of illness. Both are cute anime's, with sadness, slice-of-life, comedy, and romance. =) Both anime can be seen here: =)
report Recommended by xsilentxninjax
They have a male protagonist who meets main female characters, one who is having problems with her life from a tragic past. After they tell them about their problems, the male character wants to help them sort their problems out and to console them. Lots of melodrama, crying, and intensity in them.
report Recommended by pinkarray
Both anime series are extremely similar. From art-style, animation, and character design to the involvement of somewhat magical elements, storyline, and events. If you enjoyed either Clannad or Air, you'll definitely enjoy the other
report Recommended by Schonn
While Kanon (2006) is more similar in it's Harem aspects to Clannad, Air is very thematically similar to Clannad in that it focuses very much on family. In my opinion, Air did a much better job at presenting themes of family than Clannad did so if you liked that aspect of Clannad, you'll love Air :)
report Recommended by Kamio-chan
Both anime focus on a guy that doesn't know what to do with himself, and instead starts to help a girl fufilling her dreams. Also, the animations are quite alike, as they're both based on a visual novel by Key.
report Recommended by Lex-kun
Both anime are about a man who is surrounded by girls and helps them with their problems. Also, they both forge a special connection with one of the girls.
report Recommended by zetazach
Both are based on Visual Novels by Key. Both revolve around a guy who ends up helping a group of girls. Both have a supernatural tone to them however it's seen more in Air than in Clannad.
report Recommended by Alaczer
If you love Air, you'll love Clannad (and vise versa!). They're both beautiful slice of life/drama anime made by KEY with comedy and plenty of tear-jerking moments (Clannad REALLY starts to get sad in After Story). I absolutely LOVE both of these anime!
report Recommended by HeroicIdealism
There both about this guy trying to find a place in the world. They both meet a girl who changes their life around.
report Recommended by derichgels
They are created by the same company - Key. They both have the same art style, as well. The anime is harem based, although there isn't a harem. There are also Arcs for the different female characters. The male roles are both looking for something.
report Recommended by xxcamillaxx
Air TV and Clannad undoubtedly have similar styles. These Kyoto Animation productions have extraordinary artwork. Both series begin quite nicely but there's more to them than meets the eye. In addition, there seems to be an overrepresentation of "Moe" factors; the casts of characters have comparable personalities (I'm not saying they're the same). The main characters are quite indifferent to life, while the main girl is clumsy and naive.
report Recommended by Sabeeh
Both are centered around a certain boy who encounters several certain girls, all of which are made out to seem like romantic interests. However, in both there is one of these romantic interests that has problems keeping her from making or retaining friends, prompting this certain boy to take care of her. As well as similarities in plot, they have some similarities in message, and both are wonderfully deep and touching.
report Recommended by Darman4242
It is a visual novel by Key adapted into an anime at the hands of the Gods who reside upon Olyp-- I mean, Kyoto Animation. They have what some have started calling the "Holy Trinity" This being Clannad, Kanon(2006), and Air. Very similar stories, all are heart-wrenchingly sad and all are absolutely great.
report Recommended by Griffmstr
Both animes are made by Kyoto Animation. So you can expect to shed a few tears - keep a tissue box near! Both of the heroins in the stories suffer from an illness which makes them weaker overtime. Yet both girls keep an optimistic outlook on their lives and continue to strive forward. Both stories will have you hooked on the characters and the adventure of the story. Both of these are some of my favorite animes. They have both changed my out look on a lot of things - mostly to appreciate life and the beauty that can come with pain. I highly   read more
report Recommended by ihearttanimee
Sometimes crying is not an option. Two stories that share the same creation, the same feeling about the "magic" that happens in a city. All this comes in relation of a boy whose memories are his day to day, like many people around him, also the dreams make presence. This young man, who does not know where he stands, is about to achieve what he has always been looking for, even unconsciously, when he is right in front of him. He will engage with many people, especially girls, knowing their stories, and helping each other heal their wounds, and achieve happiness that is not impossible.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
The series are both dramas created by Key Studios and animated by Kyoto Animation. In both shows, the protagonist helps a weak girl fulfill her dream. If you like watching slice of life anime with sad stories in it, you'll probably enjoy both series.
report Recommended by Sande
Air is another amazing Key/Visual Arts work, just like CLANNAD. Both have the "arc" structure and both make you tear up throughout. CLANNAD is considered better by most but Air is still a great watch if you're into Key/Visual Arts' works. Other similarities include: ❀ Great, tear-inducing arcs ❀ Amazing characters ❀ A very similar, cute art style ❀ Soundtracks of which are masterpieces
report Recommended by Betsyspaniel
I highly recommend Clannad, it's a great play for anyone looking for an exciting and captivating story, plus great characters
report Recommended by Helivelton100
Perfectly same, even with a little different here in story background. But you can still feel The Special 'Supernatural' made by Key/VisualArts.
report Recommended by cimoci